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Bonds Essentials Zip Hoodie - Wilderness $10.80 ($54.99 RRP) Delivered @ Bonds Outlet (Membership Required)


Bonds outlet currently have 20% off sitewide and members get a further 10% off + free delivery.

The BONDS Essentials Zip Hoodie (Wilderness) $15 reduced to $10.80 at checkout with free shipping.

Matching BONDS Essentials Skinny Trackie $14.40 link

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  • Already have got 2 from previous deals!

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      Maybe you can return them ?

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        Nice idea JV

  • Do they deliver any faster than Bonds themselves?

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      No. Bonds Outlet is still Bonds and they are just as slow.

      Received mine from the last deal yesterday, so about 3 weeks.

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      Last time I remember took almost 3 weeks for them to deliver, would rather just pop in to DFO

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      They never delivered mine, had to email them for nearly 4 weeks before finally I received a refund…

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        90% of stuff I order on sale never arrives.

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    Sorry OP - Will not buy from Bonds Outlet as they don't honor the purchase , they hold your money for a month odd then refund while your order sits there as " processing ".
    I class Bonds Outlet on the same level as Kogan.

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      That sucks it happened to you. For another side of the coin, all my Bonds Outlet purchases have been fine

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      Unfortunately in the same boat. My first order with them (2020) went without any hiccups, but my recent orders (2021) were all stuck "processing" for weeks on end until they finally cancelled and returned the funds without any heads-up.

      Can't really be bothered rolling the dice to see if they will eventually fulfill my order/s.

      Edit: Forgot to mention that I did try contacting their support team, but to this day they still have not responded (been about a month)

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      Same here, still waiting for my order placed in early September…

    • My order got randomly cancelled after sitting there for around 6 weeks, and only then a few days after I chased it up. Not sure when I would've been refunded otherwise.

    • this is typical of bonds. Same thing happened to us multiple times. I don't bother with them anymore. definitely not an isolated incident.

    • I've purchased several items on Kogan and it's always been fine :)

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    On two separate deals, I have ordered from Bonds Outlet. The first time they gave no delivery update for 3 weeks, not responding to any of my tickets enquiring as to where the order was, and then refunded it saying they oversold in the deal. It was understandable, so I decided to order in a later deal. Again there was a massive wait on the order to be processed, followed by a refunding of every item of my order (of 4 items) except for one. The delivery for it was terribly slow, but I don't particularly blame them for that.

    The moral of the story is that anything you purchase from them is not guaranteed, and customer support is terrible. My first order was made before the deal even went to the homepage on ozbargain, so either they had very little stock and didn't disclose it, or randomly cancelled my order over others.

    Hopefully if you order from Bonds Outlet you have better luck.

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      i definitely won't be ordering from bonds outlet if this is the case… we spend the money, but we are the one stressful with our order…

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    Similar to others experiences, my order from last deal was canceled and refunded without any explanations. Just putting it out there.

  • website down?

  • Just received mine yesterday from last deal.

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      Yeh my order from August just arrived. Can't get hold of them on the phone, and it took over a week to get a canned email response to my enquiry. Avoid.

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    I've usually had good experiences with Bonds online but this year has not been great. One order took 3 weeks to arrive and another is basically lost in transit and took me more than a month of emails and calls to both Bonds and Auspost to get a refund. Customer service is really abysmal and the extra hassle of getting them to provide a status update or refund is not worth the perceived savings for their cheap clothing. YMMV as I used to order from them no problem, but the last few deals have really put me off buying from them again.

  • I won't trust them again for holding a delivery (from other deal)over a month and then cancel order.

  • Bought - thanks

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    Got 1 for next winter, thx op

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      Did you select the Express Post option?

      • Expr3ss neg?

      • Lay by

  • How do you get it for $10.80 delivered?
    Mine has an extra $6 delivery fee

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      Become a free member and you get free delivery minus an extra 10% for the first order… = $10.80

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    Very comfy and light hoodie, bought two for $20 few weeks back, shipping took about 2 weeks. Very happy with the purchase.

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    party is over. shipping is $5.95

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      No it's not

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        M… I need to hand in my ozbargain badge… free delivery for members.

      • Only if you spend $29. Bonds Outlet has a different policy to regular Bonds.

        • Not even

  • ordered one, let us see how bad the delivery is.

  • How's the quality?

    • You don’t really ask at that price? I think it’s still decent and better than any no brands…

    • Fairly thin, not too warm but decent enough.
      I found the sleeves were too short though, so I need to roll up the sleeves when I wear it or it looks funny.

  • Thanks OP ordered the full wilderness outfit for $25.20 delivered. Hoodie L, trackies XXL.

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    Thanks OP.

    Also if anyone interested in black colour, bonds. com.au has it for $15, can stack with Cashrewards 10%


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      Cheers mate. Honey also found this code for me: Discount (Buy 2 Save 30% on Clothing, Birthday $10 off, GI54NH4WXNIN). Managed to get 2 for $20.

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        Well done a real ozbargainer.

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    Not ordering from Bonds again. Order cancelled 3 weeks after ordering with no message or replies to my email whatsoever.

    • 90% of stuff I order on sale never arrives.

  • I ordered a bunch of items last time Ozbargain posted a sale. Everything came quite quickly, except one item was missing. I went to my account details and it clearly indicated that that item hadn't shipped with the order I received. I waited a week or two and had no contact from them, so reached out to say that an item hadn't been sent. A couple of days later they refunded my money, no questions asked. So I guess I had a mixed experience, the things that did arrive, came quickly, and they did refund my money quickly when I contacted them, but I doubt if I hadn't said anything they would have noticed that an item was missing.

    • From my anecdotal experience of the last Ozbargain sale, I had a similar situation to you. I bought 1 zip hoodie and 1 jumper/sweater. The zip hoodie arrived, while the sweater didn't. Laziness meant I didn't follow up with bonds, but they still gave me the refund.

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    Last time I had to chase them for weeks, before they finally refunded the items they didn't fullfill. But when I left a negative but truthful review on their site, they managed to intercept and remove it within hours.

    Image before service.

    • 90% of stuff I order on sale never arrives.

  • Why they can't design a different hoodie? This is the same design everywhere and looks like here to stay for more 10-20 years in Australia particularly.
    Very poor looking hoodie. Same boring style

    • That's how they like it in Sunnyvale

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      Its their essentials line, of course it is going to be a boring style, that's kind of the point…

  • Great, they got more sizes at midnight!! Only had XXL and S before.
    Thanks op ordered

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    FYI: 10% off only applies to Recommended Retail Price of full priced items. % off not in addition to other discounts or multi-buy offers. Not available on gift cards, gift boxes, charity items, personalised items, licenced product or where indicated on the product page.

  • I wont bother with them. Waited a month or two for last auto cancelled order

  • Thanks! I got one from the last deal and it's one of the best fitting hoodies I've ever had. Ordered 2x this time round.

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    Just be wary of bonds, they auto cancel orders all the time, the customer service and communication is horrendously bad. This stuff is cheap and good quality but as long as you go in knowing you may just get refunded in a few weeks time its not so bad.

  • My order from last time was cancelled and refunded, but some weeks later 1 of 2 items was delivered anyway!

  • Last time I order from bonds outlet my order never arrived, emailed in and then said the order had been cancelled due to overselling and i should have been notified. I wasn't notified and then I had to follow up again to manage the refund.

  • Half of my order arrived, had to chase for a refund. What did arrive was terrible quality.. not the Bonds it used to be. Would not recommend wasting money - Kmart clothes feel better.

  • Does it stack up with cashrewards?
    Somehow I can’t find the same items on cashrewards bonds, do they carry different items?

    • This deal is the Bonds Outlet Store.

  • Anyone else got their order cancelled? I received refund today. Bloody waste of time.

    • Jeez, that quick? I personally didn't bother, but I'm sure you won't be alone..

    • Mine just comes up with an order number and status 'processing' when I look online, been like this since the order a few days ago. Does this mean the order may get cancelled?

      • Possibly - they also might just be bogged down. My past orders have done pretty much the same and have gone either way.

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          I had only purchased 1 item. Below is the message I received.

          Thank you for your order. We're really sorry but we've been unable to complete your order in full, due to stock not being available for one or more of the items you ordered. We have gone ahead and refunded you for the out of stock item/s and you should see this in your account in the next 3-5 business days (depending on your method of payment and banking institution).

      • Today said will be getting shipped!!

    • You might be lucky if delivered soon

      • That never happened in my case, wishful thinking though lol..

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    I ordered this yesterday and just got confirmation it’s on the way to me. Good that I didn’t believe the negs in here saying it will get canceled anyway. I don’t mind waiting for some weeks to receive it now…

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      Likewise. Received the shipped notification over night.

  • Wow got advised they are coming. Impressed.

  • Got it delivered. Nice fit. Thx OP

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