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[Pre Order] Google Pixel 6 Pro - $799 Upfront on Telstra 80GB $69/Month Plan for 12 Month @ JB Hi-Fi


Best offer I've found so far for Pixel 6 Pro. Unsure if bonus Nest Audio is included with deal. Will ask. Edit Includes bonus Nest Audio. $500 GC applied at checkout, applies for any capacity Pixel 6 Pro.

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      • Where did you see that? I couldn't see anything about that in the T&C?

        • Just got this deal.. I ported out a week ago and it was no problem.

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      You can get this deal if you are already on Telstra but there are a couple things to be aware of depending on if you want to keep your existing number.

      1. If you don't care about changing numbers then you can sign up as a "new service" and receive a new number. The new number is added to your existing Telstra account. You can ask Telstra to replace the new number with your existing one but I cannot confirm this. Others have got this to work in the past though.

      2. If you do care about keeping your existing number then you have to port out to another carrier for at least a month then port back in.

      I did option 1 today and am converting my old number to a prepaid account and will try to get this number to be used for the new contract I signed. Worst case is I'll still have access to the old number.

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        I have done 1. before but that was 12 months ago when Telstra were still giving $10/month credit. Would be great if you can still do this!

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    Most phone plans and phone bundles aren't really deals.

    They usually just try to give you more data in exchange for money.

    They've realised there is no point in subsidising a phone purchase so it's rare to see really good deals now that you have Samsung and iPhone dominating each category.

    Having said that, this is a decent deal except I'm locked into Optus for another 6m or so with my pixel 4xl. Would love to get back into the Telstra network, there's surprisingly still a few black spots in Brisbane, sunnybank, north Brisbane and the sunny coast when it comes to Optus. :(

  • Has anyone in VIC been able to get a callback?

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    How much better is this phone than the new iPhone 13 Pro Max? About 2-3x?

    • Well when you compare the Pixel 6 Pro 512GB one, it's a good $800 or so cheaper than the 512GB iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • just settled the deal for Pixel 6 pro - $1129 including 12 months phone plan ($300 trade-in credit applied)

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      What's the deets on trade in?

      • $300 bill credit - traded my old old pixel 3. And will also sell my current Pixel 5.

        • How do you get that? Is that one of the perks of the JB Hi Fi subscription thingy?

  • Where is this deal? Nothing on the jb website.

  • Called the JB Hi Fi phone line, offer is only available instore and cannot be processed over the phone. Offer won't be extended until stores are open. Melburnians are SOL. You would think they would come up with some solution, do they want to sell phones or not?

    • Just called the Hurstville Store in Sydney, and they directed me to the "Submit a request" via their website…

      May just try a completely different store and go from there.

    • Update: went to the JB Hi Fi website and requested a callback in relation to JB Mobile services. They called back and said they can do the offer over the phone. You do have to go the the store's click and collect area to show ID for the mobile phone plan. Otherwise it is all remote.

  • Can anyone confirm how they have successfully placed a pre-order in a Sydney Store?

    Is it simply a matter of heading in-store, porting over the service, once ported, receiving the Gift Card and the store place the pre-order?

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      Yes I went into Rouse Hill jb yesterday and signed up for the 6 pro. They process the port straight away and advised me the phones will likely be ready on 28th or 29th

      69 plan 500gc for phone

  • Does any of the JB store have units you can hands on with?

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    Is it 799 up front for the p6pro 128gb or 512gb model?

    Is there any repayments on top monthly for the device?

    Can you use the 500 GC towards the account bill or is it a Telstra bill so can't use JB GC?

    Anyone know of we can pre-order a 256gb model instore and take up this offer?

  • It's $500 off any Pixel 6 when you port into their $69pm mobile plan… No Pro 256gb at the moment.

  • So I placed my order late yesterday, and JB Hi-Fi told me that I won't receive my phone before November 19th, because first preorder batch sold out in less than 24 hours. Is this true, or that store only made few orders.

    • Was this for 512gb?

      • Nop 128gb.

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          Just got a phone call earlier this morning ready for pickup… today!

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    Just picked up my 512gb today!

    Currently sitting on charge, it’s a big boi

    Apparently you receive a SMS with details on redeeming the Nest Speaker , here is hoping anyways

  • 2 x Telstra pre-orders done online on Sunday, just got a text saying onboard for delivery this afternoon, I thought it was only released Thursday 28th ;-)

    3rd one ordered Tuesday afternoon in store, tracking text just received with ETA tomorrow.

  • I ordered yesterday. Both Telstra stores I visited had the black 128gb pro only. I wanted the white so they've ordered it for me to be delivered to home. At this stage the site still says waiting for stock.

  • Has anyone got their SMS to claim their Nest yet? I picked up my phone on 28/10 and am still yet to receive it

  • I was in JB world square and the friendly staff advised me of the $500 off retail price for handset if you go on the $69 x 12 month contract

    • So you will be essentially paying $328 on top of the phone's RRP but spread across 12 months period.

      • Yeah, think that's about right. And the privelege of being on an 80gb plan with telstra 5g I guess. I pay $30 a month on boost and its doing great for the last 7 years, so I guess that is my hesitation.

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