[RESOLVED] What Is Wrong with OzBargain Website Today?

Is there something wrong with the Ozbargain website today? It keeps timing out, anyone experiencing the same or is it just me?


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    probably server issues

  • yea 502 error i think it was a few times

  • I'm getting it also

  • Error 502 Ray ID: 6a295b6d28e1fea1 • 2021-10-23 07:48:27 UTC
    Bad gateway

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      Yeh its annoying

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    Yep, very slow and I'm getting "Bad Gateway" messages that drop out every second screen load I try.

  • Glad it's not just me, I thought work was finally implementing restrictions.

  • There are some locking issues with database queries. We've implemented some extra locking to prevent multiple replies under the same parent comment getting the same sorting value. We have been running that code for a few months now without any issue, but there's a strange racing issue with locking since this afternoon, which I still haven't figured out the cause.

    I have commented out the locking code and will observe whether that fixes the issue.

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      Database deadlocks always suck. Having to deal with one on a Saturday must be even worse.

    • Nice work. seems much smoother in last 10 mins

  • Same here, thought it was just me. Glad to know it isn't on my side.

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    Is ozbargain getting ozbargained?!?

  • Delta plus now infecting the internet

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    Too many time wasting posts

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    Time to upgrade web hosting plan

  • I blame Woolworths and McCain Pub Style Extra Crispy Chips.

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