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30% off Hot Sauces by Pinard: Habanero or Reaper 200ml $9.79 Each + $5.95 Shipping @ Pepper by Pinard


Hi Ozbargainers,

You guys absolutely lapped this up last time, and have received some great feedback from you all. Appreciate the love.
So back by popular demand, another discount for you to use today.

Choose between the medium heat Habanero Caribbean or the extra hot Reaper Caribbean sauce.


The deal is for the sauces only.

Thanks and enjoy

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  • +13

    i dunno.. i've been burned by hot sauces before….

    • +1

      LOL!! And you loved every minute.

  • You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.. order placed!

  • +1

    Choose between the medium heat Habanero Caribbean or the extra hot Reaper Caribbean sauce.

    Why choose when you can have twice the burn. Looking forward to trying this.

    • +1

      Why not both mexican song

    • +1

      Thanks for your support.

  • +5

    Is this the kinda sauce that will wake me up at 2am with cramps like I'm gonna give birth to an alien?

    • +2

      Thats what i like to hear.

    • +5

      If your talking about the Reaper Its more of a "Omg this tastes amazing" followed by a "………..Help".

      • +2

        Sounds like fun. I'll take 2!

    • Which one the Pinard Habanero or Reaper?

        • Great thanks! Ordering 🌶

    • Love to hear it. Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Ordered 2 of the reaper - a no brainer at this price. thanks OP, can't wait to try it!

    • No, thank you. Appreciate the support.

      • Got the "delivered" notification and no package. You don't hand-write the addresses by any chance do you?

        Sent you a PM and launched an investigation with Sendle. Super bummed.

        • Wow great response! This is already solved and sorted.

          (and the Reaper sauce is next-level tasty!)

  • can you do more stock of the 'The LOT!!!' ?

    • +11

      Hi there, unfortunately we are at extremely low stock on the Habanero Jerky.
      I have seen what happens to you on this website if you sell jerky not ready to be shipped.

  • Volume of "200ml" should be added to title if not description. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Done. Thanks for the tip Ricky.

  • Im a hot sauce nut 🔥 🔥 🔥 just brought a couple and a reaper jerky.see how we go. Cheers.

    • Appreciate you. Thank you.

    • I eat reaper jerky slowly, with a cup of ice water lol

    • -1

      Where did you bring them to?

  • Has the site been ozbargained

  • Hot deal. Just bought one of each.

  • What is your store's hottest sauce?

    • +2

      The Reaper is the hottest. Any more its just not enjoyable. There are 4 fresh reapers per bottle.

  • best way to consume? dab on taco?

    • +2

      Put it on everything!!! Maybe not wheat bix.

  • The Reaper is hotter than the Ghost pepper eh?

    • Reaper is hottest in the world.

      • Would love to get my hands on some of Ed's newer creations which are hotter (unofficially) then the Reaper. It would be fun to try them but no idea how these new varieties seeds get distributed throughout the world.

  • hmmm might have to give this a try, usually make my own carolina reaper based sauce but have none on plants at moment and coles have stopped selling them it seems so getting desperate to find a good temporary alternative.

    edit: bought one of each to give it a test!

  • Awesome! My rear end is ready.

  • Didn't need hot sauce. Bought some anyway.

    • +1

      You wont regret it.

      • Mate, your sauce is sensational! It's honestly the most flavoursome hot sauce I've ever had. I look forward to trying some Reaper next - and stock up on more Habanero obviously 🍻

        • +1

          Really appreciate that feedback. Thank you so much. Puts a smile on our face while we make the next big batch. Cheers Bataleon.

  • Thanks OP ordered 1 of each. Can't wait to try.

  • How much Reaper is in the Reaper sauce, I mean % wise.

    Usually when i make an Asian soup for one at home I'll put in half a Reaper or Scorpion Butch T, which are the two I like eating, which I grow and freeze for a supply. Any more then half and I'm spending too long in the bathroom the next morning. The heat doesn't bother me, the exit does.

    Would I find your Reaper a bit too tame, considering I can eat them straight, not that I do by the way, it's better in dishes.

    • There is about 25% reaper in each bottle. You will find it tame if you can eat reaper straight. Thats insane. The ingredients like vinegar ect bring the heat down a tad. It is still powerful as hell but not the same as eating a fresh reaper.

  • Cheers OP ordered one of each to try.
    I got addicted to the Habanero Tabasco after a recent Amazon deal and have been meaning to try a few other Habanero sauces.

    • Appreciate your support. Thank you.

  • How long will they last from opening?

    • Can last around 16 - 18 months, even longer in the fridge.

  • Am a fiend for hot sauce. Had the pleasure of capcasin (sp?) poisoning a few times. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Anyway will try x2 of the Reaper. Cheers lad

    • Thank you. If you are messing around with capsaicin this will be a breeze.

  • Are these sauces a little bit sweet or not so sweet? Thanks.

    • Perfect balance of hot and sweet.

  • Grabbed a couple. Anyone have an idea what the shelf life/used by date is like on these?

    • +1

      Thanks for buying, shelf life is around 18 months. But it wont last you a week.

  • Oh my rubber arm had been twisted again. Sauces and jerky on the way.

    • +1

      Haha, thanks for buying. Your gonna love it.

  • I like putting hot sauces in cheese sandwitches, but obviously not burning my mouth off - what would you recommend?

    • -1

      1000000% Goes amazingly on cheese sandwiches.

  • Have too many bottles of hot sauce at home. Still bought one of each anyway.

    • This will make your top 3. Promise.

  • Ordered a couple - cheers fella

  • Ordered 2 of the mild one and one of the reapers.
    Looking forward to it and hope to see more of the product range in future.

    Thanks for looking after the ozbargain community!

    • Thanks for your order and support. BBQ Hot sauce being released soon.

  • I'll give the habanero a go. I like tasty sauce rather than HOLY AHIT AIGHT KWAN TAWK.

    I also like a nice spicy chutney - considering any of them?

    • Hopefully you will enjoy it. Thank you.

  • +1

    You are all incredible. Had to put the 'sold out' sign up. Will be busy packing all these orders over the weekend to send Monday morning. Thank you for ordering and all the nice comments and upvotes. You are all awesome.

  • Man, nothing worse than missing out by a few minutes. Had it the cart then the code didn't work :(

  • FRIDAYMADNESS - Coupon not found :(

  • Sounds fun … Ordered anyway at full price! Thanks!

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