Cheapest Way to Get a New M1 Series MacBook Pro

So I've been thinking of picking up one of the new M1 Pro Macbook Pros (what a mouthful…) and have been considering the cheapest way to buy one.

I know theres already going to be a comment - "The cheapest way is not to buy one", just preempting it haha

Example device - $2999 RRP 14 inch Macbook Pro M1 Pro

Current Plan:

  • Discounted Woolies/Coles Apple Gift Cards [15% discount]
  • Apple AOC store [11.35% discount]
  • TRS GST refund [10% discount]



So by the above equation it works out to be a discount of ~32.70% of RRP ($2999)

Can anyone else think of another way to get it cheaper?


  • Salary Sacrifice?

  • That’s a pretty good effort you did there

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    How do you get TRS GST refund if the borders are closed? Isn't it usually done at the airports?

    Is the Apple AOC Store the same as Apple Education pricing?

    I've been eyeing out the M1 Pro Macbook Pros lately as well… so I'll be watching this thread :D

    • OP's from NSW. We can go overseas from Monday onwards without an exemption.

  • TRS may not be available for some time.

  • Would you please explain how you will do your plan? How are you getting 15% off Woolworths?

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    Your plan is optimistic as you don't know if or when Woolworths/coles will be offering the 15% off and then you need to time it with travelling overseas to get the TRS refund.

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  • Get the non pro version, boom, half price.

  • Only way to get cheaper is salary sacrifice or instant tax write off in combination with all of the above. Works out to be ~50% off rrp depending on config (you do need a profitable abn)

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    Apple gift cards are going on sale at Woolies on 3/11 earning 20X rewards points. Which work outs to be 10% off. Lower than the previous 15% off but i guess better than nothing

    • 3rd of November? How do you know?

      • I work at Woolies

        • Rip I work at Woolies as a casual but didnt hear bout it ;p

    • Anyone know what happens if you return a product that was paid with 1. Apple Gift Cards in Store, or 2. Apple balance online? Will it just be a credit back into either gift cards or Apple balance?

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    What's people's idea on M1P versus M1X ?

    I'm itching towards the Max, but we really need developers to hop on the macOS platform to take advantage of the hardware. So it's a beast, at least on-paper. And even Rosetta2 is impressive, with it's hybrid-translation taking a substantial (but not massive) hit to energy use and performance. But it's still nowhere as bad as the performance and energy hit on Windows-on-ARM when trying to do software emulation of legacy x86 Programs.

    Here's the early stats I saw, making it roughly equal to an:
    AMD r9-5950X and RX-6800X (optimised/synthetic benchmarks)
    AMD r9-5800 and RX-6600 (Rosetta2/real-world applications)

    • What's people's idea on M1P versus M1X ?

      Extra memory bandwith will be good for large datasets (like big images).

      • Not sure why the neg, yes the M1X is better than the M1P… but is it that much better? I mean, there is a pretty BIG price difference between the two.

        And as I alluded to, such upgrades might be futile unless Apple attracts those big companies/developers unto its macOS platform. Something they've had struggled in the past, they would benefit immensely if those popular Applications were ported natively to take advantage of the hardware in question.

        • Now that I've seen a few tests, the extra ProRes cores are brilliant at speeding up rendering (x265 and prores) over the M1 Pro, and the extra GPU/bandwidth seems to be good for a few tasks.

          It's one of those "specific use cases", where a LOT of MacPro users are using it for those specific uses.

          You'd be fine with a M1 Pro. Most everyone would be. Hell, the M1 is probably fine.

  • TRS used to allow $900 GST free limit on goods brought back but now it's $0 apparently:

    declare the goods and pay the full refund back if the items are brought into Australia. Penalties apply to undeclared goods.

    You can risk it by not declaring, or declaring and they may just waive you through, but that's totally on you. Not worth it in my opinion for a couple hundred bucks.

    I bought a top end 16" for a grand total of 68.3% off: woolies gift card deal, salary sacrifice, and a mate at Apple.

    • How do you use the apple gift cards and the apple employee discount? I thought they had to purchase the goods with their Apple ID? Aren’t the gift cards tied to your Apple ID?

      • I never redeemed my gift cards. Just sent them the codes to enter into their checkout.

    • Damn so in total you paid around less than 2 grand for the top end one then?

    • If you don’t mind me asking how much exactly is the employee discount alone?

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