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Jetstar Weekend Frenzy: ADL <> MEL $32, MEL <> SYD $35 and More @ Jetstar


On until Monday.
All flights include 7kg carry on luggage.

Obviously beware of border closures, the rumoured Delta Plus and any other mishaps that 2021 can bring.

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    "Jetstar Weekend Frenzy" sounds good and all but they really should have gone with "super spreader savings"

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      oh come on, it was a joke!

      My ad-copy career is over

      • +1

        I loved it. Thank you :)

  • Where are we seeing Mel -> Adl for $32? Shows up as $45 for me.

    Edit: never mind, turns out that cheaper rate is for Avalon.

  • Flight dates to 31 March, still a little early for me.

  • Hi OP, have you got any deals from dubbo to brisabne?

    • Jetstar says "Where's Dubbo?" ;-)

    • Don't think Jetstar flies that route> Can always do a search tho. Sorry, not allowed to promote my own site on a non-associated post :)

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    I booked flights from Adelaide to Melbourne yesterday and was very happy to see the discounted flights. They didn’t show up the Qantas booking site and when I was trying to pay for extra luggage it says you need to buy it at the airport. I went to the Jetstar site thinking I’d be able to book luggage with my flight there and then found the cheaper fares. With the Max bundles they offer for $40, you get tonnes of luggage, meal voucher, can cancel or rebook for free, change name on booking and best of all - lounge access. Arrive early, drink your fill and then hope you find your plane before takeoff. Bargain!

  • Any news when adelaide will stop requiring quarantine?

  • -2

    The leprechaun has cherry picked routes so dropped service to some places. Take the government money then run (but at least he got a hefty pay rise).

    • Was there a need for a racist remark on the CEO of the parent company, who generally doesn't have day to day say over Jetstar?

      The CEO and marketing team of Jetstar would have come up with the routes on offer not Alan Joyce.

      • -1

        Heightist perhaps, but not racist (particularly as I’m Caucasian too). Being Irish is not a race, but a nationality. Irish, short and with questionable ethics - I think it fits perfectly. The fact you knew who I meant confirms that. He’s the CEO, so he takes responsibility. He’s only too willing to put his mug on tv to get credit for the ‘good’ things, so he can take the grief for the bad.

        • So its open season for those old derisive slurs against Tasmanians!! wfdTamar loves it! Finds it not in the least bit offensive!!

          Brush up on those incest & double headed put downs that wfdTamar finds so nice! And because it's a popular misconception like wfdTamar claims against all Irish people… It must be true!!

          "Now get your double headed freakishness back into bed with your mother, who also is is your sister!"
          Highly offensive? Discriminatory? Totally unfounded Stereotyping?
          No, wfdTamar loves it! ;-)

          Discriminatory slurs made on the basis of a person's nationality & inaccurate, inappropriate, derogatory stereotypes of that group - are unacceptable as discrimination.

          And as I showed in a discrimination legal case I won - with a sizeable payout (as an Australian, in Australia, refused service by an Australian because I wasn't from overseas), being from the same group doesn't mean you can't discriminate against members of your own group. (That was a major part of the defence by the business!) That is just far worse, not an excuse.

          Caucasian…. Are you dark skinned?
          Because the definition includes dark skinned people of the Caucasus mountain area covering Russia, Georgia & parts of Azerbaijan.
          (White Supremacists don't like that being pointed out!)
          Learnt that in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart! But can we trust an island of criminals??

  • So are the flights from December not discounted?

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