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25% off All Beef Jerky Bag Sizes, 500g Beef Jerky $48.75 (Was $60) + $8 Shipping @ Viking Jerky

25% off all Beef Jerky bag sizes,500g and 200g, 500g Beef Jerky $48.75 (Was $60) $8 Shipping @ Viking Jerky

Prices vary due to size and flavour (limited edition).


COUPON CODE is All25off

We have limited the stock quantity for this sale to ensure orders get out quickly so for all the Viking Jerky lovers get in quick.

Our expectations to get stock out is 5-10 working days as we make it fresh for your eating pleasure.

Thank you for supporting our small business 😘The Viking Jerky Klan😘

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    Hey OP

    Have a look here. You might find yours isn't exactly the best deal.

    • +2

      Biltong is not beef jerky he11bent, it is made completely different and retains more moisture.

      Our product is reduces by over 66% with no added flavours or preservatives or fillers to add more weight. 3kg of premium beef reduced down to 1kg of jerky.
      We use premium Qld beef with hardly any fat and if you look at every single one of the beef jerky companies you listed, you will see our protein is the highest, salt one of the lowest, we have no added sugar and we don't add other product to add flavour.
      If a jerky is low on protein it is because they aren't using all beef or using chemicals to combat bacteria growth because there is to much moisture.

      Might not be the best deal for beef jerky or biltong but definitely the best deal for quality beef jerky that taste great.

  • +5

    Price error.??.it looks like 1kg price.

  • +1

    500g Beef Jerky $48.75 + $8 Shipping

    Over $100 for a kg of jerky is not a bargain…

  • -2

    Be Vegan, make peace.

    • Be Vegan

      It takes too long to commute on the weekends…

  • +1

    Not sure why people are hating on this, it's a good price for actually good jerky, not the rubbery shit from Coles/Aldi.

    • Not a good price is the reason for the hating.

      I recommend 4 Hunters from the recent deal. Half the price of this and great quality (not rubbery).

      • +1

        Sure but you can't really compare good jerky, they're all different, and people like different things. if someone specifically wants this jerky, it's now 25% off which IS a deal.

        • Agreed. Honestly, I do admit Viking Jerky is a little up there in terms of price, but its base prices aren't the worst. But more importantly, out of the jerkies I've tried, it's probably one of the better ones; if not the best.

          • +1

            @Aleigh123: Actually as Viking said below, they don't have "jerky", it's Stokkies and Biltong. Which are inherently cheaper as it's a different product.

            Sorry wrong person.

      • @Hellfire 4Hunters is biltong based stokkies, not the same thing. each to their own though. ;-)

        • Drop your prices by 50% and I'll give your product a go :)

      • Actually as Viking said below, they don't have "jerky", it's Stokkies and Biltong. Which are inherently cheaper as it's a different product.

        • -1

          I know they are different and typically slightly cheaper. But it's 50% less than this "deal". I actually prefer Biltong over Jerky anyway :)

          • -1

            @Hellfire: That's fine if you enjoy it more, I enjoy biltong too, but can't compare apples to oranges, different products cost different.

  • Nice deal OP

  • +2

    Just before I go to do some cutting and cooking I put this to you

    If you have to reduce beef to produce jerky by over 66% to stop the water activity and 3 kg of beef reduces down to 1kg of beef jerky (not biltong)
    and premium beef is at an all time high. How can you buy something per kilo thats below cost price of beef? What are you putting into your mouth 😂

    We offer quality hand made beef jerky that is one of the highest in protein on the market and currently have it for 25% off all our 200g and 500gs

  • Thank you for setting expectations about shipping delays on your product page. Have ordered again because this jerky is damn good. Happy to wait.

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