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[Backorder] MILKLAB Almond Milk 8x 1L | Barista Milk for Coffee $24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Seems a good price for those that like barista almond milk. Normally sits at $30-$35 on Amazon, so a nice saving.
Prices from other retailers seem much higher ie Officeworks $49.98 - you should actually be able to price beat at OW.
Don't forget this is 8x1L
Lowest ever price according to 3xCamel.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP, really good price, this normally doesnt go below $35 on amazon

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    I reckon the bonsoy almond milk is the best, this still looks like a mess when you make a iced coffee, not bad in a cappuccino

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    This was $35 at the weekend on Amazon. Nice work. Fill your boots! :)

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    Thanks OP. We normally use Australia’s Own which is essentially the same as Milklab.

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      Yes same company - and often on sale at the supermarket for the same price as here (around $3).

      • Normal sale price of that is $3.6 and it occasionally goes down to $3.15

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    I will add, I have tried a few of these “barista” almond milks. In my testing/tasting, Milklab is the best all rounder for the home barista. It also seems to be the almond milk of choice at my local cafes.

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      Australia’s Own Barista Almond (at supermarkets) is essentially the same product.

      Thanks for posting!

  • What sort of product expiry dates are given? Where I order any pantry on sale in always getting stock that has a 6-9month best before date

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      They only have a 12 month shelf life. These were produced Sep 2021 and are best before Sep 2022.

  • Usually dispatches in 1 to 2 months !

    • OzBargained. Has only just changed, when I purchased mine (at time of posting) “arrives Friday”

  • bah just bought a pack last night at full price

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      You make almond milk by soaking the almonds in water. Not by getting tiny farmers to sit there and squeeze the “milk” out of each almond.

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    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

    Need it now man

    Wife paying $4 a litre for the So Good Barista brand.

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      should've stocked up like a good bargainer last time. 24 boxes!

    • Just got an update from Amazon:

      Previous estimated arrival date: 16/11/2021 - 02/12/2021
      New estimated arrival date: 02/11/2021 - 03/11/2021

      • Came even earlier, arrived today by an Amazon Flex driver. No Prime sub for me.

  • And gone. No more left at time of coment

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      working again

      • +1

        thanks, ordered and confirmed.

  • Is it no longer available? I get a "problem adding to cart" error

    edit: it's back, although still long dispatch time quoted.

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      Working again. Just bought some.

  • My wife prefers the Almond Breeze Barista much more ..


  • Whats the difference with $1.35 Almond Breeze ?

    • This stuff is the higher quality higher end almond milk for coffee. Its the best i have found

      • Oh ok. Two main reasons why I drink almond milk instead of normal or lactose free milk are that I am lactose intolerant and also to reduce my fat intake due to high cholestrol gathered from milk. This milk has a bit of fat too, not sure if it is the good fat though.

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        Correct. the 1.35 is not made for coffee.. it seperates

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    Its not milk though is it?

    • almond juice doesn't sound as appealing

      • 🤣 Almond juice does sound bad

      • +1

        Better than Nut Juice.

    • Not if you've just woken up from 1976.

  • Anyone know the expiry date

  • Harris farm has this for $3 as standard so not sure if this is a deal

  • Ingredients look a bit scary. I thought almond milk was supposed to be just almonds and water? This is quite processed.

    • The name suggest it came from a lab

    • These 'Barista' almond milks have higher protein/fat content to help with texturing milk without splitting. Unfortunately, to do this they must add in extras such as gums (gellan, locust bean, xanthan etc.) and vegetable oils.

      If you are after a non-barista almond milk with the least amount of 'extra' ingredients I would suggest Nutty Bruce Unsweetened.

  • Aaaand it's gone again.

    Great find though OP! We ordered a box over a month ago but it seems to have gotten lost (Amazon was good to refund us though).

    • It’s back again. Get in quick

      • Ah damn, was too late - the price is back up to $35! Thanks though

  • I cant seem to add it to my cart?

  • I recently ordered this on amazon. They took forever to come like few weeks.

  • I tried this, but I don't really like almond milk, it has too much of a strong taste which overpowers the coffee.

  • Amazing deal, thanks OP! Ordered 2.

  • Wish they sold their lactose free milk on there. Bought it from a third party last time and it took weeks to arrive.

  • love this milk and managed to snag a box.
    good to know i'll be set for christmas…

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