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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Dual Palit GPU $955 + Delivery @ MightyApe


Pretty good price for 3060 TI. Better be quick before it sold out

I bought this earlier this month and it has performed pretty well. Max temp I got is 75C when playing FPS games and 90C hotspot.

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia


  • Mine just got unpublished -_- for the same title.

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    Is this website legit

  • Picked one up on the last deal for $940.
    Great card compared to what's on the market at the moment.

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    Is this a mini or regular size? Asking for a friend…

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      Forum reference 😂
      5 ups in 8 minutes is mad!

    • Make sure you split the difference when they sell it.

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      mum said its my turn to post this next

    • Asking too soon. Try again after 12 months.

  • the colourful battleaxe 3060 ti is a better deal the last time it got posted on ozbargain.

    triple fan and local warranty

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      $1079 when Posted, $1139 now.

      • I got one locally in Perth for $1100. Probably too high of a price I know but they still got plenty of stocks if anyone's interested.

        • Where about?

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            @Lonewolf1983: igamingcomputer.com.au

            Sorry my bad… Says sold out on the website. Should've checked before I said they got plenty of stock. When I bought it last month they did have plenty left, and easily gave a me a discount of $99 when I asked for a better price. Not sure if they update the website frequently, might be a good idea to give them a call to find out.

  • A 3060 Ti under $1k, not bad in the current climate

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      GST and customs charges doesn't apply unless it's over $1k.

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        Not according to this article. GST is applied to items under $1000. That legislation to apply GST to low value import items by consumers was introduced a few years ago. This has been since 1 July 2017. So where have you been hiding if you didn't already know this.


        Yes you pay 10% GST on this graphics card which is shipping from New Zealand. The GST is already factored into the price shown on the web site since it's the AU domain site.

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          It's what happens on the mightyape site. Add a $1k+ item and you'll find they add 10% GST and custom charges during the checkout.
          Items under $1000 (like the GPU in the OP) don't add extra charges.

          • @FireRunner: GST is already factored into the price of the items shown on the web site. Under $1000 don't get charged customs duty, but you sure do get charged the 10% GST which is already factored into the total price already no matter what price it is. GST applies to all value items.

            So there is indeed 10% GST on this $955 graphics card. You can't get away from it.

            • @hollykryten: Yeah, I'm not sure if they're double charging GST or something but it's adds it 10% charge during checkout.
              If I add this $1338 RTX3070 at checkout I see:

              Estimated import taxes:
              GST: + AU$133.80
              Customs Charges: + AU$50.00
              Customs Duty: May apply

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                @FireRunner: No it's not adding it up twice. The $133.80 GST was already factored into the $1338 price. It's just showing you a breakdown of what the GST costs was from the $1338 price. Mightyape passes the GST onto the Australian Government.

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                  @hollykryten: I took the next step and looked at the total in PayPal, looks like you're correct, it was only going to charge $1338+$5.90 delivery. I guess the warning is that there may be customs duty charge?
                  A lot of previous deals on ozbargain had been unpublished because of the warning. Not if sure if it's changed recently or a lot of people got confused by it

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            @FireRunner: In the name of science I just did this and can confirm GST is added on in the cart, as well as customs fees

            • @Llampy: It must have factored in the shipping fee to the cost which tipped the total invoice cost to over $1000. They factor in the shipping costs. It's crap or else you wouldn't have got charged customs duty if the total invoice was under $1000.

              • @hollykryten: Sorry, I mean I added a >$2300 card to the cart and got slugged $230 gst + $50 customs. Thankfully 3060 ti shipping was only $5 so no other hidden chargesthere

                • @Llampy: I bet if you add an under $1000 item it won't get slugged customs duty. And remember it factors in the shipping costs to it.

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        Yes it applies to all purchases
        Some stuff slips through but factor in to cost

  • OoS

  • Bit the bullet, thanks OP!

  • Sold out already. RIP.

  • Hope we can see more GPUs prices drop like this!

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    Just so you all know for sure. Like i've been saying the GST and customs duty (if required to pay customs duty) is already factored into the price shown on the web site and the total price in the checkout. So no need to be worrying about being slugged extra for GST at a later date because at the checkout you've already paid for it through the order factored in the total cost. That seems to already include over $1000 the price shown on the web site has GST and customs duty already factored into the price shown.

    What you see priced on the web site is the final price which already includes all Australian taxes factored in.

    It's written so in B&W in this help page.

    "Is GST already included in the price?

    Yes! All of our products already include all duties and taxes (including GST) in the price - the price on the website is the final price."


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    My wife's boyfriend gave me his approval. I am allowed to buy this.

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      Well unfortunately it's already sold out. So that's a no goer for you. Sorry.

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        Thanks. Somehow I think Chad knew already.

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    "Important: Orders for this product ship from our New Zealand warehouse and orders for Australia or other countries may be liable for additional taxes, customs fees and duties. These fees are not included in the advertised price and are estimated in the checkout. Customers purchasing within New Zealand are not affected."

    • -1

      You may be required to pay GST, Duty, and Import Processing Charges to the Australian government prior to delivery, because your order exceeds AU$1000 in value and some items will be sent from outside Australia.

      Estimated import taxes:

      GST + AU$143.20
      Customs Charges + AU$50.00
      Customs Duty May apply
      Payment for taxes and duty will be collected by the customs authority in the destination country.

      (this is selecting the $1437.90 3070ti)

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        The final price is 1437.90 then.

  • There was one left this morning. Just bought one for my little bro. Cheers!!!! Love you for posting. Know he'll be gaming.

  • Can confirm mighty ape being legit. Bought this exact card a fews weeks back for $950.00 express delivered, no GST under 1k. Big tip for future mighty ape deals, don’t tight arse on postage. Get express mine arrived in under 24hrs to my doorstep! Some waiting much longer for regular postage.

    • I got standard delivery on that deal and it took 2 weeks to get to me. Not fun when you’ve been waiting with the rest of your pc parts and eager to build!

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      Yeah. Always upgrade to the DHL Express shipping option if you can. It arrives much faster over from New Zealand. Goes via a DHL courier plane from New Zealand to Australia i believe.

  • Back in stock for $1099

    • its $1199 when I just clicked the link, so every time when stock is back, they will jack up at least $100 per lot …

      • Sudden price gouging after a sudden spike in demand of the product.

        • haha which GPU these days are not in demand? Every single deal out got ozbargained quickly!

  • For me to leave my1080ti I gotta go harder than this

  • still selling out too fast. Local retailers still have availability issues and super high prices: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-availability-australia-291021/

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