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Bellini 1.5L Wi-Fi Double Wall Kettle BSSKWIFI21 $39 (Was $69) + $9 Delivery ($0 with $45 Spend/ C&C) @ Target


The white Bellini 1.5L WiFi * ** Double Wall Kettle features a 360 degree base with concealed heating element. It has an on/off switch, cord storage and overheat protection.
* WiFi via Tuya Smart App
** Free Postage on orders above $45

Also, Flybuys. :+)

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Does it have an ethernet port?

    • Nuh and no USB Charging either.

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        Imagine buying electronics in 2021 without USB-C Power Delivery

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          Is USB-C rated for 2400w at 240v?

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        Band 28?

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      Whats the max hash rate on this bad boy ?

      • Does it have a ultrahd bluray player?

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        If you're looking for a decent hashrate I'd go for a deep fryer instead.

  • I never get any target or Kmart offers through the flybuys app anymore, like, EVER!

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    Tuta smart app? Is that a knockoff of tuya?

    • Fix'd. Dunno what I were thinkin' lol

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    DHCP Automatic
    Network Standard: 802 b/g/n
    Wifi Band: 2.4 GHz only
    Password Encryption: WAP/WPA2
    Operation Mode: Point to Point
    Android Phone: V5.0 or higher
    Apple Phone or Tablet: iOS 10.0 or higher

    Wi-Fi function by free mobil APP Tuya Smart:
    Adjustable water temperature

    All that to adjust water temperature? I thought technology was meant to make things easier to use…

    I would prefer a kettle just being a kettle.

    • some only need the water to reach 90 degrees, save energy save money.

    • I’m assuming it can be turned on/off with voice or through app also/put on schedules, just like the Kogan one

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        I don't think so. Just adjust temperature.
        Pretty stupid I think

      • It says Third Party Voice via:
        Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, XIADOU, Tencent Xiaowei, DingDong, IFTTT.

    • Then how do you adjust water to a set temperature that is easier then this?

      • Turn the dial like every other kettle with temperature control

    • -1

      Based on the specs, I'd be concerned over high latencies…

  • Hmm, might be good for people who don't use heaters or air-conditioning in the cold days, can just heat the kettle up while in bed.
    Obviously a way to not need tgis is to put the kettle next to your bed.

    Finding it hard to come with another reason where wifi kettle will come in handy…..maybe in Antarctica

    • +1

      Turn the kettle on from the couch while watching a show, so that it’s finished boiling in the ad break (if anyone still watches f2a) and ready for you to just make a drink and head back to the show.

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      Obviously you dont have a baby, do you know how many times you need to boil water a day to make formula? When its like 3am and you are in bed its just easier to warm the water from bed than to stand in the kitchen waiting to make the formula!
      I changed my expensive glass Breville to a cheap wifi one just so i dont have to get up as much to make hot water!

      • Wait you don't go back to bed when you turn on the kettle

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    Is this running Linux? Can I install BusyBox on my kettle?

    • Skyrim coming for it next week

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    Plus $10 off purchases over $50 for new newsletter subscribers

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    Wifi in that kettle is as useful as a pedal powered wheel chair.

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    How long does this unit takes to boil the water? Seconds, minutes, hours?

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      Who cares - its got Wifi!

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        Well being marketed and designed first and foremost as a kettle, methinks this a must to know no. 1 feature and everything else is superfluous. Nuthin's worse than someone to reach one's boiling first before the kettle does. lol

    • Chuck the wifi crap out, I’m interested in the fact that it’s double walled. It’ll heat up marginally quicker than others, and stay hot longer. When I make a cup of tea or coffee for me then someone else wants one, they have to reboil it but with this, that might not be needed.

      You can get double walled kettles but they’re more expensive than this.

      • Apparently the $17 Kmart kettle will boil the water in minutes. This sounds awesome for the price. I got a De'Longhi with variable temp control kettle and that takes forever for the water to boil when set to 100.

        • Yep we have a >$100 breville smart one which has all the temperature controls and keep warm etc. But after a couple of weeks it stopped stopping when it got to boil and just boils for about 3+ minutes before it realises it’s boiled. We got used to it and just put up with it, I just knock it when it’s boiled and it wiggles on the base, disconnects for a fraction of a second and stops boiling then. Or just pick it up. Anyway, I refuse to buy any Breville after that. The $17 Kmart one which uses an old school thermostat would just work, for ever.

  • If anyone's wondering what the wifi is actually useful for, I think it lets you keep track of the last time the kettle was used.

    So if you have an elderly relative who drinks a lot of tea, this should let you keep an eye on them. And yes - I know there are better ways to keep an eye on someone; but if they won't change their behaviour to (say) wear an apple watch or always carry their phone or let you stick a camera in every room of their house, then this is a method that requires no effort on their part.

    • if its anything like the viomi/xiaomi one, then you can adjust the water temperature and 'warm' it to that temperature. i.e. warm can be set up to like 90degC or something (cannot recall exactly) but cannot make it boil water remotely.

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    Plastic kettles are the most unsafe type of kettle available. Again, this is due to the plastic material used not as much the fact the kettle is electric.

    Plastic isn’t recommended for kettles as they may leach chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A) or Phthalates into your water.

    These chemicals have been known to have various drastic side-effects to your health. So better stick to Stainless steel or glass!

  • Can you set this to heat up to a specific temperature at a specific time each day?

  • I just bought it today and it appears it can be set up to turn on at a particular time each day. I’m having trouble linking to Google Home though. Anyone been able to do that and willing to provide tips for this newb please?

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      I haven't bought the kettle yet but can help you with linking. First download the Tuya Smart app and connect the kettle onto that. Then open the Google Home app, tap on + in the top left corner > 'Set up device' > 'Works with Google' > search for 'Tuya Smart' and the two apps should communicate with one another. Hope that helps!

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