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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB $1549, S21+ 128GB $1249, S21 128GB $999 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Obviously competing against the Pixel 6, and probably trying to clear excess stock.

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  • I'm looking to buy a new phone this week. Whats the better phone between the S21+ and the Pixel 6 Pro? Is there a better option out there?

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      Everyone with a P6P will tell you its the best, everyone with a S21+ will say that its the best, then you have the fence sitters, then the I don't care people.

      Read reviews and decide for yourself.

      • no idea why you got neg

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        Nope. I own a s21+ and it's the worst smart phone I've owned.

        • Can I ask why? Interested to know your thoughts as a S9+ ready to upgrade to one of these…

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            @hanger7: I had a S10, now have a S21. S21 is better in everyway, except that it doesn't have a headphone jack or SD card holder. If I was paying full rrp for galaxy vs Pixel, I would get pixel

          • @hanger7: I've commented before on mine. Check my replys. The camera is also shit.

    • Each to their own but I am very curious to see the proper reviews on the Pixel 6 Pro, there is still embargo atm, but I am leaning towards a Pixel if it all checks out which I'm sure it will, with the current bonus too.

    • Pixel 6 Pro

    • Pixel 6 pro got some cool features but I'm waiting to see what everyone says when the embargo ends on Monday

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      90 days until S22 is released

    • Based on paper specs and info I would say Pixel 6 Pro. Bigger battery, easier fast charging (no PPS sub standard required just PD), similar camera setup but better software processing, longer support (up to Android 15 and 5 years security patch whereas S21 will stop at Android 14). But there is no actual review yet.

    • Honestly phones are all the same. They don't excite me one bit these days. I am happy with my S9+, it has great features and some of them have been taken away from new models, but the battery is starting to irritate me and the camera can be a bit laggy sometimes. So I am upgrading, but thinking iPhone 13 Pro is worth a try. Not a fan of Samsung anymore, aftersales care is attrocious and I hate the curved screen which is too easy to break.

    • There are no Pixel 6 reviews yet. Due any day

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      Oppo Find X2 pro. I bought one for under $600 and think it's on par with any flagship.

      • Currently at $799 minus any ebay plus or latitude pay deals. I'm hoping another $600ish deal comes up soon.

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    I see so few people leveraging the processing power of modern handsets.
    Most seem to just be doing social media stuff.

    I do some light video editing on my 2018 handset and it still keeps up without delay.

    I guess a lot of this is a status thing nowadays.

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      I guess a lot of this is a status thing nowadays.

      Been that way for a LONG time

      • That confuses me though.
        In addition to that comment, i see very few 'naked' phones.

        If it is a status thing, why hide what it is, behind a case?

        My key2 gets recognised all the time. But most phones look like slabs of glass.

        Once in a case, i work in the industry, and still need to ask the owners to confirm what model it is (if they dont take it out of said case).

    • I think access to the most current Security updates is what keeps a lot people (and me too) upgrading.

      Using an S10 at the moment, will be looking at the Pixel6 as the 5yrs of guaranteed security updates is appealing.

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        5yrs of guaranteed security updates is appealing.

        What do you do on your handset that exposes you to the weaknesses they're patching though?

        I mean, do people expect the dominos app is going to leverage a memory overflow bug?

        I guess more people pirate apps than I expect, probably. Or use 'random' apps.
        I tend to stick to official apps, because i have a PC for 'dodgy stuff'.

        Or do you think its encouraged by a lack of understanding around what a security patch does?

        • Could be drive by droppers via a browser too, wifi/cellular vulnerabilities, etc.

          Apps are a fairly large surface, but far from the only one. Up to about a 12-18mo or so out of updates, you'll likely be ok. But I wouldn't be rocking an unpatched Android 9 right now.

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            @incipient: I do some work with malware for a living…
            I dont know of any browsers that dont run sandboxed; do some still?! If so, my GOD stop using them, use chrome or firefox or brave!

            Wifi, OK, but i've not heard of any, unless you're silly enough to connect to untrusted networks. can you link some patch notes?

            And cellular is just so unlikely, nothing is impossible but its not really worth a mention. "Carrier services" is forever patched.

            But I wouldn't be rocking an unpatched Android 9 right now.

            Can you expand on this? Which vulnerability in specific has you concerned?

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              "work with malware for a living"


              "Wifi, OK, but i've not heard of any"

              Ahhhhhhhh. How you missed KRACK I don't know. That was even in mainstream news!

              "Which vulnerability in specific has you concerned"

              Stuff like pegasus doesn't just magically appear on devices, despite how it may seem. There is an amazing trade of vulnerabilities that don't get disclosed. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not prudent to be somewhat up to date!

              A sandboxed browser just adds a layer of isolation. I mean browser sandbox escapes are incredibly rare, but it's a constant and evolving attack surface. Not likely to be a problem, but it's a reason not to be using a super outdated OS.

              • @incipient:

                Ahhhhhhhh. How you missed KRACK I don't know. That was even in mainstream news!

                I didnt; thats a protocol vulnerability. You can patch your phone all day, but its the router side you should be more concerned about. The client plays a role, in that both sides are attack vectors; but you need a very specific enemy to target 'that one phone' rather than 'that network'.

                In all honesty, I aknowledge you're totally correct but the level of concern on the handset side is near zero. You need to have wifi in use, using wpa2, and have the specific access point targeted at the time.

                Stuff like pegasus doesn't just magically appear on devices.

                Yeah, but to the lay person it does.
                My employer has a few tools that borrow from that suite, and basically the infection happens by direct targeting (and hoping the user has an unpatched app open at said time), or by infected apks. Its not that scary. Its still 'a computer' a vulnerability needs to be actively exploitable to use it, not just exist, but dormant.

                Man, at the end of the day, you're absolutely not wrong at a technical level; Part of my employment is to prove that!

                But the reality is that I can honestly say, I havent seen an end user with "dodgy apps" in probably 10 years. 9/10 of them use the play store exclusively, some use fdroid but thats rare.

                I also find it exceedingly rare that people use public wifi, with cellular data being so plentiful nowadays.

                And sandbox escapes, as you say, rare, but also needs dodgy sites to do the drop in the first place.
                Even porn has 'legit sites' these days. Browsing history is boring to dig through today, haha.

                Perhaps your client base is vastly different to mine; but id wager all of mine are better off investing their $1k+ into better data redundancy and backup methodologies, than replacing a working handset based on risks found in technologies they likely dont even know how to use.

                Even a home user; id say "buy a drobo/qnap, you have no backup" before I said "buy a new handset" to the majority.

                Different strokes I guess.

        • I mean at the end of the day it’s like an added assurance. No one can say what discovers will be made and what new vulnerabilities will be found even tomorrow. Without vendor support, you are on your own and likely be unable to remove or mitigate the risk.

          i can’t really see how having this support can be seen as adding no value whether to a power user or someone with much more basic needs

  • I choose pixel anytime over Samsung.

    • Do pixel let you unlock the bootloader as easily as Samsung?

      I occasionally need to install Ubuntu touch instead of Android, and being able to unlock your own phone was always Samsungs huge leg up in the market.

      • Pixels are all fully bootloader unlockable, usually development for them is very good but obviously too early to tell for pixel 6's.

        No Knox or any bs like that either. Relock it and its as good as new.

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    avoid, Samsung has been dumping these phones all year around half the price advertised through the trade in deal resell value terrible now, can still save $500 with $350 trade in, $50 subscription & $100 online chat voucher, also new model out jan

    • You definitely got the point. It's unwise to spend over $1500 to buy S21 ultra.

      • I easily waste way more money on tech myself, so no real judgement;

        But occasionally it blows my mind that my options are 1 "new" phone vs. 1 midrange phone, and 2 Ford Falcons to go drift into walls.

        'Two whole cars' just feels like such a skew in value, haha.

    • +1

      Well if Apple can give me Apple 13 pro Max 512gb for $1150 I am happily jump ship. If not then 1/2 price for flagship top of the line it's a good deal. I am not a Sammy guy, but unless you can give me the alternative top of the line phone with 512g I am happy with mine.

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    Remember when Android users used to talk about $1000 iPhones and how the people that bought them were sheep?

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      Most of them still do. People buying these phones are Apple-level of stupid.

      • Serious question then, what do you have and why?

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          Samsung A51, which I paid about $370 for, I think (Officeworks special?) Solid mid-level phone, it seems. Not a huge Samsung fan, but it's a solid phone, and the Samsung crap is pretty easy to ignore.

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      Wow where can I find IPhone 13 pro Max 512gb for below $1000? I need to buy for my whole family. Happy to jump ship.

  • People are looking at Google and SS. How about Sony Xperia 1 iii

    • Not officially released here so potentially no VoLTE and no warranty.

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