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Convert Bank Reward Points for 12%/15% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles @ Participating Banks


Convert your bank reward points to KrisFlyer miles, with a minimum of 10,000 KrisFlyer miles in a single transaction to qualify for bonus miles.

Earn 12% bonus miles when you convert between 10,000 to 49,999 miles in a single qualifying transaction.
Earn 15% bonus miles when you convert 50,000 miles or more in a single qualifying transaction.


American Express
Diners Club International
Bank of Melbourne
National Australia Bank
Bank SA
St George

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  • +1

    Is this in reference to credit card points via these banks?

    Edit: Can confirm, logged onto ANZ rewards credit card and I see the promotion.

  • nice, it is time to plan the trip!

    I have hundreds of thousands Amex points can be used!

    • +2

      also, remember you can earn Star Alliance Gold status if you transfer more than 250k points to KrisFlyer


      • That's an American promotion, right? How many Aussie bank/AmEx points would you need to transfer to get to Krisflyer Gold then?

        • +1

          It's a Krisflyer promotion. You have to credit 250k points to your Krisflyer account to be awarded with the Gold Status

          Here is the aussie version of the article https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/singapore-airline...

          • @ck009: Got it. From what I can see, you don’t just need to ‘transfer 250k points to Krisflyer’ but your Krisflyer account needs to grow by 250k points. A big difference with some bank cards only transferring at 3:1. I miss the old AmEx days.

  • +4

    A google cached page indicates velocity will also have bonus points when transferring from participating banks (anz, cba, amex, etc) between 1 November 2021 and 30 November 2021

    however the page on velocity is currently 404

    • +1

      Yes, they have usually had those 15% bonuses for transfers every May and November.

      It's how the banks offload that 'debt', to an airline company, by nudging us with that 15% bonus.

    • great find! now to choose velocity or Kris :S

  • Ends 22 November 2021

  • how long does kris points get expired? Anyone knows please?

    • +3

      3 years, however currently they have been providing free 6 month extensions as they near expiry dates. Not sure how long they will keep doing this as flights start opening up

      • +3

        You can also pay $50 or 100 usd and have your expiring points extended for another year (only valid once thoigh)

        I love flying SIA but the points expiry is annoying as hell

        • +1

          Yes, and I don't like how the points expire in tranches.

          They were very shrewd in designing that system.

          I like the United Airlines system, where all points accumulate in 1 pool,
          and ANY activity that interacts with the account, extends the expiry by 1.5 years.

        • Agree … I lost all my points due to this restrictions.
          A bit reluctant to put my points there and have to use it within 3 years.

      • Ok. I will convert some points to kris then. I believe the boarder is opening next year to most of countries.

      • Isn't it 2 years?

        • Nah, 3 years

          • @Gunnar: That helps me ALOT.

            • @Adelv: Probably best to contact them and ask in case it's changed but the last time I looked at Kris Flyer miles expiring (2019), their expiry it was definitely 3 years

  • Are krisflyer points less than 15% worse than Qantas Frequent flyer points?

    • +8

      Say that again?

    • +1

      I found for business class flights KrisFlyer was way better value eg 115k KrisFlyer points each way to Europe, where Qantas wanted 600k points for similar flights.

      • 600k? That doesn’t look like a Classic rewards flight. I just booked a trip to Europe. Outbound on Cathay (via Qantas) for 150k Qantas points and $320 in fees and back via Singapore Air for 116k KrisFlyer and €75 ($115) in fees. The Singapore Air flight is going to be the more enjoyable, despite both flying an A350.

        • I could be wrong, but thought there isn't any fees when redeeming KF with SIA?

          • +1

            @Craze: There are certainly taxes you need to pay as per the example I gave, they’re just a lot less than what you’d pay Qantas.

    • +5

      I value KrisFlyer points more than Qantas. At least with KrisFlyer you can find many reward flights available. Good luck with Qantas unless you are Gold or Platinum Elite.

      • I value KrisFlyer points, because the SQ experience is very enjoyable,
        and transiting through Changi Airport is always a win :-)

        • +1

          Changi is usually great, but transiting through there last month was a total nightmare.

          Every transit passenger was just corralled into a waiting area which was just a repurposed departure gate. No one was able to leave that area meaning you could not go to any stores, lounges etc.

          Hopefully it will improve soon.

  • Logged into citibank and I can't see the promo. anyone?

  • -3

    Is it a 1 to 1 exchange? If so, what's the points worth?

  • +1

    Any good CC offers now?

  • Is this the first time this particular promotion is on with KrisFlyer? I have never seen before.

    • +2

      Not there was one this year also.

  • +3

    Might be able to double dip with the free star alliance gold promo too

    • Was thinking that as well.

      • If possible share the details

      • Haha great minds…

        I'm a sucker for SQ! Got 4 mil in there expiring in June and I'm transferring more in lol

        So transfer in 210k KF will equate to 241.5k KF now then another 10k KF in Feb should work?

        • Wtf! How on earth did you get some many? That's like 10+ rtw in business class.

          • @nightelves: Lots of expenses lol. ;)

            • @daft009: Wish I had those sort of expenses 😞

              • @nightelves: Yeah I know quite a few with heaps more than me lol

                • @daft009: How are you going use it all within June?

                  • @nightelves: will get gold and then just pay in miles to get it extended for 12months
                    also have booked 3 trips for 2022, including a waitlist in First for 3x pax.

                    worst case will transfer to shangrila or vrooms to book hotel rooms

            • @daft009: So losses?

              • @Diji1: Sorry missed this comment. Not sure what you mean?

    • Yup and possibly status match with Virgin Gold and hopefully Qantas will have another status match promotion this year, this will open a door to Qantas Gold.

    • is the double dip referring to the bank convertion to krisflyer points earning elite status to qualify for gold?

  • Classic no CBA.

  • +5

    Also Kris flyer can be converted to Shangri-La GC. I booked a Sydney harbour view room worth $600 for about $200 of points two weeks ago. With this promo should knock $30 points off for that.

    • Good tip !

      Is that only for Sydney,
      or Shangri-La anywhere else ?

      • +1

        Cairns, I’ve been there and it was great

        • +1

          I have plenty of KrisFlyer points,
          and I did not know what to do with them,
          with the border closures.

          This is a good idea now, for me to splurge domestically, hah

      • Shangri-La group. In fact it’s a good way of converting Amex points to Shangri-La indirectly. I had 1000 GC points and needed 2500 for the Sydney stay. All the rooms were 2500 redemption all the way to executive harbour view so I booked that room. 1500 points was about $150.

        • The converstion rate from Krisflyer to SGC is 12 to 1 . So 2,500 SGC points costs around 30,000 Krisflyer points. So how do you work out $150? I'd price Krisfyler points at least 1 cent each so $300.

  • If booking saver or if necessary advantage F or preferably suites, is there any benefit in getting gold SQ status?

    • +2

      No, except possible 12 month extension of expiring miles.

  • +3

    Just converted Amex MR points and points + bonus were credited to my KrisFlyer instantly.

    • Can I transfer points from my partners AMEx to my krisflyer account? Or it has be my card to my krisflyer account ?

      • Name has to be matched.

        • Hmm. Thanks for the info.

  • +1

    Got a bunch of AMEX and ANZ rewards, but new to this whole redemption business. Is this a cost effective way of using points? Finding it hard to compare to other product classes and between Airlines etc

    • I'm on the same boat and curious to know.

    • +3

      Depends on your definition of cost effective. Krisflyer is in my opinion the best freq flyer program to redeem business class both in terms of product, costs (points + taxes) and availability of award seats. See above an example of a recent booking I made. Some people may find it a waste to spend 116k (or 232k in membership rewards points) on a one way trip to Europe, for me it’s the only real indulgence I allow myself in life in terms of pure luxury. I’m not someone who would ever buy a luxury car or cares about status but I enjoy the relentless chasing of points, the planning of the perfect trip, the actual kick I get from booking a trip, the joy in the weeks leading up to the trip knowing that I’ll arrive somewhat rested, the stress it reduces when getting to the airport (less queues), the lounge experience, the book-the-chef option, the way you’re pampered in flight, the option of having a nice shower half way in the lounge, the priority baggage handling on arrival etc. Other people who say, you could have redeemed your points for gift cards, book a cheap economy flight instead and save the $500 to spend on a nice hotel upon arrival also have a point of course but I really depends on what brings you joy and reduces travel stress.

  • I have my pts from AMEX deal, I think it was around 75k Krisflyer, so this would be a nice bonus.

    I'm discussing extending my current pts, the 2 year timeslot has me worried currently.

    • 3 year validity

      • Thanks.

        I will transfer then, Ill have 450k PTS.

        Im deciding on first class around the world, or a couple of return business trips!

  • +1

    Thanks OP - was waiting on this deal to come back so I can transfer my ANZ/Citi/Amex points and close the cards after!

  • Do we ring AMEX< or is it ONLINE?

  • Can't find it in the HSBC website or am I doing something wrong? Only the VA conversion is available

    • I gave them a call, only mastercard cards can do that. Not the platinum

  • Anyone know of a promo code to use when signing up for KrisFlyer? I was a member in 2008 but it seems to have lapsed.

  • +1

    Is transferring to SQ and then using the SQ points to book VA flights a better deal? I have my doubts about how long VA will be around to be honest. They are being run by cowboys who are renowned for stripping a company of its assets then dumping it.

    • Put them into Velocity if you don’t want your points to expire and you plan on using them domestically. Use Krisflyer if you are planning a trip to/via Singapore within the next 3 years. Over the years, I’ve booked maybe 20 international redemptions via Qantas, Delta, Korean Air and Singapore Air. Singapore Air has always been the best in terms of availability. I’ve tried to use my Velocity points over and over again but never found any ‘classic’ rewards seats.

  • Tossing between KF and Velocity as Velocity is having 30% bonus with ANZ rewards now…

    • +2

      Assuming you don't need the Krisflyer points in the near future and they don't change the redemption rate between Krisflyer and Velocity once the transfer suspension is lifted, it's better value to transfer to velocity with the 30% bonus.

      With each of the current bonuses available:

      ANZ => Velocity => KF = 0.419 KF miles per ANZ rewards point
      ANZ => KF = 0.383 KF miles per ANZ rewards point

      The spanner in the works would be if the relationship between VA and SIA changes following VA's change in ownership.

      • +1

        This is only for banks where the rate between Krisflyer and Velocity if different (eg doesn’t apply to Membership Rewards). Velocity to Krisflyer was 1.55:1 before they suspended this last year (and it could be that this reciprocal partnership doesn’t come back at all).

  • It says bank transfer points to KF miles can take up to 14 days. Do the points need to 'physically' reach KF account by 22nd Nov? Or would the bonus still apply as long as transfer is made out of the bank account by 22nd Nov?

    • Believe points will need to be in the KF account by 22 Nov to count.

      • Oh gosh, I just converted ANZ rewards points for KF and still need to call ANZ tomorrow to verify my details…. fingers crossed the points will get into KF by 22/11!

  • be warned my Westpac altitude account, on their altitude site it said 3 biz days for processing then on final checkout it said 5 biz days so different information.

  • Someone mentioned the amex transfer is instant,isn' t it?
    How about Citibank?

  • Anyone know if the transfer bonus counts toward elite status for Singapore Airlines

    • NO

    • You should. But the elite miles will not show up immediately but within 3 weeks after the campaign period has ended.

  • I haven't got a Krisflyer account. Is there any bonus going on with opening an account.

  • +1

    For those like me who have left this till the last minute, I was pleased to see that transferring ~250k MR points from AmEx to Krisflyer took less than 2 hours, I didn't have an existing Krisflyer account linked to this particular AmEx profile either so the whole process of linking them first and then transferring was pretty fast. Bonus points hit the account immediately as well. In the process, I became a Silver status holder as well, which is a nice plus I suppose.

    • Good feedback. In my experience transferring today ANZ was instant and AmEx half an hour.

      • I forgot to mention the bonus points and status credits were added to my account immediately on receipt of the transfers.

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