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[Pre Order] Google Pixel 6 Pro - $799 Upfront on Telstra 80GB $69/Month Plan for 12 Month @ JB Hi-Fi


Best offer I've found so far for Pixel 6 Pro. Unsure if bonus Nest Audio is included with deal. Will ask. Edit Includes bonus Nest Audio. $500 GC applied at checkout, applies for any capacity Pixel 6 Pro.

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    The link to all Google Pixel 6 on JB Hifi is:
    The cheapest price is $999. Does that mean the $799 deal is for in-store purchases only?

    The link to Telstra phones on JB Hifi is:
    There's no Google Pixel 6 listed.

    • There's been a similar deal posted for the base version at 499 up front. In store only by the looks.

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      With the 12 month contract mentioned it's $500 off any pixel 6/pro.

      And yes you still get the nest audio and the phone order is just a normal order in their system same as an outright sale.

      I did the P6 128gb coral a couple of hours ago.

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      If you have to sign up to a 12 plan month plan, it's not exactly outright IMO, it's simply a 12 month contract with associated handset costs for the 12 months.
      "Outright" has zero catches, meaning no contracts or obligations to be with any provider.
      I haven't paid more than $25/month for a mobile plan in years with more than enough data.
      (I currently pay $10/20GB per month and that's plenty)

      • Which network carrier are you on ?

        • Optus via Catch Connect, from the deal on OzBargain just recently.

      • have u done the math on this deal? for me on a $25 aldi plan to move to Telstra would cost $28 more for the handset that it's $1299 rrp. That's a deal I could go for due to sweet handset on telstra 5G for a 12 month commitment.

        Question is what does the $69 plan include when I'm currently on the cheap ALDI goodness.

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    Total of $1,627 over 12 months for a $1300RRP phone.

    • +18

      Indeed, this is barely a deal. Who pays $69 a month for mobile plan those days?

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        It's ~$27/Mo for a Telstra 5gb 80gb plan. You're not really getting a deal on the phone but the plan is a great price for what it is (if you want Telstra, high data and 5g).

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          So wait you pay upfront for the phone and then you have to subvidise the phone every months again?

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            @ShouldIBuyIt: The phone is $500 less than buying outright

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: No, you pay $499 (or whatever, depending on which phone) for the phone and then just the $60/Mo for the plan for 12 months.

            It's only a 12 month plan and there's no additional monthly phone cost on top of the $69 plan.

            • @mattman: Can you pay the upfront fees and one month of plan then cancel?

              • +1

                @ShouldIBuyIt: You pay 50% of remaining plan fees as cancellation. Works out a bit over $400 on this plan.

                So, in short, you aren't getting a half price phone :-P

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Seriously?

        • +1

          Not many people require 80gb these days, I used 7gb in three months.

          • -1

            @wintersnow911: I'm on the 6 month prepaid, $150 for 90GB which works out to $25/month for 15GB. More than enough for most people…

            • +1

              @1st-Amendment: 4g only, JB plans are 5g if that matters to you.

              But cool if it doesnt.

      • Telstra plans start at $55

        • +1

          4G not 5G though.

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        I wonder too. I pay $16 a month for Woollies mobile 12 month plan, on Telstra network. And save 10% off a shop every month. Granted some people eat more data

        • More data and 5g, up to you if that matters or not.

        • +2

          Also I don't think woolies uses the full telstra network. It's thier 'lite' network.

          • +1

            @incipient: Correct but for the average metro user it's a heck of a price difference. Or go Boost for cheap full fat Telstra network

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        My 2c, these JB plans are really only a great deal for people who would be using it as a work phone, and even more so for those who get reimbursed for doing so.
        This way you can claim both the full rrp on the phone for taxes and the net cost of the plan ($69-employer contributions) which after considering the $500 voucher makes it a somewhat worthwhile option.

        Take my example perhaps, I get $30 p/m for a work sim. My work use is 100% which I can determine by having a personal sim as an esim/secondary sim

        I can claim $29/$39 p/m, deducting $30 from the plan cost ($10 if you can get it from Telstra chat, I’ll use $39 for the purpose of this example).
        Over a year that’s $468.

        Likewise I can also claim depreciation based off the $1299 P6Pro base model. 3 years is the effective life of mobile phones.
        Using diminishing value method (allowing for accelerated depreciation),
        In one year I claim: $1299 x 100% x 365/365 x (200/3)% or $866.

        Over a year I claim $1334, which at approx marginal tax rate of 32.5% is a $433.55 of benefits.
        Now I pay $799 for the phone outright, and $468 over the year for the plan. Given the tax benefits I’m out approx $850 for the year and still have a newish phone. The cost for a year-long pre-paid sim should be around $150 for total cost is $1000.

        Arguably though, the IP12mini deal from a few months ago was leagues better for a post-tax value perspective. I think from those calca it was nearly a break-even option. Hopefully another deal comes soon with $0 upfront on the P6 with $99 plan and then I’ll consider jumping. At least with this you get a nest audio

        • +1

          Calc for IP12 mini. (Turns out its not break-even but still you see the benefit)
          Phone: $1199 (original RRP)
          Plan: $99 p/m ($0 upfront for IP12mini)
          Tax Benefit Claimable: $69*12 + $1199 *100% * (365/365) * (200/3)% = $1627 * 32.5% = 528.78
          Net Cost (after $30 work reimbursement): $828 -$528 = $300 over a year.
          If you get the $10 monthly credit: $708 - $490 = $218

        • +2

          My work use is 100% which I can determine by having a personal sim as an esim/secondary sim

          Your calculation is wrong if you are using the phone for both work and personal purposes. The phone is not used 100% for a taxable purpose in such a circumstance, and as such, you cannot claim a deduction for 100% of the depreciation.

          Furthermore, the base value for the purposes of the diminishing value method is the amount you paid. In reality, you did not pay $1299.

          • +1

            @Plutonus: For the former yes you are correct but if you purchase the phone as work phone and can show evidence for the sim, they'd have a hard time proving otherwise for the associated device (unless you offer it to them yourself)

            For the latter the receipt is at full RRP with a gift-card attached, again going by the letter of the law you would have to claim only $799, but no tax accountant wouldn't claim the full amount given the circumstances (i.e. the receipt doesn't distinguish what type of gift card, it could easily be one you purchased yourself)

            • +3

              @JDMcarfan: Okay. You appear to be aware your calculations are wrong and based on what you think you can get away with, not what deduction you are entitled to.

              If your tax agent is knowingly including deductions in your return that you aren't entitled to, that's not a sign of a good tax agent. You should probably get a different tax agent.

              • -3

                @Plutonus: You must be fun at parties.
                Perhaps I should also report the nest audio’s value to the ATO too? Technically I should be

                • +1

                  @JDMcarfan: Oh, cool. Personal insults.

                  Perhaps I should also report the nest audio’s value to the ATO too? Technically I should be

                  Doubt it in your situation. What provision of the law requires you to 'report' the value?

                  PS: Tax agents are required by the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 to act lawfully.

                  • @Plutonus: I'm a fan of your work @JDMcarfan!

                • +2

                  @JDMcarfan: Amazing to make a personal attack on somebody for encouraging acting with integrity rather than what you can get away with.

          • @Plutonus: What if you just decide to carry two phones? Then it would be 100pc for work purposes no?

            • @ankor: Sure, if you had two phones, one which was only used for work and one only used for personal, then yes you could claim a deduction for 100% of the depreciation of the work phone. But it's not a matter of how many phones you have. It's whether the relevant phone was solely used for work purposes.

              If you used it 80% for work, you could still claim 80% of the depreciation.

        • Can you be my accountant?

        • Yep, works really well for my work because their policy is to pay for monthly data but not the device.

          This way I get the phone (Pixel 6 256GB) for $629, and I can flog the Nest Audio on eBay for another $100, plus the tax deduction.

          Work pays for the full $69 per month.

        • Or, just salary sacrifice the phone…

      • But if work pays for it, or you can tax deductible the amount, it's perfect.

      • Actually the cheapest Telstra plan that supports 5G is $65 for 80gb, so you're committing to an extra $48 over 12 months in order to get $500 off. They're giving you $452 in order to buy your business, which is why it applied only to 'new' customers.

    • +5
      Phone $1,299
      Speaker $124
      Plan $824
      "Value" $2,247
      Cost $1,627

      Seems alright deal to me.

      • The Plan is overvalued (for me), so if you add $240 instead it comes to $1663 against 1627, so no deal, just almost the same value. + I don't need the speaker, so would be a waste of $124

  • Is JB stocking only 128Gb and 512Gb variants at the moment for the Pixel 6 Pro?

    • +1

      Yes; 256GB for some reason is due on November 12

      • +1

        I have a feeling it's because Google sees it as the most common variant and maybe wanted to keep all the stock for their own store (which has now sold out anyway)?

    • No - they had stock of the 256GB for all colours this morning but must have sold out now is all.

      I was eyeballing one for ages, before deciding not to bother lol.

      • +4

        I thought we weren't getting Pixel 6 Pro in 256GB in any other colour except black?

        • -1

          I guess it could have been, I thought I saw all colours but maybe not.

          Doesn't change that whatever they had is still sold out though…

        • US got 256gb for cloudy white. But obviously out of stock.

      • They were sold out by 8am this morning.

    • Others must have sold out. I think the 6 pro is completely sold out at google too

  • Eligible for a $400 giftcard too right? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile-instore

  • So how much do I pay if I cancel after the first month?

    • +1

      You pay 50% of remaining plan costs which is a bit over $400. In short, not worth the stuffing about.

  • Where is this offer shown on the site?

    • +1

      The phone deals never are, a deal was posted earlier for the P6 that has a screen grab of the email this is from.

  • I am really tempted, but I am relocating to Europe in March, which makes the plan not really worth it for me :/

  • +3

    These do not seem like good deals.

    • +2

      Good if you want a cheap Telstra 5g plan, not good if you just want the phone outright.

      • Good if you want both.

        Not even sure if I want 5g or not but would be nice to try it .

  • +5

    have people still been able to successfully add new number and then close old number/plan and transfer old number to new account or has that loophole been closed? Forgot to change providers before these deals

    • Also keen to know this.

    • +1 on this. Still possible?

    • I'd like to know this as well, i just pre-ordered earlier.

  • How does this work, would there be a full price phone on the reciept and just a gift card credit applied, or is it listed as 799? I need to salary sacrifice so the higher receipt price is better.

    • Full price phone on receipt with $500 gift card as part payment.

  • i do not see 500 gc, only 400, what am I missing.

    • It's an in store deal, sold as $500 as the pixels. You can't do it just for the GC.

  • +1

    I only pay $45/month for 50GB.

    This would mean I pay $24/month more. Or $288/year. The $500 saving is nullified within 24 months. And beyond that, I'm in negative territory.

    So for me, this is no deal. For anyone paying $60+/month, it probably makes sense. Or anyone that upgrades every 12 months. Or anyone that needs 5G.

    • +1

      It's a 12 month plan not 24. Also this plan is 5g enabled where your $45 Telstra plan probably isn't.

      • That's why I said it only makes sense for anyone already on a $60+ plan, or looking to upgrade at the 12 month mark, or needing 5G.

        But if you're currently paying significantly less for your plan and don't need 5G, the gift card savings will be nullified within 18 months (since you can get $150 credit going through Google, the gift card only saves you $350) and then you'll be stuck on a higher plan.

        • I'm on this same boat. I pay $10 a month for my plan which gives me enough data for now.

          I'm better off getting this outright from google store with the 150 credit, nest audio and if anyone on Google one plan you get % back.

          One can put the credits towards official accessories at a later date.

          Anyone know how much a really good condition pixel 5 go for? Anyone know where I can find the fee calculations if I sold through eBay?

  • I am not seeing any discount at checkout for the Pro

    • It's an in-store Telstra contract deal. You cant do it online.

      • Can request callback in VIC

  • +3

    hahaha that thumbnail though!!!

  • Anyone know if they're doing to $10/Mo port in credit currently?

    • I asked but did not receive.

  • Are there any cheap eSIM providers apart from Telstra, Optus, and Vodaphone? Work number is a nanosim so need cheap eSIM for personal number.

    • If you use the data from the work sim I found the best deal to be a Optus Pre-Paid.

      It's $150 for a year for unlimited talk and text which is all I need as I use the work sim for data. Works out to $12.5 per month.


      After you have the pack and it's activated you can switch to eSIM.

  • +1

    Is this just for new customers of Telstra? Already with Telstra work a previous jb hifi deal but plan has expired

    • Keen to know this also, I'm on a prepaid plan at the moment.

    • Yes new customers only, have to have not been on Telstra/boost for 3 months.

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