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$299 (31% off!) for Sennheiser HD25 Originals, Phonak PFE012 & Hippo Pipe FREE EXPRESS Shipping


It’s been a while since our last deal so let’s do something really special!
This bundle gets you $137 (31%) off our low prices or $291 (49%) off RRP.

Sennheiser HD25 Originals is currently on special on our site for $249.
I’ll do your research for you and tell you that these are approx $300 at the cheaper places in Australia, with bigger chains selling them at $399.
Even the Amazon price is $249.95 (excluding shipping and tax)

Not much to say about these other than that they’re one of the best DJ/portable on ear headphones out there. No bloated wannabe DJ bass here, just a great sounding, indestructible headphones with great isolation.

HD25 reviews:

5/5 from What Hi-Fi

4/5 from Pocket-Lint

Head-fi user review

There’s also a CNET review with a low rating because they sound good but the reviewer doesn’t like the design. He recommended Beats Solo at the end of the article so take that as you will.

The Phonak Audeo PFE012/022 is the company’s entry level earphones and they’ve quickly become the favourite among our customers.
PFE012/022 reviews:

4.5 from Pocket-lint

Trusted Review: In-Ear of the Year

4/5 from What Hi-Fi

B+ from iLounge

TL;DR: They’re very comfy and sound pretty great with a smidgen of extra bass. 2 year warranty too.

As if that’s not enough, we’re also giving the tiny Hippo Pipe with the bundle.
These go for $49 and they’re a great way to enhance your music without adding much bulk. The thing is tiny!

All this for $299. $305 if you’d prefer the 022 which comes with mic & remote.

This deal comes with free express upgrade! Just select free shipping at check out and we’ll take care of the rest for you!
We might be extending this to every shipment from now on depending on how reliable this service is, so we’d appreciate your feedback!

We’re also giving away TWO pairs of HD25 Originals over the next month on our Facebook page

If you have any questions feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected] or just ask us here and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

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  • +6

    YESS, internationally competitive prices for audio equipment!

    • I know right! I've loved Jaben since they opened their store here, it's so nice to finally buy headphones for similar prices as the US guys get their equipment for.

    • +7

      We try our best =)

      • +1

        and it shows. I wont be buying a pair of headphones for a few years, but I know where I will buy them from when I do.

  • Nice one :D I just bought HD25s recently so not a great deal for me.

    Any chance of getting a special on some of the $200-400 portable amps here, Jaben? :D http://www.jaben.com.au/collections/portable-amplifiers

    • Sure there's a chance! Send us an e-mail with which ones you're considering and we'll see what we can do!

  • -1

    I wouldn't spend that much on headphones unless they were good recording/mastering headphones (eg beyerdynamic DT880 hint hint) but this is a great package price if it's what you want.

    • PS: Thanks for throwing in free chuckles :)

      "There’s also a CNET review with a low rating because they sound good but the reviewer doesn’t like the design. He recommended Beats Solo at the end of the article so take that as you will."

      • +1

        Free chuckles all around!
        Haha we try to be unbiased but that one's a bit too silly.

        I've wanted to do this deal for ages as they're my favourite of each genre and what I use personally!
        Finally we have enough stock to keep everyone happy =)

  • Ya never found Cnet reviews to be good… Great price on the HD25s! I wish i had some spare cash… :-(

  • No discount on the MM400's even with the MM400X coming?

    • +1

      Sorry but we're out of the MM400s already! Next batch will be the X series hopefully =)

  • Do you guys stock higher end headphones like the senn hd650, hd700, and the hd800?

    • We do! The HD700 and HD800 will be in early next month. The Beyerdynamic T1 as well if you're interested in that
      The HD600 and HD650 is in stock at the moment!
      Worth mentioning the DT880 as well, they're our favourite mid-range at the store.

  • Great deal! however i have heard that these are clampy. how do they compare(especially for long gaming sessions) to the larger headphones such as the HD558's.

    Also, not sure on the adidas branding…

    • +1

      They were very clampy at first, but loosened up with use, retaining a good amount of clamping force for good isolation.

      Would definitely recommended hd25 (or the aiaia copies are supposed to be pretty good), but not sure about the adidas version…I would go regular version (especially if it's cheaper!).

      • Which one are the aiaiai copies?

        • The TMA-1 is Aiaiai's answer to the HD25. The sound is quite different though, worth checking out!

        • Ha, i thought he misspelt addidas…

    • +1

      They're a bit clampy to start with but if you stretch them out a bit (or just let it get loose on your head) they're quite comfy!
      Around the ear such as the HD558 will be more comfy for longer sessions though but we're comparing apples to oranges here =)
      The HD558 leaks, non-isolating and aren't exactly portable either…

      I like the blue, unsure of the adidas branding either. But the adidas bit is subtle enough people just think it's a HD25 with a splash of colour.

  • can you change the Phonaks into the Final audios?

    • We don't usually allow changes on bundles but send us an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll see what I can do for you!

      • Hey mate, just a question, the comply tips that you send out for $7 ea for the Feels Pro 900, which ones are they? (T100, T200, T300, T400, T500?)
        Thanks :)

        • T500 fit the FEELS 9000 pro

        • Hey buddy both the T400 and the T500 will fit

        • @Jaben
          Which ones do you send out though? Just curious because I've got a pair from you and they don't come with any packaging :p
          What are the differences between them? (T400 + T500)

        • +1

          Ah, we sent out T400s out with them. The only difference is a sight difference in the nozzle hole size!

  • I am currently looking into Beyerdynamic DT 990s or Ultrasone HFI-780s - I listen primarily to trance & some prog house. Just wondering if you plan to re-stock the 990 (or will be able to order/sell the 780)? Which would you go with? And what amp would suit? Will you guys be stocking the FiiO E17? Thanks in advance for answering these questions :)

    • +1

      Hi mate we have a couple of 990s in stock still, just have to update the system. sorry about that!

      Not sure which is best to be perfectly honest, I haven't tried the 780s in yonks!
      As a general rule, open is usually better at the same price point though.
      The Go-Vibe Peak is a great match for any Beyers as that's what it's designed around.
      You can have the DT990 for the same price as the DT880 bundle, how's that for value…

      We'll be stocking the E17 but it'll take a couple of weeks to get back in stock!
      You can also e-mail us or give us a call tomorrow morning if you have any more questions =)

  • Best pair of headphones i ever owned.. until they were stolen. Curses.

  • What's up folks, ignorant question, do any of you know if can I put these on my iphone? Or what I could put on my iphone for sweet sound?

    • Yes they will work with your iPhone and If you're a DJ, It has a 3.5mm to 6.3mm Jack adapter

  • Nice deals. How long is the sale on for?

    • Thanks buddy, it'll run til next Sunday or when it runs out!

  • Hi Jaben, brought the Audio Technica headphones WS50's few moons ago from you guys, great stuff.

    Read some nice things on the Fiio E11 Amp.
    I wonder if portable amps will work for my Car's AUX in, as the volume is pretty low.
    Out of E11, Hippo(couldn't find any info) and a DIY Cmoy, which one is the best option to boost volume on my car and use on the headphone?


    • Hey buddy! Good stuff, I'm guessing you got it from the Singapore store? It's good fun there, we're going to try and retain the feel whilst spicing it up a bit.

      A Cmoy could be a million things, so I'm not sure how it'll work out.
      The E11 is probably the better choice if the main aim is to boost the volume! I personally prefer the sound of the Hippo Box+ but it doesn't have a volume control so it's possible to get more "volume" out of the E11.

      Hope that helps!

    • I'm pretty sure it's not legal to wear headphones while driving in Australia..

      • I think he/she wants to use it to boost the volume coming from the mp3 player to the aux in AND for headphones =)

        • Thanks for clarifying that up for me Jaben, dont want to give ppl that impression of unsafe driving =)

          Yes, if I can hit two birds with one stone that'll be nice.
          Looking at the E11 and Hippo box(looks large), which one gives more true bass boost? Will it drive through enough signals on the car deck?


        • Oh, that makes much more sense. Thanks for being on the ball :P

          Just out of curisority how easy/hard is it to setup a portable amp in your car? Can you power them off the cigarette lighter? (Not really relevant to me since I have an amp in my car already but just curious)

        • The Hippo Box is half the size of the Fiio E11!
          I like the Hippo Box+'s bass boost better as it sounds a bit more natural but the E11 has two stages of bass boost which some would find pretty convenient.
          Hmm, if you need a fair bit of volume boost perhaps the E11 is the safer choice though

        • Oh and agret, they're battery powered so you won't need to power it with anything.

  • Hey mante, do you still sell the Comply tips separately?

    This also looks like an awesome deal, very tempted.

    • We do, but there aren't too many left unfortunately.
      It's one of the better deals out there for headphones =)

  • Fantastic pair of headphones. I've had my HD25s for over 13 years and they're still going strong.

    • I've had mine for 5! The only thing that had to be replaced were the pads.

      • I'm on my third set of pads now :o)

      • i had mine for a number of years, and had to replace one of the earpieces…but i guess that is the point: in addition to being pretty rugged, every piece is easily replaceable in the worst case that something DOES get damaged.

        but like someone above, mine got stolen…:(

  • Is this available at the Melbourne store or do I have to order online?

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