Favourite mobile game to play on and off?

What are people’s favorite mobile game to pass the time or just to play on and off? Been recently getting back to playing some Hearthstone on my daily commute and was just interested on what everyone else is playing atm?


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    I play Almost a Hero waaay too much (just an idle, numbers-go-up game). If that's not your thing already please don't start, it's a colossal waste of time. Other than that I really like "Nonograms" on android, it's not particularly mentally taxing but it passes the time

    • How is it a waste of time if it’s an idle game… ELI5?

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        You still need to log on and tap stuff in those sort of games. At the end of the day tho they're just designed to make you sit through 30 second adverts one after another to progress the game assuming you're not gullible enough to pay actual money.

        • Exactly. I mostly use it to occupy my hands while listening to podcasts, and the ad service this one uses is (usually) mutable. So it's not toooooooo bad. But still a waste of time for sure

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        Yeah you still spend a lot of time looking at the screen!

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    Retro Bowl worth a look.

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      How good is that game? My winning streak is very long at the moment. A couple of seasons worth.

      Prizefighter is another game in the same vein which is also worth a look for punchout! Fans.

      • I probably play it too much.

        Have just finished the 62nd season. Won it 57 times with an overall record of 939-44, with 37 of those losses in the first 13 seasons.

        Might be time to move onto Prizefighter!

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    Really Bad Chess

    Normal chess rules but the pieces are randomized. I like to play a round while I… drop off the kids.

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        Pssst: It’s the “…” that gives it away!

  • afk arena
    mobile legend andventure (mla)
    tap tap heroes

    just look at their rating/star… sooo high

    • I'm so glad I was able to finally quit my AFK Arena addiction a few months ago. Really hard to beat the whales in LCT and Arena who are significantly higher level than you.

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    Heart of Vegas

    • +2

      Lightning Link for me :)

      • That buddha looks like a co-worker

      • Don't forget Cashman Casino too :)

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    Mini Metro

    Simple to pickup, long-term challenge for scoring, and can pause/close at any time and resume without having to think about prior actions. Great for intermittent playing.

    • Great game. Some of the challenges are impossible.

  • Coc's pretty good but can become a big time waster. Would also recommend sudoku, word games, audiobooks if you haven't tried, etc.

    • I gave up on coc when a week's worth of farming gave me 1 black fence

      • When was the last time you played? I heard about it like 10 years ago but only started playing a year ago. They've changed a lot of things up recently so its easier to get a higher level.

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          Maybe 4 or more years ago. I gave up on p2w games. I do like brawl stars from them

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    Been playing Clash Royale on and off since it launched back in 2014 or something. Highly recommend it but I think it’s golden days are past it.

    Call of Duty mobile isn’t bad if you want a multiplayer game.

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      Ughhh. CR always made me want to throw my phone at the wall. Good game but super frustrating sometimes.

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        oooooo it just got a whole lot worse yesterday!

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    Candy crush
    clash of clans

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    Lichess, Onirim, Ticket to Ride, Mini Metro, MM Mobile 3, Hill Climb Racing

  • Puzzle game. (That's the name. Like tetris but you place the pieces instead of drop them)

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    Pokemon Unite

    • Seconding this

    • Yeah this one got me by surprise.

      • It's addictive especially if you play LoL or Dota.

        • Yeah I've been playing Pokemon Unite on and off since it came out. Very easy to "play one more" round. :P Never got in to LoL or Dota, too competitive and toxic for my liking.

    • Surprisingly good game. A thing to note that there are like 6 different types of currencies for buying and upgrading different items that can also affect performance, in that way it could be said that it is pay to win. Those upgrades will not make a huge difference for most casual players as much as simply playing better would.

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    Score Hero.. im going for 3 stars on all levels (up to 297)

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    The aggretsuko match 3 game.

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    Bloons TD 6

  • Dragon Ball Legends

  • Wrestling Revolution (MDickie)

  • Guardian Tales

  • Ant buster

    …not sure if anyone remembers the early-2000's Flash Games. But the developer ported it to Android, and I've been a beta tester. I'm on the leaderboards too. It's fairly addictive, and 100% free.

    • 100% is really attractive! I've been playing a bunch of random games recently, and some of them seriously had >1 minute worth of ads for every minute of gameplay! It was absolutely insane.

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        That was supposed to be "100% free is really attractive"…
        Also, I don't mind paying a few dollars for a game that is ad-free after that and is enjoyable.

  • WorldBox

  • Plant vs zombie 2 and 3.

  • Knife hit is a really nice game to play for a few minutes while waiting at places, and it runs well on my iPhone 6 S Plus

  • Melvor Idle

  • Sudoku
    Texas poker (includes more than just poker)

  • Mortal Kombat Mobile

  • Rummikub

  • Over the past decade I've moved in order from top to bottom
    Marvel Puzzle Quest
    The Walking Dead Road To Survival
    Call of Duty Mobile
    Puzzle Combat
    COD M is the best crafted game made for a phone IMO but not great for wrist RSI
    I've also installed and played probably 200 other games over that period, for on average 5 minutes each.

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    C.A.T.S. - A build a robot battle game. Simple graphics and concept, but the physics of the multiple weapon/vehicle/parts options is super complex. Its about the only one i come back to time and time again. Been playing for years. Fun without paying, but I chuck $5 at it every now and then for extra items and whatnot. Can play for 5 minutes or hours. Especially when they have extra events running.

    • Addictive game with a fun concept of cats fighting with the tanks you make. Does get a bit frustrating when timing is key

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        Some of the league battles are suuuuuuper frustrating. I have to be fairly motivated to put time into those.

        • I’m at a point now that grinding isn’t getting me the wins unless I starting dropping cash.

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    Pokemon Go all day every day.

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      God how I need to give this game up. Kids got me back into it but now I play it the most so I can find them the hard stuff and trade to them :/

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      Does this game still drain battery like no tomorrow? Been tempted to get back into it if it doesn't burn a hole in my hand everytime I play it.

      • I wouldn't know - my phone is so old, it doesn't take much to run the battery down

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      Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by the Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios https://nexthash.com/ . The game was created by https://swcpoker.club/ Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language.

      This game is the best

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    3310 Snake

    • Legend

    • I once filled the whole screen and beat the game. One of the proudest moments in my life

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      For me; Space Impact on the Nokia 3315
      (also supported the app Paint, so you can make your own wallpapers and didn't have to buy them)

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    Supreme Duelist - 1v1 stick figure combat. No money grabs, no purchasable weapons or accessories BS. Only thing stopping you from winning is skills, and no amount of money would serve you victories in this game. Plain n simple fight to death.

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    Drug Lord 2 - a text-based game of buying and selling drugs, based on an old DOS game called Drug Lord.

    Tien Lien - a card game I learned from my Vietnamese friends, also known as Thirteen.

    • I know tien lien as big 2. addictive af

    • Haven't played that game in 20 Years.
      I remember when I peaked at it, had a fluke and a line of lucky streaks to put our score in the top 2 worldwide leaderboards. I wonder if it's still there, or moved down to still be in the top 20 or top 100. I can't even remember what username we used.

    • Interesting - had a look at a Lets Play and theres a slight resemblance to the "Arsehole" shedding game I played in school as a kid:-


      Just looked up the wiki for "arsehole" and it was apparently based on a Japanese card shedding game called "Tycoon":- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_(card_game)

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    Slay the spire. Very good game, available on all platforms and Xbox/Pc too

    • Are you on Android or iOS? How was the performance compares to PC?

      • iOS, I play on Xbox so can’t compare to pc but no complaints from me about the performance on phone!

      • Pretty amazing on Tablet but not sure about phones though. Solid performance but no mod support though.

  • Sky Force for me. I've played it on/off for the last 4 and a half years

  • Snake

  • Arena of Valor

    • +1 for this too.

  • World of Tanks: Blitz is fun at times, short 5-7 min games.
    Not too fast paced like other shooters like CoD, but still having some depth of skill required in learning the mechanics of the game.

    It's a little bit pay to win, but I find that the premium stuff is mostly not that OP with the exception of certain tanks that are just ridiculous.

  • Melvor Idle

  • CoD
    World of tank blitz

  • +1

    Mostly Hearthstone - just play it off and on again. Used to be addicted but then stopped probably sometime last year.

  • Raid shadow legends, it's a time sink but it's a low stakes gatcha where free to play seems to be no worse off than paid. Wouldn't recommend if you're the type that gets caught out by gambling mechanics, the costs are insane, but if you're a stinge like me then it's not a bad distraction.

    • I quit this game. It is made by slot machine game company. It consume heaps of your time.

  • +1

    Yiotro games. Simple and free.

    In particular Antiyoy - it's a clone of Slay that is better than Slay.


    Also Duolingo, something where you kind of learn while playing.

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    Ozb neg clicker… JV edition 😋

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    Horizon Chase is great, also Dream League Soccer.

  • Mile High Pinball on the Nokia N-Gage.

    • +1

      My favorite phone ever. I still have 2 of them. Can't bear to part with em.
      Taco taco.

      • Lol the good ol taco. I actually have the QD model. Better for gaming. I have the original demo model as well.

        Ahh wished I kept all the physical games. I had everyone. Also had the store display stand.

  • State of Survival

  • +2

    I haven't commuted in so long I almost forgot mobile games exist.

  • Rise of Kingdom

    • I play this too! It's such a game for big spenders though.. I wouldn't recommend it to others purely because of that.

      • True, started as free to play, now I am spending a bit lol. Haven't got my t5 yet and currently in kvk, been fighting for 8 hours now….

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