HOW and Where Do I Get Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub Cable?

please help I cant find this cable, only ones on ebay are from USA and cost 30 dollars! this is a joke. how are we meant to use this? feel like I got ripped off..
i brought Corsair CO-8950020 RGB LED Fan Hub Controller, does not include cable to motherboard header..mine is a 4 am i going to do this I need help! or i have to spend another 30 on a cable!


  • GLHF

    • yes I know but there are no cables for sale.

  • You probably need a Corsair Commander or Lighting Node Pro unit. Pop into a local computer shop and ask them.

    • no you dont only need the cable if you have the hub.

      • You do unless you're talking about a JCORSAIR header cable which very select motherboards support and not surprised there's no stock being held.

        • no you dont, i seen youtube gudes. you only need RGB led hub ONLY for controlling lights, I DONT need to control fan speed nor want that. just need the cable and idk if there is any aftermarket ones

  • link video that shows this pls m8

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