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Philips 20W Waterproof LED Smartbright Wide Batten IP65 $49 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


The robust and energy efficient waterproof LED batten

The SmartBright Wide Waterproof batten family is the ideal retrofit solution

for conventional systems. With a wider base, sturdy and robust finish, multiple

knock-outs and through wiring possible, installation is hassle-free and simple

Features and benefits

• Wider base for direct replacement of T8 battens

• Multiple knock-out options, large terminal and through wiring possible

• Ideal for indoor car parks, stair wells and industrial application

Model SmartBright Wide Waterproof Batten (WT008C)

Type LED20

Equivalent of 2x18W

Power 20W

Length: 600mm

System lumen 2100lm

Type Fixed output (PSU)

Diffuser Frosted diffuser

Power factor ≥0.9

Beam Angle 110° - 130°

CCT 6500K (Cool White)

CRI >80


Operating Temperature 25˚C (-20˚C < ta < 50˚C)/ for Emergency version: 25˚C (0˚C < ta < 40˚C)

Lifetime (L70) 50,000 hours

IP/ IK rating IP65/ IK08

Electrical Class Class I

Input Voltage 220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Mounting Type Surface mount with brackets

Surge Protection LED20: Line to Line - 500V, Line to Ground - 1KV

Housing colour Light grey (RAL7035)

Material Frosted cover: PC

Housing: PC

Application Warehouses, back of house areas, indoor car parks, factories

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  • Just to be clear, this will need an electrician to install?

      • +1

        your link looks like a different product?

      • Different product. The waterproof ones don't come supplied with a plug in cable - https://www.lighting.philips.com.au/prof/indoor-luminaires/w... (not identical part number, but product looks the same)

        You'll need a sparky to install legally.

      • Yeah looks like I was wrong! You'll need a sparky to hook it up legally.

        If you diy, please turn off the mains and tell someone to check on you and test one at a time if doing multiple things.

        Last thing you want is a short, or something going wrong.

        I once replaced a sensor light and for the life of me couldn't figure out why it wasnt turning on, there were only two wires and given its AC well I was mind boggled after trying both combinations.

        After lots of thought I realised it was daytime and wasnt covering the sensor 😂

        Another time I moved my batons about 20cm to the left so I could use the extra garage storage space, did them all at once and yep had a short and triggered fuses. I actually extended a powerpoint the same day so yeah, do one thing at a time.

        • +2

          Can I just say how (profanity) is it that we have literally no option other than hire a certified electrician. I can't do the work and get it certified that it's done correctly.

          • +1
          • @Shermanpk: It makes sense, I wouldn't put my name to something I didn't do.. At least with an apprentice the person who signs off should be liable but I guess the damage would've been already done (too late).

            The law is there to stop people who would most likely kill themselves. I've never heard anyone getting done/found out.

            Destruction/death from dodgy work is what this is trying to curb, but even certified people get it wrong.

          • +1

            @Shermanpk: Even in New Zealand, the average person is able to swap out a powerpoint. Not sure there is a another country in the world that doesn't allow this sort of, literal, light bulb change to a DIY person. I think people are just starting to realize how much has been given up for the sake of perceived safety. If you have some knowledge and respect for electricity, there will be no random fire that the Karens make out will happen.

          • -1

            @Shermanpk: AFAIK that goes ALL the way back to a deal done with the ETU and the then Premier of NSW Nick Griener, it was then spread across Australia.

    • +1

      if you need to ask then the answer is yes ….and the electrician will also have a ladder and screwdriver.

      "Multiple knock-out options, large terminal and through wiring possible"

      • -1

        It was more an FAQ type of question, since I don't want someone buying one of these and then realising later that its not a 3 pin which is becoming quite popular with downlights.

  • +1

    Thanks OP…got one to replace an ancient neon tube in the garage.
    OzBargain lives!!!

  • (Assuming there is LED tube) - Is the LED tube inside replaceable? If so, do you have the model number? thanks.

    • If there are led tubes inside, can I just use the tubes and put them in an existing fluorescent light fitting?

      • No, there are a few things that needs to be done, one of them is the fluorescent lights have a different fuse starter that needs to be replaced to work with LED. One video that shows you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCWoI0X4jw0

    • @smile315au any idea if the tube inside is replaceable?

  • FYI Waterproof does not mean submersible. IP68 and above is deemed rated for submersion.

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