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Olight I3e Orange EOS 90/120 Lumen AAA LED Keyring Torch $0 (RRP $17.95) + $7.95 Shipping @ Olight


[EDIT: must be logged in - and torch is automatically added to your cart - check the main banner on the home page for more information [Olight Website] (https://www.olightstore.com.au/)


First-time poster:

Olight is running a Halloween promo which includes a FREE I 3E EOS ORANGE, when you log in/ register (only available for checkout between 8pm 28/10 - 11:59pm 29/10)

Limited to 1pc Per Person while stock last, colour will be selected randomly. (Free shipping is not included)

● Easy Activation: Simple head twist to active with 90 lumens with machining for optimal grip

● AAA Battery: Powered by a single widely available AAA battery

● Incredible Performance: Features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that focuses the light to reach out up to 44 meters

● Mini Size: As small as your pinky finger, weighing in only 0.68 oz, measuring in 2.38 in

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  • Is there something cheap with a clicky button?

    • Ditto this…i tried the last EDC torch that popped up on OZbargain and found the twist to be a pain.

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        I've got a few OLight torches and they are excellent

      • The Keychain torches are twist only to reduce size because of the switch. If you want a physical button, check out the i3T or i5T/i5R tail switch torches

    • Try rovyvon aurora lights.

      • Cheers the RovyVon Aurora A1x looks like what i'm after.

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      Define cheap.

      You could grab the Olight i5R EOS for $39.71 on sale, a 350 lumen torch with a clicky tail switch and is rechargable.

      Also available is the Olight i5T for $44.95 not on sale, a non rechargeable version of the i5R with a 300 lumen output.

      Otherwise you can go for the AAA version, the Olight i3T for $31.95 or the i3T Pink Camo sale version supporting Breast Cancer for $22.95, both with an output of 180 lumens

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    Good spotting

  • I have a warrior and it’s a good torch.

    Going to get the knife + torch combo during this sale.

    • Would love to hear your thoughts on the knife when you get it! Which one did you get?

      • The Splint Ti

      • Received the package today.

        It’s smaller than I had imagined.
        The open flick is a bit harder than anticipated, I’m assuming it will be better as it gets broken into.

        Feels very solid and well made. It’s no Benchmade knife but first impressions is good.

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    Page not found, can you please shed more light ?

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    These are bloody fantastic lights, I have one and it's probably my most used torch

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    Geez, the floating pumpkins are bloody annoying!

    • Their whole website on the phone is not a good experience.

  • Strange that the description on the site shows as "The rechargeable keychain flashlight i1R 2 EOS"……….wish it was as love those little ones. Happy with this though, thanks OP & Olight.

    • The i1R2 is my favourite. When I lost the one I got in the deal last November I was very upset. I had been using it as an ultralight rechargeable tent light on a camping trip and while it was perfect for the purpose I did leave it at the last campsite I stayed at.

      This one isn't bad as a temporary substitute, though. Thanks OP & Olight.

  • Picked up the Splint Ti and Olight i3T combo for $179.83 and the i1R 2 EOS Kit was added in as a freebie.

    • Yeah, I suspect they chuck one in with purchases.

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    Mine arrived today. Nice colour the orange, as more like bronze and easy to spot. Decent little torch for the $7.95 shipping cost. Thanks OP/Olight.

  • Received mine today and I only live like 15km away from Silverwater, lol. Anyway the battery provided is crap, I think it was leaking as there was grease like stuff. Unfortunate. But impressed with the torch itself.

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