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Germisept Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes, White, Aloe Vera, 1 kg, 50 Count, Pack of 24 $7.85 ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


1 box of alcohol wipes for dirt cheap.

75% Alcohol
Alcohol Wipes x 50 sheets per pack
Made with Plant Based Alcohol
Sheet Size: 15 x 20cm

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    24 packs X 350g, 1kg…
    Will be interesting what turns up!

    • my money is on a typo - 24x35g = 850g

      • +6

        My money is on getting a refund and free wipes to keep

  • -1

    Still waiting for my Voss Water.

    • Will it help you pee?

  • Thanks bought 4 :)

  • thanks OP bought 3 packs

  • Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Saying it can't be delivered to my address :(

    • Would not delivery to our a country address but will delivery to a city address.

  • Excellent deal. I'd just bought 4 Individual packets at $3 each (which is a good price), but still went ahead and bought a box.
    I prefer alcohol wipes to the home cleaning disinfectant wipes for [some] surfaces around home. They dont leave that sticky residue.

  • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/oakwood-anti-bacterial-surfa... is cheaper…How is Germisept Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes better?

    • no stock on these anywhere near me

    • +1

      Prob not. But this is 50ea x 24 packs. Way cheaper.

    • One haas alcohol the other does not.

    • Because this is 24x 50 packs…

      • Thanks! ordered one

    • That's only for one pack of 50..

      The deal is 24 packs of 50

  • wow that's cheap, during height of pandemic those were going for up to $20 per pack on ebay

  • +1

    This is cheap, but I already found a box of wet wipes that will last a few years…

    Thanks bought one anyways :)

  • +2

    Does anyone think the title was mistyped?
    somewhere else mentions limit of 24 per order.

    • +3

      yes of course. but who cares.

      • Great answer. Bought 1.

  • For those who missed out, Kmart has packs of 40 alcohol wipes (75% ethanol) for $3.50. They stink but then unless something's changed recently so do these Germisept ones.

  • got my first refund.

    • +1

      How? Did you contact them or they contact you?

      • Received 1 pack. Live chat.

      • Anyone know what to do about contacting them? I only got 1 pack. I wrote that it was an immaculate description and it said the item is not returnable

        • +1

          live chat. just say that you received one pack instead of 24 pack.

  • +1

    Live Chat just said to wait for the other 23 packs to turn up.

    • lol

    • that's gold

    • and it’ll never come 😂

      • I said so I am going to get another 23 deliveries. They replied, give them time and have faith or some garbage. Anyway, they said i had to wait till the 27th before i could lodge a missing item claim etc.

        • yeah I always ask that too and they always say the same thing. in most cases I end up with double the ‘incorrect quantity’ and eventually a full refund

        • Someone's taking the piss.. I'm pretty sure CS is just kicking the can down the road as they can't be bothered doing the paperwork - much easier to leave it to the next CS

  • +1

    My 4 boxes are supposedly arriving Wednesday 3rd November. Will keep everyone updated.

  • +2

    I received 1 pack. Went on Live Chat to ask whereabouts are the other 23 packs. CS refunded full price of the original order plus additional $10 credit.
    In the end I received 1 pack for free plus $10 amazon credit.

  • got one pack, contacted support and got a full refund, i did ask for the missing 23 pack lol

  • Just received 1 pack. Description said "1 Kg", mine weighs a quarter of that.
    Getting refund for $8.95
    I wouldn't have minded if it was $8.95 for 1 Kg, but it's one not so big pack

  • +1

    My 4 boxes were only 4 packets…

  • I jumped on live chat, apparently the other 92 will be sent.

    • Did they say when they would be sending those?

      • Delivery due Thursday. They've redone my order for quantity of 4 (4 "boxes" as per my original order). No doubt another 4 individual will turn up but the customer service rep understood my issue and said if it happens again they'll then treat it as individual products and send the remainder.

        • +1

          same here the rep said will send me the remaining 92 but in my order shows only 4 packs

    • They offered me a refund or to resend them missing items… I didn't want the hassle of contacting them again so I chose the refund

  • As everyone else, only 1 received and not 24. Chat has sent a replacement “24” and we shall see. Told to let them know again if it happens to just be the 1 pack which I told them is 99% likely unless someone manually intervenes and makes it 24. Initially they asked if it was damaged and 23 had maybe fallen out lol

    • +1

      That would be hilarious, given how tiny the box it came in. Maybe 23 printouts would fit in the remainder of the box!

      • Exactly! I was like “uh yeah… no damage to the box and it’s absolutely not big enough to fit 24 packs” ahaha

  • I received 1 packet. Chat gave me a refund. I had to ask for compensation credit - asked for $10 like others, they only gave me $5. Can't complain too much

  • listing is now modified

    Germisept Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes, White, Aloe Vera, 50 Sheets

  • Same here, only received 1 packet, live chat said the other 23 packets will be sent as a separate order, thank you everyone for this journey haha

    • +1

      they told me same but said there is no stock and got refund instead so fingers crossed you get it !

      • Update: The 23 packs that live chat assured me that would arrive today turned out to be one pack, live chat guy today noticed that it was a product info typo, and asked me to 'keep' the items. Only until after I mentioned that it's quite expensive for two packs only, they decided to refund me fully.

        • Surprised they didn't directly offer to refund immediately. I didn't push for compensation like the people above, but 2 free packs isnt anything to complain about.

  • Chat said they would send the rest, but then the new order they created is for one only (given modified listing). Should I contact them now before it gets shipped or after I receive it?

    • Same! I brought this up with the person helping me over the call. She persisted that at her end she could see 24 pack. Guess its just a waiting game or else would be 2 packs with a full refund.

      • Same, upon checking the replacement order details, it stated quantity:1, I asked the support and they said it was the remaining 23 packs lol

  • same, only got 1 pack. Amazon gave full refund.

  • Chat just assured me they are sending 24 packs out to me as replacement. We shall see :)

  • Same as most others, got one packet delivered and Amazon just refunded the cost. So a free packet in effect and a 'deal'.
    It was a cheeky order, clearly a typo, so i dont feel annoyed by it.

  • I received one packet. I went onto Chat and am receiving a refund. I asked for a credit as well for the inconvenience, but was told they cannot do that as I don't have to return the item.

  • Does anyone know whether legally Amazon can after accepting and shipping an order, refuse to send missing items by claiming it is an error?
    Isn't the usual argument for merchants refusing to honour a pricing error something along the lines of an order is only binding once it has been "accepted" by the merchant and they simply haven't "accepted" the the order - quite different from the current scenario?

  • Received another 4 packets today. Still 88 left to be received. I spoke with Live Chat again and they're insisting no more can be done but can offer full refund, which I tried declining.

  • Received 1 x 320g pack today, straight onto Amazon and they seemed to know about it. Refund was provided immediately and without further explanation. When I asked if I could get the original order of 24 packs fulfilled instead, I was told to reorder :).

  • Same here, I need to ask for refund

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