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SCCES Automatic Soap Dispenser, 400ml $15 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ iProda Store via Amazon AU


SCCES Automatic Soap Dispenser, 400ml Hands-Free

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Price: $29.98
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About this item:

[Durable lifetime]The automatic soap dispenser is powered by 4pcs A+ batteries, IPX4 waterproof design construction expends the service life of the automatic soap dispenser.
[One-touch operation,get washing]Touch Automatic foaming soap dispenser button for few seconds is easy to use by 2 steps, one mixed up water and cleaning solution with 4:1, two installed 4pcs batteries.
[Stable output]Our hand-free soap dispenser is a new version with 2.0 infrared sensing system compared to the traditional soap dispenser, which is more stable and sensitive, and make a very exacted foam by set program. Touchless soap dispenser is helpful for parents to firm a good habit for their kids washing hand regularly.
[Available in Various places]The touchless foaming soap dispenser is various using at Bathroom /Kitchen School/Office/Airport/Hospital and so on.
[Large Capacity&Material]The hands free soap dispenser is made of high quality plastic ABS material, durable and tough, 400ml capacity is enough for weeks, which is more save cleaning solution.

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  • Can only order 1 unit per account with discount applied.

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    cant go wrong for $15

    • +3

      Don't be so sure. I bought a different one for $10 a few months ago from amazon and it was great except the battery only lasts about 2 days before you have to recharge it.

      This was the deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631638

  • I had two similar ones and I couldn't use rechargeable batteries which was a bummer.

  • Almost pulled the trigger, until I noticed this is a dispenser for “foaming soap”, not regular liquid soap. But thanks OP, still a good deal.

    • Add some water to the regular soap and hey presto

    • I use coles detergent and mix to 25% (detergent):75% (water). One drop of green coloring and bobs your uncle.

  • Damn I just brought two of the Xiaomi ones posted today for $25 each. This is a killer deal and looks like it is easier to refill as well.

    • +2

      You can just cancel and reorder.

  • discount not applying

    • worked the 2nd time, had remove and add again to click add coupon before going to checkout. adding coupon after coming back from checkout wouldn't work

  • NO stock

  • OOS

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    you mean i don't even have to push down, AMAZING…

  • +3

    Ozbargain can really clear items you don't need.

    Through the power of social pressure

  • +4

    Similar with one i bought from banggood.
    Picture looks amazing on website, arrived dead.
    And quality is cheap plastic not like xaomi.
    Please dont buy.

  • Went to buy Xiomi and saw this. Bought it.

  • +2

    Everyone remember that a true ozbargainer is buying a bar of soap, which is still the cheapest wash per dollar out there and equally effective as any "antibacterial" soap.

    • And you can blend the bar into a liquid foaming soap at home….

    • +1

      The real reason for buying automatic (non foaming,) soap dispenser is to use it as a lube dispenser. Or hand sanitiser. And both works

      • Lube eh…. jealous.

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