TRUTH Social, A New Social Media Network

Former U.S. President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will launch his own social media platform, TRUTH Social, according to a press release by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG).

Trump says the network aims to 'give a voice to all' and 'fight back against big tech'

Get ready for some truth, people

What are your thoughts? Will it be a success?

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TRUTH Social
TRUTH Social


      • True, this could actually be a good thing. Keep them out of the way and give authorities somewhere they can monitor them.

    • +1

      "wish people weren't as stupid as they are"

      Sorry (not really) to step on a "highly-intolerant-to-dissent" leftie's toes ,,, BUT it's not illegal to be stupid … nor should stupid [BUT LEGAL] statements be censored, BUT soundly & immediately debunked to be seen by all.

  • +6

    This is like when countries who want to seem democratic use the word in their name…like DPRK.

    Grift: Round 56

    • -1

      I think the name is just to get people talking.

      • +10

        No, it's to make people think it's the only place to find the truthful narrative. If you think the name is not marketing to a particular group, you're lieing to yourself.

        • Let that sink in!

        • +1




          ozhunter AND I ARE ONLY NOW BACK IN AUS.


          • -1

            @zorodluffy: "THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN."

            So true, but big tech & the MSM are desperately hiding this fact with HEAVY CENSORSHIP & REFLEXIVE DENIAL.

            Fulton County: Massive Last-Minute Order of over 1M Ballots Discovered


            • @Gekov: yes these libtards dont believe us, nothing will make them believe us..

              GRRR MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!

              (removed obscene language)

              • -1

                @zorodluffy: Nothing says 'my facts are well presented' like the phrase 'libtard'

                • -2

                  @SBOB: "Nothing says 'my facts are well presented' like the phrase 'libtard'"

                  Nothing says 'my facts are well presented' like the phrase "the election was not rigged" stated as an IMMEDIATE reflex action without even pausing for breath or even a cursory glance at the overwhelming evidence.

                  • +1


                    overwhelming evidence

                    presented to a court and found to be factual?
                    doesnt sound very overwhelming… more underwhelming

    • +2


      Wonder who his backers might be…

  • +2

    Trump? I thought we fired him? lol

  • +3

    I'm just spewin I missed the boat on SPAC shares! Definitely looking forward to joining Truth Social as well.

    • +2

      Haha. This is hilarious… SPACs were a total failure last time, just like the orange was when he was in the Whitehouse.

      • +2

        I'm not familiar with SPAC's history, but given the merger now with Trump's social media and the massive gathering he will pull in (the investment spike alone speaks volumes), I'm willing to wager.

        As for failure in the whitehouse, if you gauge Trump's first 4 years performance as failure, I'm interested to know how you rate the current regime, with the multiple crisis's within the first 12 months?

        • +1

          I can't understand how anyone would support Trump given that his lying about anything/anyone to boost his ego.

          • +3

            @cashews: From what I've heard and read about Trump and his personal life, there are some serious questionable conduct and behaviours that's for sure, I personally don't approve of his behaviour, especially on Twitter, whilst a sitting POTUS, his policies however were beneficial for Americans and the empowerment of America, hence a strong America means a strong Western Civilisation alliance (including Australia), which is critical as the world has to face a hegemonic nation such as China, seeking world dominance.

            Just take a look and compare the US 2019 vs 2021, COVID aside of course, you have inflation, supply chain crisis, oil inflation crisis, Afghanistan debacle, crisis/invasion at the border breaking new records (which might be fueling the COVID crisis?) etc. there is just so many bad things going on now there.

  • One way to avoid the penalty box I guess…

    • +6

      Biggest reason to start your own social media network; to not allow others decide whether you can speak.

      • +1

        Free speech doesn’t mean free of the consequences of what you say.

        • +2

          I think it's more about who decides the consequences.

    • +5

      I'll just start my own social media network… with black jack and hookers…

      • +3

        with black jack and hookers…

        Meh.. sooo 2013
        Younger generation woke up and it's all preferred pronouns and hookahs these days…

      • You have 1,000% described Twitter.

        Did you mean too?

  • +2

    Maybe we will all find out the 'truth' behind Melania's true reason for sticking with the orange wombat

    • +2

      Melania's true reason$

      • +1

        I’m sure she could find someone that actually has money and better business sense.

    • Pretty sure she wants money.

  • +6

    r/selfawarewolves will soon have another source of entertainment.

  • Is it going to be as good as his blog?

    Donald Trump has had a Kiwifarms thread ever since he started denying the election results.

    His The Dollop episode is hilarious:

  • +1

    This will not be a success. Donal Trump seems to be one of the biggest layers in the world. He is delusional. I suspect this network will be full of trash and eventually will fall by the wayside and be shut down sometime after the next election. This is really just an election tool to have in case the big social networks block him for spreading misinformation again - What gs calls alternate facts, which doesn’t even make sense. Donald Trump does not care about regular people. He’s only interested in power and celebrity for himself.

    • +1

      biggest layers in the world

      What came first? The Trump or the Egg…

      • +1

        if you ask trump - him

        • +1

          He has the best eggs, everyone is saying it.

  • Lol

  • +4

    After reading the comments, I can see Trump derangement syndrome is still alive and kicking.

    • +5

      Something can't be alive & kicking if it never existed. TDS appears to be more a defence mechanism that exists in the minds of some people who can't tolerate legitimate criticism of Trump and his ideas.

  • +6

    I have the right to tell lies. I have the right to keep telling lies. I have the right to sue you so I could keep telling lies. I can keep telling lies and it will become TRUTH.

    • And the Truth will set you FREE.

  • +5

    Truth… hahaha… you have Julian Assange locked away for daring to speak the truth. Your "Trump" attacked Syria, and now illegally occupy the oil fields stealing oil. What "truth" do you naively believe, you would receive from a "democratic" platform?

    • +1

      Battle of the Ozhunters.

  • +1

    Not on Twitter, not on Facebook, not on Instagram or snap chat or any other social media network….. except the one that provides benefit, OzBargain !!!

  • +5

    ah yes, what a champion. standing up for 'free speech' unless, you know, it doesn't fit with his views. in which case he'll block and delete you and call you juvenile names. reminds me of the MSN days.

    • Yeah, that's what's shit about it. I'm worried it's going its either going to be a shitshow or they are going to filter it like crap anyway. Which means it's no better or worse than what we currently have.

      Either way we need both sides of the media to have the full picture. Sometimes multiple facets on multiple sites. This is just the way things are these days. Before we actually had one platform which was quite open. For example, when I was younger there was was child pornography rampant on Neopets and Facebook.

      You only increase the number of incarcerated when you create prohibition. Take a look at what happened in America during prohibition periods; basically it allowed large gangs to grow and prosper.

  • +5

    Let's go Brandon!

    • +6

      Lol, funny how the rapper's song about it was removed from Youtube for "medical misinformation"

      • I don't think that's true. It's accessible here:

        I'd assume it was downranked extensively to stop the virality (eg. if you search for "Lets Go Brandon" the theme song doesn't come up despite it having the most views and intent for someone searching) but I don't think it was removed at any point.

  • +7

    I'll give it 2 weeks before the server owners take it down for users posting dangerous and illegal content. Just like every other right wing extremist platform.

    • +3

      Depends, 4chan is still alive and kicking. Facebook has got it's own problems with illegal content but it is still up and running. In fact they did not report child abuse when they knew about it.

      I watched that video from Valuetainment where the poor FB moderator had to view all that content and people were shitting in the bathroom sinks as a result.

      Heart breaking.

  • +12

    So much "truth" despite the fact none of the 'rigged election' claims have gone anywhere in court, even though Trump rammed through the most federal judges & SCOTUS appointments in a long time. If there was any "truth" to these claims, wouldn't Trump appointed judges have said so? Instead: Trump lawyers getting sanctioned for bringing up spurious lawsuits about the election (

    They're bogus claims from a disgusting narcissist who is happy to tear apart society for his own gain.

    Now, under the guise of 'election integrity' GOP controlled legislatures are gerrymandering the s*%t out of their states to ensure that they will win even if they get less votes ( Not to mention installing Trump cult lackeys as election officials, who say they wouldn't have certified the last election despite the absense of any evidence for wide spread fraud (

    Oh, and if all this isn't disgusting enough, evidence has been coming out for months that Trump had a plan to get the DOJ to say the election was rigged which didn't go ahead purely because dozens of top DOJ officials threatened to resign en-masse (

    Do Trump supporters and more moderate conservatives not see how absolutely f(&*ing insane that is?

    I have no problem having political differences across the aisle with conservatives & other right wing folk. But I draw the line when 80% of registered republican voters now think the last election was stolen becaue Trump and other GOP politicians lied to their constituents about the election being stolen ( It is an absolutely scary statistic where one of the two major parties is content lying to millions of their followers about the results of fair election.

    No matter what side of the aisle you are on, democracy is sacred and should be preserved, and the GOP have repeatedly shown they are more concerned with winning than maintaining a society where everyone has their own say about a nation through elections.

    As for this social media platform - grifter is gonna grift. Their own T&Cs say that you can be kicked from the platform for criticising the platform lol. The biggest joke of it all is that Trump supporters sincerely believe this man has their best interests at heart. Absolute farce.

    • -8

      Rasmussen poll: 20-30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen from Trump

      Maricopa County is the 4th populous county in the nation.

    • +4

      Trump supporters are just like flat earthers. No matter what you say to either group they still just make something up to support their fantasy

    • Have a read, however it seems your mind is made up that nothing untoward could have ever taken place as its only Trump who would do sh!tty things to try and win at all cost, all others in government are totally honorable and are playing by the books.

      "That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures."

  • +3

    Could have chosen a better name for the site - maybe Fake News Social? After all, Trump is the high priest of fake news. If used in the same phrase, the words Trump & Truth are oxymoronic. The only similarity is the the first three letters🙃

    • It's a terrible name, but definitely got people talking.

    • +1

      "truth" is actually a word I associate with lies, if anyone says they speak the truth I know straight away they are about to lie.

    • -3

      "Trump is the high priest of fake news."

      Did someone mention "fake news"?

      HMMM …

      SHHH … don't mention the FAKE AND NOW TRULY DEBUNKED Trump "Russia collusion" story which went on for years after his election,
      or the (pre-election only) FAKE AND DEBUNKED Hunter Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" story
      … on and on it goes …
      and, of course, the rigging of the 2020 presidential election is heavily censored, with an almost reflex, automatic denial upon any mention of it.

      I would say the leftie US mainstream media are the true experts in fake news …

      • +6

        Ah, literally ever one of those leftie us mainstream media points you're ranting about..
        Ah, yeah…Not fake news.

        "TRULY DEBUNKED Trump "Russia collusion" story"

        There were talks between Trump's "team" and russia. There were people arrested and charged….. Tell those that served jail time that it was debunked :)

        The Biden kids laptop was the biggest bit of fake news out there and Trump's team just ran with it.

        And the election rigging, rejected

        " with an almost reflex, automatic denial"..

        Nah, pretty sure the judges listened to the cases and then denied them :)

        Election wasn't stolen or rigged (unless you mean by the Republicans and their incredibly obvious attempts to do things like ban perfectly legal mail in ballots), and not one of Trump's unpaid, high qualified or hair dyed lawyers could produce a single piece of evidence in court.

        But sure, it's leftie talking points that are fake news.
        Crazyness :)

        • "pretty sure the judges listened to the cases"

          The supreme court avoided hearing even one case.

          • +3


            The supreme court avoided hearing even one case.

            you mean the one recently stacked with republican appointees?
            Man, how bad is your election rigging proof if even they wont see you

            • -2

              @SBOB: "how bad is your election rigging proof if even they wont see you"

              One of the supreme court judges was overheard to indicate that they were fearful of mass street rioting if they overturned the election.

              Explains why they refused to even hear the cases.

              You lefties have a nasty habit of twisting facts to suit your narrative. e.g. the climate change scam.

              • +2

                @Gekov: "One of the supreme court judges was overheard to indicate that they were fearful of mass street rioting if they overturned the election."

                Lol, this is your response??? Got a source for that?

                • -1

                  @MikeKulls: "Got a source for that?"

                  Unfortunately I didn't note the source.

                  Apparently the judges were having a very loud meeting (lots of disagreement apparently) about the election fraud and whether to hear the cases. So loud that a staffer overheard something like "do you really want mass rioting in the streets if the election is overturned?"

        • "The Biden kids laptop was the biggest bit of fake news out there and Trump's team just ran with it."

          FYI the MSM admitted that the baby Biden laptop was gernuine IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ELECTION.
          Strange that eh?

          The Hunter Biden laptop is confirmed?! Color us shocked!

          In his new book, “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger says that evidence points to Hunter Biden’s laptop being legit.

          While we appreciate the support, the truth is The Post’s reports always have been true, and it’s only because the media wants to protect Joe Biden that they keep referring to the laptop as “unsubstantiated.”

          Schreckinger notes that “A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails” confirms two of the emails The Post published, including one about a potential deal with China with the line “10 held by H for the big guy?” — that is, Joe Biden.

          But Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski already said those emails were authentic — the media just ignored him.

          Schreckinger adds that emails released by the Swedish government also match emails from the laptop (Hunter had gotten into a kerfuffle when he was staying in a Swedish embassy building). That’s also been reported.

          • @Gekov:


            Even fox news passed on taking up this story, which should tell you enough on the legitimacy and verifiability of the details contained with it.

            But sure, it's from the nypost and flagged with questionable information flags across social sure, it's definitely accurate.

            • +2

              @SBOB: Fox news passing on it might mean it's accurate :-) :-)

      • +3

        Your comments come across like they’ve been posted by a Karen from somewhere in the Midwest of the USA.

  • +14

    I think it's funny they have 30 days till they get their arses sued already because they hide their source code which is code taken from the open source site Mastodon (which is fine), but legally you have to make your source code public if you're using it and they didn't and tried to hide that they are.

    Hell one of the 'bug reports' was that the Mastodon logo was visible lol.

    Great start to the 'truth'!

  • +1

    Given Facebook are about to change their name maybe they could have just borrowed their name. Or call it PolBook because I assume it's going to be 95% politics and 5% pictures of what people ate for lunch.

    • Might as well change it to LifeLog.

      Lol, if you can understand the joke. I seriously don't know why they are changing the name. It's fine as it is. WTF Zucker!!!

      • Don't think the name is changing, more of a restructuring like Google and Alphabet.

      • They can change it to LifeInvader…

  • +6

    Will be as successful as Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, etc.

    The chump name will live on forever.

  • +5

    Trump doesn't need social media. Trump needs the mainstream news to be talking about him. He needs a platform to put out his comments that news outlets will see and report on. This network doesn't need to be a success, it just needs to be a milk crate until he is unbanned from Facebook and Twitter.

    Judging by his other fundraising scams, it would not shock me in the slightest if this was pay to use. Donald knows that his supporters will pay money to feel like they're supporting the cause, often with minimal cajoling.

    • +2

      It blows my mind yanks donate to trump

  • +1

    I would love to observe it like a social experiment, but never actually interact with it.

  • Any deals?

    • Short Digital World Acquisition Corp stock? You'll make a fortune when it collapses. Although, that's more of a tip than a deal…

  • +2

    Will it have the Pee Pee tapes? Asking for a friend.

  • +8

    If it’s anything to do with Trump then there won’t be any truth in it

  • Trump was sitting down with the whole of his ex- White house cabinet members and staff chowing down on some southern fried chicken for breakfast. His favourite food.

    Ivanka walks in. “ Daddy did you hear Fort Knox was just robbed. All of America’s gold reserves were stolen”

    Trump- “#Fake news. Not possible all the best criminals and best thieves in the world have been with me here all night and morning. That’s the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. So help me god.”

  • +3

    Surely given its a trump idea.. it will be full of integrity and fairness for all people……… who only say yes to trump!

  • -1

    Anything that adds to media diversity is welcome. For gods sake we found out Fauci funded the Wuhan lab. Without the conspiracy theorists we might never have found the truth.

    Although Trump Social might have some bad actors on it, it will still be an alright platform to visit every now and then if you keep an open mind.

    • +1

      You won't be able to visit it in a couple months when it is abandoned.

      Yes let's thank conspiracy theorists for giving morons a voice, a really really loud voice.

  • +4

    If “TRUTH” survives, it’ll just be an echo chamber of hate and lies, regularly being mentioned in the press and court hearings as the stirring-pot that activated some violent criminal action. It’d be so much better if Trump and his looney followers could buy an isolated island somewhere and all go live there, leaving sanity to prevail in the rest of the world.

    • I find it amazing comments like this exist. The power of mainstream media. Word for word. No need to think anymore. Just repeat what you hear.

      • +5

        This is nothing to do with mainstream media, and all to do with reality versus fantasy. If you can’t see thru Trump and his narcissistic lies, that’s entirely your problem.

        • The only issue I have with Trump is that people’s hate for him is so strong that they so willingly give up their freedoms and liberties.

          • +4


            The only issue I have with Trump is …

            So you’re fine with his lies, his demeaning of others, his hate spreading, his indifference to those dying from Covid, his urging on of those wanting to hang Pence and Pelosi or imprison Clinton? “I’ll only accept the election result if I win”. I, for one, never gave up any freedoms or liberties by rejecting that narcissist. I see those backing Trump as either amoral opportunists, or gullible fools. Take your pick.

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