Don't Order from Techfast or Luke at Techfast

Dear Ozbargain,

Writing this post to warn potential buyers not to order from Techfast.

I ordered a PC from Techfast and I ordered a computer with a Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card, I even put it in my order notes specifically. What I received is a Nvidia RTX2060 MINI version.

Would you be happy receiving a different graphics card than you ordered? At no point in the purchase process before or after was I made aware of this, even after putting in order notes. I would have declined to use Techfast if I was notified.

The two cards are completely different, they have different sku codes (barcodes) meaning the manufacturer treats them as different products! They have a different physical size and different fan sizes. They have different web pages Both these factors affect cooling and resale value

The response from the merchant and their bank have been dishonest and false. They continue to say they are the same card.

I'll leave both product pages and let you decide if you think they are the same card.

Galax 'RTX2060 Mini' ( )
Galax 'RTX2060' ( )

Edits: Techfast shills are downvoting all my comments, what a suprise

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  • +10

    Spec wise they are identical (per your links)

    Size wise yes they are different.

    Dimensions(with Bracket): 19012641 mm
    Dimensions(with Bracket): 24513341.5 mm

    Why rage?

    • +66

      Rage? I don't want others to experience what I did.
      When I alerted Techfast I was told to pound sand.

      Would you be happy with 15" wheels if you paid for 17 inch?

        • +28

          This is the opposite of how shops are supposed to work

          Edit: after reading all comments and evidence, Techfast haven't done anything wrong. OP should post the invoice or delete his post.

      • +8

        That's a terrible comparison.

        15" and 17" wheels are both like different GPUs.

        Both cards you are looking at are the same GPU.

        • +6

          Except that the bigger fan has more potential cooling power, thus affecting its potential performance. OP has a point.

          • +10

            @Skinnerr: Nah, that wheel size analogy sucks.

            It is more like, he bought 17inch wheels, got 17inch wheels. The OP was expecting alloy wheels but got steel wheels instead.

    • +9

      Thermal performance might be an issue. After thermal soak performance can be lost if gaming for a few hours.

      • +40

        80mm fans compared to 90mm fans and the size is tiny. Also affects my resale value. Deceptive practises

        • +28

          mini actually costs more and draws a premium at resale. Just not to miners. It will to those enthusiasts

          • +9

            @FrozenFred: 100% the mini is worth more. Small Form Factor builds are getting more and more popular, plus it's white, even more rare.
            OP should be happy. Luke should be Angry

        • +3

          Mate why would you think they were going to send you the card you linked in OP? That card is called the 'Galax RTX 2060 EX White (One Click OC)'. The only card that is literally called 'Galax RTX 2060' is this one

          And for your reference, all Galax RTX 2060s:

          Note that the 2060 mini is in that list. The mini is just a model name within the 2060 range. It is not a different line of GPUs.

    • +20

      They are clearly different items though…

    • -6

      L plater
      Says it all

  • +25

    any chance of seeing the original invoice/order?

        • +63

          Mini box coming right up

  • +65

    Mate take a chill pill. You got the same GPU. When you're referring to RTX 2060 you're talking about the chip on the card, the cards themselves will vary a lot with prebuilts from the likes of Techfast. It isnt even an Nvidia made graphics card, Nvidia make the chip, the card is made by Galax. There's a plethora of various cards all using the same chip.

    The mini refers to the size of the CARD. Whereas RTX 2060 refers to the graphics processor on the card. Both the cards you linked are using RTX 2060s.

    • +102

      To be fair if it's a Mini it should have been stated. We're not talking about off brand PSUs here where they can just flip anything in stock, it's a graphic card with a few hundred dollars.

      • +27

        Yuh tbh I'd expect an "RTX2060" to be regular size, not mini.

        Perhaps they need naming like mobo's "B450M" etc.

        • +5

          An RTX2060m sounds like what mobile variants of the GPU should be

          • +2

            @FireRunner: t'was an example

            kinda messy like "Super / Premium / Pro / Max / Ultra"
            no proper label/title standard

      • +1

        Even put it on my order notes

        • +10

          how exactly did you word it on your order form - granted i dont know much about graphic cards these days your wording in the original post is confusing.

          I ordered a computer with a Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card, "a" meaning any one, and you are unhappy because you got one but it was the mini version.

          i dont know about aussie consumer law but unless either you or they were very specific on the order form you dont have much to stand on

          • +4

            @juki: Yeah so what was on the order form ? OP just doesn't want to post this info.

            • +2

              @Michegianni: copyright issues.

            • +3

              @Michegianni: Can't post the order form because of the ongoing audit right now. When the audit's finished, you'll see it folks.

      • +31

        The OP won't post the invoice even with details hidden and said "Check with them which card they are sending you prior to shipping" so I get the feeling it prob was disclosed OP just didn't notice.

        All the techfast deals I've seen on here (never bought) have things like "GPU make and model may vary", so I'm guessing OP didn't truly check and just put in notes he wanted something but that's not how it works, you get what is in the package not what you request, that's how they make cheapo deals.

        OP feel free to prove me wrong, link the deal and upload your statement without personal details, but atm it seems like you're at fault sorry mate, going off the analogy you keep using, if you purchased a car online that said "Wheel size and make may vary" you can't email telling them you only want the 17", you email asking what you get, find out then decide if you want it or not.

        • +2

          i really think 'GPU make and model may vary' statement should be a concern to anyone wanting something specific.

          • +1

            @01011010: You'd think so but the OP clearly didn't care as it took them a year and 3 months to even notice (ie once they opened it up to try and resell the card).

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    Love me some good defamatory hissy fit newbie posts

    • -44

      Check my account shill
      Member Since 08/05/2014

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        Love me some good defamatory hissy fit old member posts

        • -26

          You buy a car, would you be happy paying for 17" wheels and getting 15" wheels?

          • +92

            @DisabledUser125592: That analogy is crap.

            It is more like ordering a car advertised as having 17" wheels. For whatever reason you expect them to be 10" width, but they are actually 8" wide.

            • -33

              @djkelly69: Nah mate it's bang on.

              1) Different physical product.
              2) Different performance.

              Could you post a metaphor i might understand? :/

              • +37


                Could you post a metaphor i might understand? :/

                I doubt it, because that was not a metaphor.

                I am pretty sure the order you wont share would show you ordered a PC with 2060, and you got a PC with a 2060.

                Techfast generally doesn't allow you to request specific parts, so they likely ignored your request for a specific 2060 model.

                You purchased from the wrong place if you wanted to specify or know every part that was going to be in your machine. There is obviously a reason they are the cheapest PC builder in the country.

              • +5

                @DisabledUser125592: I just want to add here that my Aorus mini cards are running cooler than my dual fan ones (RTX 3060 ti) and perform better with only one fan.

                Not sure how or why but it goes to show that the size really does not matter.

                If anything the smaller ones are more convenient.

              • @DisabledUser125592:

                2) Different performance.

                What performance difference? The boost clock is identical. You would get a bigger performance difference by putting a 120mm intake fan on the bottom of the case than you would swapping out those two heat sinks.

                [But I ordered on with three heat pipes]

                It's a 160W card. Those GPU's like running around 100 degrees. What type of heat sink do you think you need to cool something with such a high delta?

              • @DisabledUser125592: Nah mate, your metaphor is scuffed :/

          • @DisabledUser125592: 15inch Q78 swampers are cheaper than 17's and better sidewall - so I'd be happy.

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        Member Since 08/05/2014
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        Thank you for your contributions.

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          Fair enough, I'll make sure I comment on everything I upvote from now on.

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            @DisabledUser125592: I think the comment was more about the lack of posts than the comments.

            • -4

              @Almost Banned: This doesn't matter…OP, you did the right thing to expose this unethical practice .. well done!

            • +3

              @Almost Banned: he doubled his posts with this one

          • +13

            @DisabledUser125592: Oh no look out, the contributions police are onto your case. You’ve only posted ?? In ??? Years, your not allowed to post anything now without scrutiny lol

      • +5

        if you say shill 1 more f*kn time I will find you and shove a GTX2060 XL up your backside

  • +6

    What was advertised & printed on the order?

    • +1

      Nvidia RTX2060.

      Wish they'd contacted me and I could have made an informed decision rather than getting short changed.

      I saw some reddit posts re Techfast and was slightly concerned so even put it in my order notes as well.

      • +21

        I'd agree the assumption would then be that it is the full size card, if they charged you the full sized card and not the mini i'd not be happy either

        • -6

          Assumption is one thing.

          Being given an inferior card and then when telling Techfast they try and tell you its the same card, even when you bring up the above and send them photos and speak to Nvidia?

          Disgusting business practice.

        • +8

          The full size card costs less than the mini one

      • +1

        Show us these order notes ?

  • +6

    Yikes calm down lol

    • -5

      lol I am calm.
      People should get what they pay for, no matter if its from a bargain based website or a Ferrari dealership.

      • +140

        Dude this is an unreasonable whinge.
        The deal says "GPU make and model may vary"
        The card you got is a GTX 2060 and it bench's above average for a 2060 by the way.

        My guess is you bought a 2060 system cheap with a plan to flip the included GPU to get a nice cheap "rest of system" upgrade.
        Your plan failed when the GPU you got didn't have the resale you expected.
        This is all on you.

        This post actually encourages me to buy from tech-fast because the only complaints are from unreasonable people.

        • +5

          Well done Sherlock. You got my upvote.

        • +1

          VVamo BEST REPLY.

          OP need to use eyes and brains next time.

        • +3

          Your plan failed when the GPU you got didn't have the resale you expected.

          The mini variants sell for more on the resale market as there is a lot of interest in cards that fit SFF builds. It also happens to be a white card which a lot of enthusiasts like doing a 'clean' white build and it can be very hard to find white parts rather than black so that also adds to the resale value. Not even sure why OP is complaining since the performance of the 2060 and the 2060 mini are identical and he's received a more valuable part than what he originally tried to request.

          Different manufacturer but you can see the mini board is more efficient than the previous models and actually performs better than the full size cards

  • +45

    Am I allowed to order from someone else apart from Luke at Techfast?

    • +30

      Luke has just changed his name to Glen.

      • +4

        Luke got a complaint from Karen.

        • +3

          Karen orders a penis but Luke got mini version Karen not satisfied.

    • +14

      Mr Snrub or Eulk from Techfast should be ok.

      Definitely not Luke's son (the mini version)

      • Haha gold I agree with what Snrub is saying

    • +1

      Nope, it says don't order from techfast. The "or luke from techfast" part is completely redundant

      • +3

        Don't order from any Lukes

        • +3

          I heard Luke doesn’t work on Friday so only order from Techfast on Friday

          • +2

            @bloom: But Luke's dad Anakin might be working on the other 6 days, so you will be dealing with Darth Vader that could be worst …

            • +5

              @kaikor: I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further - Darth Vader

        • +1

          Do you order from Darth Vader, he's his father.

    • +4

      You do what you want, I'm just relaying what I've experienced.

  • +63

    The people telling you that you got the same GPU are correct. You ordered a 2060, you got a 2060.

    With that said, the form factor of the card is important. A low profile or mini version of a 2060 in real world testing will typically perform slightly worse than the full size variant.

    But y'know, if you ordered a 2060, you got one. This is why people shouldn't buy generic listings for unspecified video cards. They're cheap for a reason.

    • -29

      They aren't.

      FFS they have different barcodes and product listings and product pages on the manufacturer website. I forget most companies would have 2 different barcodes for the same product :/

      • +56

        A different UPC does not mean different GPU/Memory/etc. It means different product.
        Galax sell 10 different RTX2060 video cards, all with different product pages, barcodes, and names. They're all still RTX2060s. Nobody said they are the same product, but if you ordered an RTX2060, you got an RTX2060.

        For example;
        Both these product names are RTX3080 Video cards from Gigabyte. If I ordered a 3080 without choosing a specific model I wanted, either of the above would still be correct.

        From your post, it sounds like you did not order a "Galax RTX2060 White One Click OC" it sounds like you ordered an "RTX2060", and thus you were supplied with what you ordered.

        • -62

          That is not reasonable.

          Do those products have the same fan sizes and physical size for heat disapation?
          I was told on this page, the order page and on my invoice that I would get a pre built pc with an NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card.

          What I got was a pre built pc with an NVIDIA RTX 2060 MINI graphics card.

          The cards:
          - Are rated differently from the manufacturer
          - Have radically different physical sizes
          - The Mini has;
          - 2 smaller fans
          - 2 smaller heat tubes both of which reduce cooler
          - has/will effect resale when I go to sale my computer down the line

          I got short changed. They aren't the same thing in any way, shape, form or performance. I was not told about this even after a 3 week delay.
          Techfast is happy to take your money, reply to your messages when you ask where your product is and send out inferior parts to what you ordered.

          • +83

            @DisabledUser125592: You're factually incorrect. You ordered a 2060, you got a 2060.
            The wheel analogy you're using would go as thus;
            You ordered 17" rims. You received 17" rims but made of a lower grade metal than you hoped for. You're now complaining about receiving 15" rims.

            I don't buy from TechFast, but cheers for the heads up.
            I'm not going to respond any further as you're intentionally misunderstanding what you're being told. GLHF.

            • +4

              @Sleeqb7: fwiw i disagree with your analogy

            • -14

              @Sleeqb7: Lets see 80mm fans vs 90mm, lower surface area for thermals, lower resale value, not what I ordered.

              I'm stating facts, you saying they're the same is misleading.

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