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$150/$100 Google Store Credit for Pre-Ordering a Pixel 6 (from $999) or Pixel 6 Pro (from $1299) @ Google Store


Pixel 6 is out and I can't wait to get my hands on this phone.

Google is offering a $150 store credit when pre ordering a Pixel 6 Pro.
$100 store credit for the Pixel 6.

Not all colours seem to be available at the moment and items seem to be already selling through.

Prices start at $1299 for the Pro and $999 for the Pixel 6 which is a great price for such a high end flagship phone. Specs look great. Camera amazing…and the much hyped tensor chip.

I'm seeing some shortages coming based on demand and chip shortages. I understand that the first drop is only about 7 000 000 devices globally so get in quick….

Interweb already lighting up with very good reviews.

Also another deal with free nest audio from JB Hifi courtesy of DialaDeal
Harvey Norman also providing a pre order bonus

Unsure how this hangs together with the Google TV /Netflix deal with the $70 coupon…if you figured this out let me know.

Update: the $70 Google TV voucher dropped now and can be applied to your purchase. You still get the $150 store credit which is great. Delivery times however seem to blowout till December or January 22 already.


Offer Terms
Additional 10% Store Credit with Google One 2TB
3 Months of access to Kayo and BINGE when you purchase Pixel 6 / 6 Pro
Alternate Pixel 6 / 6 Pro Deals

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      • The pixel 3xl and 5 basically do
        1mm is alright, that camera bar looks like 5mm or so. Just ruins the phone.

        I use a case anyway, keep it good for the new owner
        If I had a sleek iPhone with insurance you wouldn't bother

        Wonder what you could sell the pixel 5 for, lucky to get 400$ i guess

    • -1

      Same curious here too.
      I could get a Samsung S21 for roughly $400, while I think Pixel 6 is an overall better phone not sure if it's $500 better…..

      • +1

        S21 for 400? Wow!!!.. but how?

        • Trade in offer + vouchers, it has been going on for months.

  • Btw 2tb Google One storage plans will give you an additional 10% in Google store credit.

    • +2

      Can I sign up right before I buy?

      • I have the same question

      • Me three.

        Usually good not to buy too early, as I usually claim a price drop with 28 degrees shopper protection within a year

      • Yes you can, works instantly.

    • +1

      Just reading terms and conditions, it says a max credit of $225 per transaction, so not sure if that means it won't fully stack


    • I saw a rumor they were going to release a Google One plan that included device protection and YouTube Premium. Doesn't look like that came to fruition, but I hold hope we see something like that one day.

      • Google fi offers this in USA. You pay a monthly fee and get the phone and YouTube premium and Google one

  • is 128gb enough storage these days and into 2024?

    • +6

      IMO pay the extra cash now for 256Gb and never ask yourself that question again. Worth the peace of mind

      • What are you storing on your phone?

        Currently have 64gb and it's good. Mainly photos and I delete the backed up one's every 3 months or so.

        • +1

          Thinking the same, but I guess if you want to do a lot of video at 4k storage will matter. Having said that you can always offload on external storage if can't wait to upload.

        • +1

          If you go on holiday and film some 4k, that will fill up in minutes.

        • +1

          4k60p videos for me. I just got a 512gb S21U from the last Sammy trade in deal. I only got 300gb left.

          I pay for Google1 and regularly back up off-line. Having the videos accessible without internet is a must for me. Trying to view videos with sh*tty internet sucks.

      • Just stream hi-res cd/audio, photos mostly on cloud
        Don't know if you need that much anymore, unless you're trying to fit 100,000 songs on or sync all your photos.
        even then i pay $1.50 a month for an extra 100GB cloud storage, 15GB fills up quick enough

        • Aren't cloud stored photos reduced quality versions of the originals?

          I have 32GB storage and 64GB SD and am sitting at about 80% capacity always with my 32GB at 95% capacity. All my photos are stored on the SD.. and I don't have that many games installed - also all movable apps are sitting on my SD.

          • @McCloud: Don't know, I uploaded most when I had pixel 3xl and I think those were unlimited top quality

            • @G-rig: Only the OG pixel gets free unlimited "uncompressed" photos/videos now. Every other pixel gets unlimited compressed.

            • @G-rig: Not really. Pixel 3 XL upto Feb 2022 unlimited original quality

          • @McCloud: You could buy a pixel 1 off eBay and synchronise with your current phone so the pics are uploaded from the pixel 1. That's what I'm doing, including pics older than 2016. thanks for the tip ozbargain!

    • I'm currently on 64GB (Pixel 3) but will go for 256GB on P6 mainly due to 4k videos and lack of free cloud backups.

      • +1

        just wondering if you'd even see/need that resolution on a small portable device?
        could spend the money on a NAS or something?

        • I mean 4k recording (not for playback on the device)

    • I initially thought yes, but then I looked at my current phone and I've used 112gb somehow. Will be worth going 256gb for peace of mind.

    • +2

      Ended up going with 256GB, YOLO FOMO

      Delivery by 28-29 Oct according to Google

      Think its ridiculous that 128GB extra storage is $150 when a 1TB Gen4 NVME is < $300

      • They probably do to, but they know people ( like you ) will pay it.

        • They removed the sdcard 5 generation ago, they didn't leave any other option

    • 128GB is heaps for me personally. Pay $2.50 a month for Google One and you will get another 100GB in the cloud if that suits your purpose.
      It really depends on how much photography and video you do and if you need it accessible at all times. With 4K photo and video expect that GBs to fill up much, much faster.
      There is also the argument that more storage puts less strain on the SSD and will prolong its life and speeds, not sure that really comes into an issue in a 3-4 year phone lifecycle, but it is worth considering.

    • I think so, especially with Pixel phones backing up pictures. Everything is online these days I honestly think storage is less important than it was four years ago (apart from pictures, but again they are auto backed up)

  • +1

    Did Anyone get the $70 dollar coupon offer from google yet which came with the google tv birthday special.

    • Nope…. Waiting…

      • Can you/or anyone find the OzB link to the information about the $70 dollar coupon. My Gmail is a shambles and cant find anything in there

        • The terms and conditions say the coupon will be set by *November 30… The thread at the time all just commented about how late that seemed compared to the release date…. Doesn't add much more.

        • I do not think it ever came through via email. Was just a text box on the website when ordering. Here is what I saved.
          Only those who made a purchase on Google Store Australia between 25th September 2021 and 27th September 2021 are eligible for this offer. Eligible customers will receive their promotional code via the e-mail address that was used to place an order from Google Store Australia by 30th November 2021. Only one code will be sent for each unique e-mail address used. Promotional code must be used before 31st December 2021 4:59pm AEST and will expire after this date. Available only to Australian residents with shipping addresses in Australia. Must be age 18 or older. User must have internet access and must have or add a form of payment at checkout.
          edit OB Link https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653354

          • @vj-sharpeyes: Cheers, Well Looks like that Stacking may not work. Maybe it give a good chance to lose out on 30 dollars but get to see the proper reviews before buying.

            Might be a win win.

            Sometimes google phones dont live up to the hype

    • +4

      I ended up calling Google to see if they would give me the code early or if not, to find out when the code would come. The person didn't seem too aware and said that I'd get it Nov 30 and he seemed to check with someone about it. I asked if I could preorder and if they could refund me $70 when the code came and he said if I wanted the $70 off, I would have to wait for the code and there was nothing he could do.

      • Appreciate that you checked - rather annoying answer though sadly

        • +1

          Yeah, it was disappointing. I did mention that I wanted to preorder today/asap because I didn't want it to be sold out and wanted to make sure I got the colour I wanted. I ended up biting the bullet and buying which is lucky since it did sell out.

          I can understand their position. They can't go refunding $70 to everyone but they really should have sent out those promo codes earlier. I wouldn't have purchased anything if I didn't think I'd get to use the promo code.

          Phone call took 2 hours.

          • @Long-timelurker: Now it becomes is the $70 worth waiting as delivery date for the next batch of Pro models looks to be around January.
            Suddenly late November doesnt seem so bad

          • @Long-timelurker: well… I only just got my $70 voucher delivered

          • @Long-timelurker: Got the $70 code this morning. Do you know if this code can be stacked with the other 150$ credit and any % credit from google one memberships ?

  • if the JB times are anything to go by, the 128gb will ship 28 oct, 256gb only 12 nov

  • Hmmmm, over 24 months at $1150, plus $25 month for an aldi plan is $73 a month. Still a bit more than the $59 I paid for my pixel 2 xl on Telstra that I'm replacing

    • That long time ago , you are not going to see that anytime soon. I do enjoy that deal.

    • I was / am on the same deal. Still paying Telstra $59 and still daily driving the 2XL. Until I find a decent plan for the 6 of course =)

      • I moved to aldi once the $59 24 months expired. But back on Telstra at the moment at $59 as I took a deal with a gift card that made it equivalent to $17 a month.

  • Been with Samsung since Galaxy4 and now using S10, given they're no longer launching flagships that support micro sd, I think it's time to switch to this!

    • +1

      This doesn't have microsd either so far as i can see?

      • +4

        I know, my point is Samsung no longer has any strong differentiation so everything it's on level playing field with others making it easy to switch.

    • +1

      Pixels have never supported microsd

  • Is this for the play store (apps only) or can this be used to buy let's say the new stand from the devices section. I can't see anything in the terms stating this.

    • U mean the credit?
      It's only for Google store. Not play store.
      So you can buy your stand, but u can't use the credit to buy apps or rent movies or pay for Google one sub

      • Yeah, I woke up early when I read this. Google Store credit is what I want, don't care about the apps. Thanks

    • I would assume it's the store. To buy a Chromecast etc

  • Worth going for the Pro over the regular?

  • Damn the raised camera section on the back is arse levels of ugly. desperately need a new phone though as my 9T after multiple drops is being held together by the cover.

    • Yeah i don't know what the point of it is. a case could smooth it out but the phone phone be thicker then.

      At least iphones hold their value a bit better, but hard to do it and would be in the ecosystem then

      • +1

        Was ready to order it, but I just can't get over that ugliness. May have to resort a newer Xiaomi.

  • +1

    My wife: "if you are going to spend $1,000, you might as well spend an extra $300."

    Also Google store is offering $150 cashback and an additional $38.97 for having a Google One membership.

    • +1

      Upgrade your Google One to 2TB, and get 10% back

    • any tier google one membership or the 2tb?

      • 2 tb and above .
        Also note you can't go back to a lower tier after upgrading (atleast doesn't show downgrade options to me)

        • Undermines the credit benefit if you have to spend more to get it?

        • +1

          You probably have to cancel which is an option, then resub to a lower tier.
          Also the bonus is only credited 30 days after dispatch of your order so you will end up paying min 2 months (total $25) for the sub.

        • +1

          Can definitely downgrade, just need to wait at least 30 days

          • @Uncle Roger: Phew. Cancelling and re-subbing could be a PITA if Google then automatically charges you for exceeding the basic free storage

    • +1

      So if you spend over $1000 on something, you might as well spend another 30%? Haha weird psychology but I used similar on myself to upgrade to 256GB of storage

      • At that point why not go the step further to get 512GB, you're paying the same difference to get an extra 256GB vs 128GB :p

        • +1

          I rolled a triple 12 to will power on that one thank goodness

          • @reactor-au: I've decided to wait till I finish work before I decide on anything, so I might be (un)lucky and the world might make that choice for me. Gonna get one for the missus as well so it's gonna hurt regardless.

            • +1

              @TheContact: Ouch, 2 in 1 go is gonna be heavy. Just check the bonus credit t&c, you might have to use 2 separate google accounts if there are limits

              • @reactor-au: Hah yeah, but she wants (we have) matching gear and our LGs are getting long in the tooth now.

                Thanks for the tip. I'm still deciding between Google and JB too. I don't mind having two Nest Audios in stereo, and I'm not entirely sure what else there is to get from the Google Store with the credit, was hoping they'd announce a new Google TV device. Now I just gotta figure out who would have better aftersales support too.

                • +1

                  @TheContact: I'm planning on using the store credit to get one of those google wireless chargers

                  • @reactor-au: Cases are also $50 plus $120 wireless charger, so now there's a way to burn through those vouchers at least.

                    • @TheContact: The official cases are ugly though (IMO), will be waiting for other branded ones, UAG or Spigen should have some nicer ones soon.

                      • @reactor-au: I had a quick google this morning and so far the official actually looks the best to me. Didn't particularly like how the Spigen goes over the sides of the camera bar thing and leaves a cut-out for the sensors. Though I guess it would have better protection that way, just reminds me of the old centred horizontal camera bumps that I never liked.

            • @TheContact: Could one of you buy with the Google Store credit that you earn from the first purchase?

        • Or keep going and get an iPhone 13 Pro max

          • @G-rig: Haha, or save some money and get the 4a 5g, then keep going and save more and get xiaomi

            • @reactor-au: May as well keep this pixel 5 unless can sell for a good price for a cheaper upgrade. Usually skip a generation though.

              • @G-rig: I can't count, I skipped from 2 to 6, I hope 10 will be amazing

    • Yep, this is a luxury spend at this price! If you have excess money to throw at it keep going!!!

    • Where is this $150 cashback people are talking about?

      I only see the $100/$150 google store credit offer in their store?

      • Thats what they mean, 150 back in store credit for future google device purchases

        • +1

          Ok, thanks for clearing that up bud.

    • +1

      Kind wife. Mine said her gut is telling her to wait for the teething problems to settle.

      So here I sit with my Note 4, again. May as well wait for the Pixel 8 and then be told to wait for teething problems to settle.

      • lol you sound like a toddler that got told by his mummy he can't get the new phone

        • I know!

      • Listen to her gut feeling.

        If she tells you not to go out this week as she has a feeling. Just listen

        Wife knows all. But make sure you wake her up at 4am to let her know your gut feeling said to wake her and buy the pixel 6 together

  • +3

    Also includes 3 months of Kayo, AND 3 months of Binge for free:


  • What can the google store cash back be used on? Just service or hardware as well? Can't help but think that the normal Pixel 6 is kind of expensive given its just $599 in US. Even adding 10% GST and converting from USD to AUD, it comes to 880 not $999. And we dont get Bose headphones for paying extra either like in most of Europe. The Pro on the other hand is cheaper than in US if you add GST on top.

    • +1

      have you just moved to aus or never purchased anything before?
      standard practice

      • Never purchased anything from google store

    • Yep, welcome to Australia. We can hope for the buying power of much larger markets but realistically, we are very small and so we get treated as such.

    • Why not get one from the US then, if you have a forwarding account

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