Undecided on Pixel 6 Pro Preorder Options

In my excitement I made two preorders (one with JB and one with Google) - now I'm undecided which to keep

option 1: JB - get it on release day (28 Oct) + free nest audio

Option 2: Get it on 3 Jan + $302.9 store credit ($150 + $152.9 from Google One Subscription)

What are peoples thoughts here? Is the $300 store credit worth the two month delay in getting the phone? Which option would you go with?

Poll Options

  • 9
    Option 1: JB Hi-Fi order
  • 26
    Option 2: Google store order


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    They seem to have removed the waiting list on the Google website, you can now order every 6 Pro configuration and for me it said early December delivery estimate. For you I reckon its worth to order from Google directly, I'm sure you can deal with whatever phone ur using for a month or so.

    • Strange I just tried to add to cart and I still get 3 Jan delivery. Tried on another device and and result 😔

  • IMO, I would just go for the JB option. Google store credit doesn't mean much to me personally and by Jan, it's possible the prices might have dropped 1-200 by then already. Then again, I'm desperate for a new phone as I'm currently using a Pixel 2.

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    What are peoples thoughts here?

    Seriously? The logic tree is pretty simple:

    Q1: Do you need the phone ASAP?
    If yes, go to A1
    If no, go to Q2

    Q2: Is price important to you?
    If yes, go to Q3
    If no, go to A1

    Q3: Would you prefer $-off or Google Store credit?
    If $-off: Go to A2
    If credit: Go to A3


    A1: Complete JB preorder
    A2: Complete Google preorder
    A3: Buy from any other retailer in January and negotiate a good price on a 2+ month old handset

    • -3

      nothing wrong with gathering data on market consensus to understand the intrinsic value of each option. And based on the poll, a $300 value > 2 months use + nest audio.

      One would not know this if they did not conduct market research.

  • Ended up going with the JB offer myself. Was late to pre-order and wanted to get it on launch.
    Did have to go with the Sorta Sunny though… Not sure how I feel about that.

    • +2

      So you are feeling kinda cloudy about sorta sunny?

    • I'm looking for Sorta Sunny. Perfect. Hope they got heaps of them in stock.

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