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PowerA Pokemon Wired Stereo Gaming Headset - Pikachu Gold $5.45 & More + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


PowerA Pokemon Wired Stereo Gaming Headset - Pikachu Gold - Nintendo @ $5.45 + shipping

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  • $0.33 for a controller? Missing 2 decimal places?

    • Price just changed to $33 so yep, somebody can't type!

      • Now it's showing 33c again ?????????

  • This seems a little too good to be true…

  • Surely these are price errors, there's a controller for 45c

  • What happens with Amazon price errors? Store credit?

  • Bought 2 controllers and the PS5 charging stand. Let's see if it's honoured.

  • Thanks Op, ordered a wireless with delivery charge for <15 https://www.amazon.com.au/Enhanced-Wireless-Controller-Ninte...

  • +2

    $32 delivery for some of these $2 controllers (with Prime). Amazon sellers using the eBay shipping fee tactic?

  • Items: $50.29
    Delivery: $59.79???

    • +1

      Not Prime eligible. Look for the Logo.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a few. Let's see what happens!

  • +2

    Wow, ordered a bunch of things to get over $49 free ship. Just got a cancellation email.

    • cancellation on all your controllers?

      • +1

        Yeah entire order was cancelled. I've re-ordered the items that stayed the same price, no immediate cancellation so fingers crossed.

        • Did you get a confirmation before the cancellation?

          • @Jackson: Nah I didn't end up getting a confirmation for that first order, just immediate cancellation. Second order gave me a confirmation.

        • +2

          what did you buy?

  • +1

    The whole shop is bugging out :/

      • +1

        imagine if negs counted as social credit, man that would be so f ucked up

        • LOL - I think getting upset over negative votes here is as pointless as getting upset about negative reactions on FB etc.

  • -2

    Thanks bought 20 of them

  • Wonder how EB will go with controller trade ins for the ones I don't want.

    • Better off selling them if new

    • 5 bucks best i can do - Rick 'EB' Games

  • +1

    Don't buy from this brand, known drifting issue with the switch controllers.

    My switch gamecube ones I bought both broke down within 2/3weeks, got replacements and happened again. Never again!

    • +1

      Can u use original Gamecube controllers for the switch o.O

      • I wish I had some but yeah you also need the adaptor which plugs into the side and off ya go!

  • has to be price error

  • Thanks OP! Got two Switch controllers for $25 but we’ll see

  • It smells fishy but couldn't help myself and ordered some.

  • I have prime but I am still getting charged for delivery? Does anyone know about this?

    • +1

      needs to total 49 for free delivery regarding international orders, unlike local.

      • Okay makes sense, but Amazon US doesn't need the $49 spend if I have prime right?

        • All international Amazon does

    • +1

      It's via Amazon UK, you to spend a min of $49.00 to get free delivery (Even Aus Prime members)

  • +1

    order cancelled. Oh well.

  • Late to the party, seems nothing left. Wired GameCube for 5.2 might be a deal, but $13 delivery is not looking good. (Ineligible for 49 free intl. Shipping)

  • They're a UK store so I guess they will still be in bed, before getting up to cancel all these orders. I still put one in though for a couple Switch controllers.

    • +1

      Actually my "XBX Play and Charge Kit - Double Pack - New 2020" show already as shipped, incl tracking.

      Controllers aren't shipped, yet - but also haven't received any cancellation, so hoping that they might be shipped eventually.
      Mind you it said "usually shipped in 2-4 weeks" when I placed the order.

      • +1

        Cool, I ordered 2 Switch Wireless ones will be happy if order isn't cancelled!

  • Ordered 2 wireless controllers (plus $11.90 shipping) at 11:30am…just got dispatch confirmation!
    Thanks OP

    • How much were they/which ones?

      • +1

        Enhanced wireless controller (Pokémon) - $4.59 each

        • Nice. Mine one got cancelled. Ordered around same time as you.

          • @wesker: Maybe the people paying for shipping didn't have their orders cancelled. Did you go for Prime delivery?

    • Wow, both controllers got delivered this morning…
      Can’t believe the shipping speed from the UK!

  • My 3x wired Gamecube and Mario Fade controller orders have shipped, however the 2x Wireless Doom Eternal Controller order has not.

    Hopefully that gets fulfilled, as I was more after that and the others are a bonus.

  • my orders got cancelled :(

  • My orders got cancelled in a sense. All disappeared from my account but not even a notification that this was the case.

  • My order also got cancelled :(

  • My order was cancelled at 1am with a push notification on my phone, but no email or reason given. I paid shipping costs too, so it wasn’t like it was a complete loss for them.

  • Order cancelled. The dream is over.

  • Yeah, pretty poor. No notification whatsoever, but the order now appears under "Cancelled orders" in my account.

  • +1

    I must have been one of the lucky ones. Order was dispatched and arriving Nov 5 or 6

    • Same- two items shipped, two items pending but no cancellations (yet).

  • +2

    Last portion of my order shipped!

    3x PowerA GC wired controllers
    3x PowerA Mario Fade Switch wired controllers
    2x PowerA Doom Club Switch wireless controllers

    Guess I am one of the very lucky ones :)

  • My order (wired controllers and ps5 chargers) still hasn’t shipped… but hasn’t been cancelled either!

  • PS5 controller charging stand was delivered. Still waiting on two Switch controllers, haven't yet been shipped but also hasn't been cancelled as well.

  • Called Amazon regarding the two wireless controllers. Lady over the phone advised that they will be shipped in the next coming days.

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