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Sold [SOLD]Asus Transformer Prime *Scratches and dents

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Selling my asus transformer prime 32gb with keyboard dock…
Champagne colour.

Long story short, I'm selling it because i dropped it and the mentality is killing me..
I have only had it for 2 weeks and used it about 4-5 times..

Damaged areas:
- Dent on the corner of the keyboard
- small dent on the tablet
- small scratches on the back of the tablet
*have a look at the pictures

(however, i am sure with a coloured skin you can cover up the marks on the tablet.. )

In terms of the functionality, it is perfectly fine.. i have tested all the keys on the keyboard and pressed on every area of the tablet screen.. there is no scratches on the screen or the keyboard keys etcs… (only the casing is damaged)

It comes with full 1 year warranty and receipt (OW receipt)
I am selling this with delivery inclusive $575 negotiable.

I think i am asking for a reasonable price and if you are interested or need more info/pictures please give me a call or sms or email me..

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    good luck to you, tough luck on the drop

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    hahah… thanks for the laugh…


    So explain again. Your selling it because you dropped it and you are concerned about it. You claim all is fine but you are still concerned and selling it. Your saying it come with warranty even though you know if there is a problem which arises later and seeing the dents this warranty can be void so it's no use.

    Wish you all the best.

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      You'd be surprised at the amount of people who have an ocd for their personal items to be immaculate.

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      Its a mentality.. its like damaging something and losing the passion of looking after it because it already has a scratch..

      I don't think u have trouble claiming warranty.. its not like its a massive dent and deformed the tablet casing and have stuff petruding etc..


        I have to agree, I have that problem I hate scratches etc. Although after a few weeks I usually get over it

        You should post the pics up here

        Post links it makes here


    Where are the pictures?


    Depending on where you are I could recommend a good psychologist as such a compulsiveness is considered to be not in the "normal" range by DSM standards.


      Creepy much.. Sold anyways..
      didn't post pictures cuz can't via Ozbargain and been forwarding emails was easier..

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