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$150/$100 Google Store Credit for Pre-Ordering a Pixel 6 (from $999) or Pixel 6 Pro (from $1299) @ Google Store


Pixel 6 is out and I can't wait to get my hands on this phone.

Google is offering a $150 store credit when pre ordering a Pixel 6 Pro.
$100 store credit for the Pixel 6.

Not all colours seem to be available at the moment and items seem to be already selling through.

Prices start at $1299 for the Pro and $999 for the Pixel 6 which is a great price for such a high end flagship phone. Specs look great. Camera amazing…and the much hyped tensor chip.

I'm seeing some shortages coming based on demand and chip shortages. I understand that the first drop is only about 7 000 000 devices globally so get in quick….

Interweb already lighting up with very good reviews.

Also another deal with free nest audio from JB Hifi courtesy of DialaDeal
Harvey Norman also providing a pre order bonus

Unsure how this hangs together with the Google TV /Netflix deal with the $70 coupon…if you figured this out let me know.

Update: the $70 Google TV voucher dropped now and can be applied to your purchase. You still get the $150 store credit which is great. Delivery times however seem to blowout till December or January 22 already.


Offer Terms
Additional 10% Store Credit with Google One 2TB
3 Months of access to Kayo and BINGE when you purchase Pixel 6 / 6 Pro
Alternate Pixel 6 / 6 Pro Deals

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    • That's everything on there, unless you don't have a Chromecast with Google TV
      have to BYO charger the dogs

    • waiting to see if they have another deal in the future to get the wife a cheap upgrade too

    • Sadly no - Google Store is specifically for their hardware. To me the obvious thing is the Pixel Stand when it comes out. It should take the place of any Google Nest Hub you may have in that room, as it has the photo frame capability with a slightly smaller screen.

      • Got the hub mini 2 for ~$80 not long ago, kind of handy in the kitchen and doesn't time out if you ask for a recipe etc. Just wanted another microphone handy, got a free nest mini in the bedroom which does the job (from an old YP Deal). The Nest audio would sound less tinny but either good enough for that purpose.

        Google buds 2 be ok for people to get (can't personally wear that style don't get a proper seal), or a Google TV

    • You wont be able to get a charger in the box. So if you have at least $100 in credit, that would be enough for a genuine google charger and a genuine usb c google cable.

      • Rip off, but probably good getti a genuine charger, noting it's more than the standard 18W USB C ones now. Plenty of deals around on generic stuff

        • Yeah, Anker et al have pretty good alternatives and I don't think it's proprietary tech. The new Pixel stand will eat up the credit too.

      • I think the phone still comes with a cable, so you'll only need to buy the plug

  • Pro preorders are back up for all the variants.

  • +1

    Cancelled my pre-order after watching the reviews release this morning.

    Basically, similar picture quality to Pixel 5 plus new software updates.

    Raw performance is around last year's flagship.

    Will wait until it goes on sale, or wait for Galaxy S22 announcements in Jan 2022, which is expected to come with AMD graphics.

    • which reviews did you watch?

      • +1


        There are heaps of other releases today after the embargo.

        Reviews seem mostly positive though. Especially Pixel 6 is good value in the US/Canada, even though that's not the case in Australia - Pro is better value.

        At this money, I decided it's not worth over $1k, since I can get S21 Ultra about the same money.

        I am sticking with the Poco F3 from the recent Banggood deal (still waiting for the delivery, to be delivered next day or so), and Pixel 3 as a backup possibly until free original quality bonus runs out in Feb 2022.

        • Thanks mate! Will give it a suss soon. I'm rocking an old OnePlus so any phone really would be an upgrade :D

          • +1

            @debitbankcharges: Fair enough. I'm sure you will like it especially coming from an older OnePlus phone, especially on the camera front.

            For me personally, gaming performance is quite important too, and looking at the spec Poco F3 might actually be better for me, considering the price gap. I can still use Pixel 3 for occasionally taking pictures.

  • im so close to buying one but im hoping ill somehow get the $70 coupon

  • +5

    Received mine today. Ordered from Google Direct. Pixel 6 Pro 256 Stormy Black

    • did you happen to get the localguides coupon and not use it?

      • Na. I ordered on the release day.

        • Damn
          I'm hanging for a code
          Have my cart ready lol

        • Dang, I ordered on release day as well but for some reason my order has pushed back to Friday or next week :'(

    • nice. When you preordered was the expected date aligned with the delivery date?

      Mine says delivery in November but I was hoping it would get pushed up

      • Yeah I'd like to know this too. Mine says 15-16 Nov but also hoping for earlier (128GB Black Pro)

      • +1

        On the same released date.

    • +2

      Mine just arrived too. Pro 256GB Black. Was expected 28-29 then 27-28.

  • Just ordered mine, estimated delivery 6-7 Dec (got impatient with the local guides coupon fix). If they send the fixed coupon i'll share it.

    • What colour and size for those dates?

      • Pro, white, 128gb, I think they brought dates forward

    • hey bud taking a crack here
      did they send you a code?

    • Should have received the new code this morning - would be awesome if you could PM me your code please. Thanks :)

  • Those too late to the party, consider buying from the Telstra $200 off deal, which expires tomorrow.

    Some Pro models are still available to order, without the long wait.

    Not getting the Google Store credits, but $200 off, potentially $100 gift card and $55 Shopback credit might be worth more in real-world value to some.

  • Anyone know if you can stack the two $70 codes ie local guides and the one we get for buying from the Store last month? And if either or both stack with Google One 2TB?

    • +2

      No, can't use more than one code. But would stack with the Google One plan cashback

      • but is googleone worth signing up if the delivery date is like 31 Dec 2021 – 3 Jan 2022? don't you have to subscribe for like 3 months?

        • It's $12.50 a month and gets you $100 or $130 credit

          • @kulprit: how come it is only 100$ and 130$ credit only? is that the max somehow?

            • @RQNinja: 10% of a pixel 6 is $100 and 10% of a pixel 6 pro is $130.

              • @kulprit: if i buy the 256gb or 512gb which are 1449 or 1559$ respectively, would they still stack on that 145$ or 156$ discount on top of that 159 google store credit or would it cap out somewhere from what I read ( i think max cap was 250$)? Do you have any experience with this?

                • @RQNinja: No experience. Yes you'd get 10% of the higher price ones if you got a model with more storage.

                  There is a limit on the 10% credit per order, also per year (I think $225 per order and $350 per year).

                  The $150 pre order credit shouldn't have any impact but can't promise.

        • I ordered 2 days ago and delivery was 8 Dec

  • From the terms and conditions, it appears that you can get this Cashback twice for the Pixel 6, and twice for the 6 Pro.

    Can anyone confirm this please?


    • I've ordered 2 Pros and both are showing with the $150 credit in my email confirmation. Ordered as separate transactions. Can't confirm if you can do another 2 non Pros ontop, but my reading of the terms has it limited to 2 per account.

      • Yes, it's definitely obvious that you get it for 2 devices.

        I was wondering if you can get it for 2 Pros, and 2 regular, as the terms and conditions are separate for each offer. And it say max 2 in each terms and conditions

        • Oh right, I see your point, they don't mention the other model in the terms when they say it's limited to 2. You could definitely argue you should get it, and you'd be right, but yeah, don't know if it's automatically applied or whether there'd be push back.

          • @TheContact: Yup exactly.

            The fact that they have two sets of terms which each day 2, implies to me that it would work on 2 of each.

  • Does anyone know if there is an easy way to get the tax invoice for the order? Received the phone today, but no invoice and cannot find it on the order page…

    • +2

      Confirmation email says:

      To get a copy of your tax invoice, go to pay.google.com. Select a transaction, and in Transaction details, select Download tax invoice.

      • +1

        Thank you so much, completely missed that somehow.

  • 15-16 Nov ETA when I ordered on day one. Now saying 6-7 Dec :(

    • Mine was 10-11 Nov now says 1-2 Dec. Crap.

      • Checked with a mate whose original ETA was 18 Nov, and has now changed to 2-3 Dec. We both ordered the same phone (Pro 128GB black) but I managed to about an hour before he did. What gives!?

        • Yea mine was originally 24nov, then 17nov, now 1-2dec

          I really want this deal. I got the 10% student beans, $150 sign up bonus and 10% cashback from Google one

          If I find another good deal I might cancel this one

  • I don't get this thread that Google is offer store credit pre order for a product in the mist of a global chip shortage .
    The others big boys don't need to offer a bonus to sell out hehe .

  • I'm now seeing 19-20 January. Was late December yesterday.

  • +1

    From 11 November, now to 1-2 December.
    Not cool!

    • Exact same dates/ delay for me

    • Same here. Gutted

  • Has anyone received their Google Credit if you have bought directly from Google (fully paid and received the phone)?

    • +3

      No. They come 3 weeks after your order is delivered per the T&C's.

  • +1

    Customers will receive an email notifying them Google Store credit is added to their account approximately 3 weeks from the order delivery date. Offer valid starting on October 20, 2021 at 3:00am AEDT through November 7, 2021 at 11:59pm AEDT.

  • Order pushed back to 20 January

    • What was it originally?

  • +1

    Android 12 just came through on my pixel 5..
    They love to change crap doe the sake of it, was fine how it was


    • Everything at Google is an experiment, expect change or cancellation at any time.

      • yeah usually pretty good overall and Pixels get the updates first..

  • I ordered on October 20, my delivery date has been pushed to early December

  • Does anyone know how to claim 3 months Kayo and BINGE offer? I have purchased Pixel 6 Pro from Google Store but haven't received anything about this offer yet.

    • +1

      People have said it comes in the box as a voucher.

      • +1

        The voucher is just a link to the binge app download, I think it's redeemed in the app somehow.

  • +1

    Have used the 6 pro for about a week now

    Just when you thought the user experience couldn't get any better.

    (I did upgrade from a 2XL though)

    Once you go pure Android you never go back

  • Got the email finally
    Only just got the pixel 5 not long ago

  • +1

    I ordered the 512 gb from Telstra last Monday (three days ago) and got it today. Can't believe there are so many delays with other suppliers.

  • Jesus, Goole released android 12 at the right time so it's incredibly sh1te on pixel 5.. looking to do a rollback.

    • What do you mean?.I haven't updated to 12 yet but was going to do it this weekend

      Any advice?

      • I wouldn't
        Few things not right.
        - Video mode on the camera is no good, automatically zoomed in too much (opposite to wide angle)
        -Battery not looking good
        -big bubbly Buttons for no reason
        - clock widget and at a glance messed up (two dates on screen)
        - extra step to toggle wifi Off, internet the wifi

  • Could someone please advise if the tax invoice is available for download immediately after purchase?

    • Doesn't look like it.

  • +1

    Mine just got pushed forward a week. 25-26 nov

    • Which model?

      • pro 256 black

        • Ah, nice one. Pro 128GB black was delayed for as mentioned above and hasn't changed since then.

          • @rith: Same :(

          • @rith: Telstra have outright stock of the 128 pro black if you don't want to wait

            • +1

              @phocus: Ye but they didn't have $70 off, plus 10% back, plus $150 back…

              • @Uncle Roger: That's true. It's the only reason I'm holding onto this order.

                Frustratingly long wait

                • @phocus: You would think Google being the manufacturer would have the most stock (or was at least make it sooner available), especially having taken pre-orders.

                  Frustrating indeed.

                  • @rith: I have a feeling Telstra havnt sold out of their original first batch they got from google tho.

                  • @rith: mine has now moved to the end of the week. Have you got yours yet?

                    • @phocus: No change. Still 6-7 Dec.

          • @rith: Was it a shipping/warehouse delay? My case is marked as shipped or whatever, can't cancel it now, but has been sitting as delayed with no eta for a while now.
            My Stormy Black 256GB and Cloudy White 128GB(+ Golden Glow case) date moved up a week too, but with the way the Stormy Sky case is delayed, I'm not exactly confident in the date given.

            • @TheContact: Hasn't made it to the shipping stage yet. Just sitting on 'Ordered'.

              • @rith: damn. mine is getting delivered today.

                • @phocus: Oh, an update that I received mine on 1st Dec. Finally!

                  • @rith: Damn that took ages. Hope you like it

    • me too! Pro, White, 128gb

  • Merged from Did You Receive Your Google Store Voucher for Purchasing a P6/PRO?

    Purchased a P6 from the Google Store and was told I would receive a $150 Google Store voucher as well as some free Binge and Kayo.
    For those that also purchased, did you receive this deal/voucher yet? Or has my spam filter done me dirty?

    • +1

      binge and kayo was in the same box as the phone, google site mentions that the voucher will be sent out in 3 weeks after purchase

      • Thanks Chickens. Will have to go back to the place where I excitedly opened the box!

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