Google Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro Accessories Thread

A little bit of flex (thanks to the Ozb member for providing me with a 10% off code), and a little bit of research

What accessories are you going to purchase for your Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 pro?

I normally use a spigen cases
Ultra hybrid is my go to - in the past i have had rugged armour and tough armour.

And Nuglass screen protector
cant find just yet.

I'm open to alternatives so please post below if you have any suggestions and brands you like.


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    I've picked up a Spigen Tough Armor for the 6 Pro. I've used Spigen cases and in particular the Tough Armor for so many phones now. It's a great case.

  • How long does it take to the get the credit? 100/150. After you receive the phone or?

  • The Pixel Stand is high on my list, aiming for that 5 years life if Google's saying they'll support it that long, and the charging port will probably be one of the key failure points that might shorten it so a good wireless charging dock sounds like the way to go.

    Spigen's my go to for phone cases, it's served me well on my Pixel 2XL, but I'm tempted by Google's own cases, they're looking pretty good.

    Of course I haven't actually ordered one yet, keeping an eye out for the right price and watching the availability dates get pushed back while I do.

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    Need pixel cloth

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    Also can anyone recommend a 30 W + charger for the phone?

    • I want the free one from The top banner says.

      Free ArcStation Pro 30W charger for Pixel 6 | 6 Pro orders $30+

      I keep getting an error when I try and add a case though: Parameter Missing or Invalid(bad_request): Required parameter missing or invalid: item

      • I was probably going to also get this offer but then the shipping cost was like $30, not to mention it was in USD so it was slightly more expensive.

    • The only third party one I've seen is the anker Powerwall on Amazon for $33 (comes in black and white). Though not a fan of a charger with LEDs on it.

    • Google sell a 30W USB-C charger.

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        Yes. Considering it just cos of credits but still expensive for a charger I think.

    • I personally use an Anker Powerport+ (currently $60). Has 1 x USB-C PD port which I charge my phone with, and 4 x standard USB ports (up to 2.4A each) using their proprietary "PowerIQ" which (supposedly) does it's own "smart" charging. (I say supposedly as I've never investigated or tested the functionality of their PowerIQ system so can't speak for if it actually does anything). I use 2 of those ports: smart watch and headphones.

      One of my unforseen pros of this box is that it's input is just a basic figure-8 lead, so if I want to take it anywhere I can just unplug the unit and take it, as I already have another figure-8 lead to take with it.

  • ill be going with a rugged armor spigen case I think, but I dont know how the wireless charging works, is it a on contact type thing so the case will block it?

  • Keen to hear if anyone finds good screen protectors for sale. I've had a little look and it's mostly just non-brand stuff coming up that I'm not sure about.

    • I've ordered a 'Zuslab' never used before the brand before but want something from day one.

      I'll probably upgrade later if i i need to once more brands drop.

      • Good thinking, looks decent.

      • How was your order? I just tried mine on and the cut out for the pinhole camera was not aligned …

  • I would love to get a good clear case for it, that's sleek and doesn't add too much bulk but can show off the good looks.

    Spigen look like they've got a clear case but it looks a bit unappealing thought I can't pinpoint why.

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      I think the overall design on the phone is going to have flaws with the cases as the camera bar sticks out, not to mention it will make the phone overall top heavy and more prone to dropping.

      The ultra hybrid case from Spigen imho is the best clear case you can get without giving up the design and colour of the phone.

      • My pixel 6 pro doesn't have a top heavy feel. A nicely weighted phone. The Google cases don't really add a lot of bulk but give decent protection.

  • I'm thinking of getting a Spigen thin fit case since the 6 pro is already going to be so big, I feel like it's going to feel super bulky with thicker cases.

    As for screen protectors, I usually go with a tempered glass one, but I'm not sure if some of them are compatible with the fingerprint reader. I have a Galaxy S10 for work and tried a tempered glass one on there, which caused the fingerprint sensor to not work half the time.
    The only problem with curved glass screen protectors is that it's only sticky on the sides, which might fall off easily (this is what I experienced on the Pixel 2 XL).

    Looking to get something like a hydrogel protector eventually which is compatible with the fingerprint sensor

  • Got my pixel 6 pro today. Great phone and the camera is outstanding. I got the Google 30w charger which still seems to take forever to charge? The last 7% says 34 minutes to charge! Lol

    • I think that might be because of adaptive charging? Most phones nowadays take forever to charge the last few percentages in order to perserve battery health.

  • I preordered this case around two days ago.

    No notification for it to be picked up. I guess they ran out of stock before release?

    • Same here. I think stock hasn't actually arrived, and they wrongly implied they'd be available today.

      I really want a case ASAP but can't find any actually in stock near me apart from the Google ones.

      Edit: Actually not even the Google ones are in stock near me. Ugh.

      • Welp. This is disappointing. I emailed support just to see what is going on.

        Eurgh,that sucks. Luckily i managed to find the black case at my local JB.

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        I'm sorry about the delay with your online order.

        I can see your charger arrived.

        Our buying team have advised that Otterbox case is currently on back-order with our supplier. The estimated delivery date for this item is currently MID NOVEMBER.

        Emails were sent out this week regarding the delay.

        I'm sorry if this didn't reach you.

        We understand that it may not be convenient for you to wait so if you would prefer to cancel your order please reply to this email.

        Please let me know if you need anything else.
        Kind Regards.

        Trevor | JB Hi-Fi Customer Service

  • It sucks trying to get any decent cases in stock. I somehow managed to get TPU screen protectors last week already and the phone arrived a day before launch.

  • I couldn’t find any screen protector for my 6 :((

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    Please,do not buy this misleading screen protector for the pro version. It doesn't cover the whole screen as it says in the listing.

  • Has anyone got any feedback on cases / screen protectors that they have got now for the Pro? I ended up buying from Amazon

    Supershieldz screen protector

    Poetic Guardian case

    Ringke case

    I won't get it for another 2 weeks though!!

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      Received all. Supershieldz is TPU protector - fingerprint works fine.

      PG case is a bit big, but it's sturdy and it also comes with TPU protector

      Ringke is ok too, just be mindful when you had a protector on as it's quite tight around the edges

  • Fone King will cut out a custom screen protector for the 6 Pro. Will cost $50 though

    • Is it glass?

      • No. It's a curved screen, so it's hydrogel film. Do let us know if you find a glass screen protector for the Pro that actually fits though.

        • Thanks 😊. Will do! I ordered a bunch of them from eBay. Hopefully they arrive this week.

  • Anyone have recommendations for pixel 6 screen protector that works with fingerprint reader?

    • I'm using a tpu (thin film) one. The brand is Tersley but I used the spray and rubber squeegee from an old IQShield kit to apply it. Finger print works the same IMO.
      It also works fine with the spigen cases.
      P6 Pro.

  • After waiting two weeks,I just received my case and the protector. Good news is that the protector covers the whole screen. ps it's a glass protector

    Pro model

    • Does the finger print scanner work with your glass screen protector?

    Received my P6 order from these guys.
    Case feels really solid almost Spigen ultra hybrid like.
    Screen protector came with it was a max shield with a black border around it, with no cut outs for cameras. Fits well to the P6 screen.
    Fingerprint sensor works after re-regostering.

  • For those bargain hunters
    Includes pixel6 Spigen cases

    • Or wait until Black Friday where it’ll be 20% off

  • Just bought whitestone dome glass screen protector, people seem to rave on about it, dispite the high cost.

    Manage to snag it at a reasonable price on eBay. Price was $69+$4 shipping, but signed up to after pay for $30 credit plus $10 off using eBay code AFTERPAY10 bringing overall price to $33

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