$100 Bunnings Voucher, What to Spend It on?

just received a $100 dollar Bunnings voucher for my birthday today, Yay! here is the predicament, I have no idea what to spend it on? has anyone seen any good deals on Ryobi 18v tools or something like that ? open to suggestions from you guys. Thanks.

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    Sausages in bread

    • I wish, they are for community groups, cash only from what I can remember, been so long since i've had one.

      • They take card these days.
        Unsure about gift cards though.

  • toilet

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    Woohoo! but $100 at Bunnings, phwooh, at Bunnings, a hundred gets used up at the click of a finger 😪

    • I know , that's why I asked the community on here, maybe some hidden , not well know deals are going around….

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    happy birthday! 🎂

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    You do not have to use it all at once and it does not expire, so you can have a long think about what you want to use it on.

    • ok cool, was not aware that they had no expiry date… that's good news at least…. i have been thinking hard all morning about what to get, and at present it appears I dont need anything lol….

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    Edible plants and fruit trees

    • my misses already went through the cactus and succulent stage in lockdown, I have over 200 pots at present, I have no room for any more!

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    Ozito PXC batteries, crack them open and build an electric car.

    • ok, that's a new one, I have a couple of Lippo cars at home, in many pieces thanks to the kids… didn't know you could shuck power tool batteries….

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    Maybe wait until you need something then buy that? No point throwing away money on something you aren't actually going to use.

    Having said that - do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?

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      I might just do that… like you said, no point buying something for the heck of it hey.

      i do have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen as well as a fire blanket…. great suggestion there too for people that don't think like that.

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    If you’ve got another hundo to spare this is a good buy, and a useful tool to have:


    • I have quite a few batteries already for ryobi stuff, and already have the larger recipro saw. What is the benefit of this one. 🤔. Is this sold as skin only?

    • Really. Lol. Its a cheap bucket but I don't need 100 of them lol.

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        You can just buy 10 of these in 10 transactions and get $90.5 back in cash.
        Then return the 10 together and get a $9.6 return voucher.
        Then buy 1 and get another $8.65 back in cash.
        You will end up with 1 bucket and $99.15 in cash. The best thing is that you only paid $0.85 for the bucket instead of the $0.96 listed price, bargain!

        • I believe we just located the truly committed Ozbargainer.

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    Smart lights or plugs?

  • I was thinking about some more smart plugs. I have a heap.of google stuff already, I'm always a sucker for some more.

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    $100 Bunnings Voucher, What to Spend It on?

    this, and

  • Are you renting or a home owner? I’m guessing renting or you wouldn’t need to ask, though maybe you’re more on top of home maintenance than me.

    If I didn’t have anything in particular I needed I’d go for plants/trees indoor or outdoor.

    • You must of miseed my earlier reply … I have over 200 plants already, I don't need to get any more. My house is already a botanical garden.

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    Put it toward an outdoor egg swing chair or regular patio swing chair. Surf ozbargain on it daily.

    • I like this idea. We have too large patios and I reckon an egg chair would be sweet.

  • Very small washers and lots of them. They will last a lifetime (or two)

  • Sounds like a fool and his money are easily parted. Not saying you are a fool, or anything like that, but the scenario of not even knowing what to do perplexes the mind.

    Place it on eBay, ask for $80. Then place that $80 toward the next food bill, car fuel, electricity, etc.

    • It's not that I don't know what to spend it on i was simply looking for ideas that I may not have thought of. I have most things that I really need already and if I don't have it I probably don't really need it. I'm not a great a fan of giftcards as it is as I'm forced to shop in a particular shop and with bunnings like everyone said $100 won't go too far. I was really hoping someone would find that hidden gem that I didn't even know i needed lol… anyways thanks for your input.

  • How about a screw 'driver'?

    • really? couldn't you try a bit harder then a generic comment like that. I came here for some insight , not to be insulted!

      • There was a joke in there Ralph!

        • sorry must of missed that, it just seems people are quick to ridicule others these days for asking a simple question or a bit of a bargain…. isn't that we are all here for? to hopefully catch a bargain we might normally would have missed.

  • If you need garden furniture or tools for the home

  • Sell it in the classifieds for $90 cash

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