Earbuds Recommendation with Bluetooth Multipoint

I bought a cheap earbud from Aliexpress and it has Bluetooth multipoint. Its so convenient to watch something on mobile and switch to laptop without getting into hassle of reconnecting earbud.
But the battery life of it isn't great and i was looking for something with at least 4mics and longer battery life. Bought Anker from amazon on a recent deal and it doesn't have multipoint.

Now I am eyeing on Vivo TWS 2 for which reviews are good at Tech Unravelled OR recently released Xiomi Buds 3 Pro for which reviews aren't available yet. Both of these can be connected to 2 devices at the same time.

Has someone used these or can recommend earbuds with;

1) Good battery life
2) 4 mics at least
3) Bluetooth Multipoint.


  • I looked at the cheap multipoint options for a long time, and the ones I got just didn't work well or at all.

    Ended up just biting the bullet and getting Jabra Elite 85T, very happy with them. 75T would be a good option as well if your budget won't stretch far enough for the 85T.

    • Seems like a good option. Are they comfortable to wear for long time & do they fit in ear or hangs out a little bit? How much each bud weights approx. ?

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        I don't generally like wearing earbuds for too long, but these are definitely more comfortable than others for me. I can wear them for a few hours straight if I need to.

        They stick out maybe 5-10mm from the ear. No idea on weight.

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    Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0

    If want a premium pair at a non premium price these are great. Battery life lasts forever with the case (80 hours), bluetooth 5.2, can wear in the shower with their IPX rating etc.

    I spent ages looking at a pair of bluetooth earphones to buy, was very close to buying the Jabra's.

    IMO these are actually a little better, for a better price.

    Feel free to check out the reviews for them too.

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      I may have missed it but I don’t see any reference to them supporting multipoint

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    I've got a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex - really happy with them.

    • Good battery life - I get at least two days of moderate-heavy usage
    • Multipoint
    • Only 2 microphones, but haven't had too many issues with people hearing me on the phone, and that's occasionally in nois-ier environments. In both quiet and noisy environments, as long as I wasn't trying to be discrete (i.e. talk quietly), I haven't had any issues
    • Bone conduction - no need to pull in-ears out or take over-ears off: a big convenience I hadn't though of as much
    • Comfortable - which, which the above mentioned advantages of bone conduction, means I leave them on all day
    • "Waterproof" - IP67, so technically not waterproof (although their website does say that naughty word), but no real concerns about water/moisture. IMO if it doesn't have a pressure rating (i.e. 5 ATM / 50m) like you would see on a watch, it's not waterproof
    • Should point out - no ANC (Active Noice Cancelling) - for obvious reasons (earbuds not in your ears); although having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a pair of bone conduction headphones with ANC - I can't see why it couldn't be done.

      • Thanks Do they have bluetooth multipoint i.e. they connect to more than 1 device at a time ?

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          In the User Guide there's a section on Multipoint Pairing. Bone conduction headphones are great when you need to listen to something and interact with the environment at the same time, but I found the sound quality isn't that great.

          • @scotty: Thanks scotty. Ya, bone conduction seems bit bulky to me.

            3.5g max if it sits in ear and 5.5g max if it hangs downwards like Airpods, is ideal weight as per my assessment.

            I am not after premium sound quality, as I don't listen to music. Just some news/ youtube /podcasts etc. I am an old soul like yourself :P

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    I am also in the market for Bluetooth multipoint earbuds but so far I could only find Jabra 75/85t. Can’t believe there’s such a limited choice as the technology has been around for a while.

  • I am considering Jabra Elite 7 pro - granted they don’t have multipoint yet but from the various forums it is coming in the next firmware update by the end of the month.
    Reviews are positive and battery life is good. I will wait until the firmware update is released and if introduces multipoint I will buy them.
    Only reservations buying 75t now is they are two years old.

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