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[Back Order] Intel Core i5-11400 CPU $269 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Usually dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks. 12th gen coming, buy now return later lol.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I think these come with a heatsink / fan? Can anyone confirm? It's just the high end CPUs that don't I think…

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      Looks to be the standard retail box so should absolutely come with a cooler! :) I believe, for Intel, only those ending with 'K' or 'X' do not include one. Occasionally OEM products will pop up which never include a cooler, no matter the model, but those are usually clearly marked and come in a different box.

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      yes comes with a cooler, if you are using the onboard graphics, consider the 11500, it’s not just clock cycles, it’s a different gpu, built an 11 th gen system as MB are cheap at the moment (msi torpedo) ram is cheap, and it will be. while before 12th gen MB and CPU come down in price.

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    supply has been very poor on these in AU from my understanding as of late. hopefully these get fulfilled soon.

  • Seems a good deal at the moment even if you don't really need the integrated graphics, considering 11400F price is jacked up everywhere… was frequently low $200s earlier this year.

  • Tossing between this and 11600k. If I don't need overclocking should i even bother with the K version? I do like the higher clock speed the K comes with but everything is the same right?

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      It sort of depends on what you're using it for, if you're wanting it for gaming and if you're planning on being 1440p or above then there's going to be very little difference as most of the time you're GPU limited.

      This is a very thorough review that convinced me to buy the 11400: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-intel...

      There are some cases where the 11400 outperforms the 11600 (it's equal with the 11900 in Far Cry 5), although it's rare.
      However the difference between the two is rather minor across all resolutions and most games.

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      If you aren't overclocking, just get the 11400.

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      but everything is the same right?

      I don't know with these new CPUs but a previous problem with non-K CPUs is they are restricted by motherboard chipset.

      For example 7600 CPU will not run on Z series motherboards with compatible sockets.

      • Not true.

  • Getting this sub-$200 a few months back is looking a great deal if this is considered a bargain these days.

    • When was this ever that cheap? Not even the 10400 was that cheap either.

      • Yeah he must be thinking of 11400F - deal here for $199 + shipping for example (although still over $200 with shipping).

        • Ahh yes, sorry the 11400F, that's my bad.

    • 11400F could be had for around $200, not the regular 11400 with integrated graphics.

      But indeed if you don't need integrated graphics, best time to buy 11400F was months ago.

  • Missed the shoppingexpress 399 deal earlier this month that came with the gigabyte b560m auros pro, what would be a good mobo to go with this? Or wait for Black Friday deal?

    • I am hanging on to that missed deal as well, $399 was solid for that motherboard and 11500.

      • wasn't it the 11400F?

      • Thanks! decisions decisions… by the time this arrives 12 gen would have been released with Black Friday around the corner!

        • I don't know about 12th gen, it's most likely only going to be high end parts at first. The 11400 and B560 successors could be 6 months away.

  • Good price for 11400. If you are counting on the onboard graphics go with 11500. Just last week paired a 11500 with z590i vision D (bought from SE at 199). Cool and quiet for my home office (with an AIO). Don't count on the OEM fan. It's too noisy.

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