Recommend Me Some Kitchen Essential Recommendations

Hi guys, moving out of home for the first time into an apartment in the melbourne CBD. Need some help finding good brands for some items. Don't have cash to splurge but I don't wanna buy cheap shit that breaks every few weeks. List of stuff:

Pots and pans
Cutting board
Other cooking utensils: spatula, measuring spoons whisks etc
Bowls, plates, cups/mugs

Also a decent 55" TV and a washing machine for 2 people as well. And a microwave :) Thanks in advance.


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    Go to IKEA on a non-peak day and spend some time around their kitchen section. You'll pick up plenty of decent quality products for decent prices and tons of other knick-knacks and nifty things you didn't know existed. They have everything you need in one place.

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      This is the answer. Highly recommend getting the Sensuell cookware over the disc bottomed options.

  • I'd get a single steel pan (24-28cm) for most daily things and a cheap non-stick for those less common times you truly don't want any oil at all or as a second pan when required. Same for pots, except stainless steel. I'd not go all out on non-stick coated cookware. If you have gas then a cheap steel wok is pretty good too.

  • Check if the stove is induction or not before buying pots and pans.

    Like others have said ikea is great for cutlery and pretty much everything you’ve mentioned above.

    For your non stick pan look out for the tefal gourmet anodised when it’s half price or close to

    Check out op shops for things like casserole dishes and baking trays. You also can get a fair bit of stuff for the kitchen free from local ‘buy nothing’ Facebook groups, or filter $0 or ‘free stuff’ on marketplace, people are always clearing out kitchen stuff.

  • Difficult question when we don't know if OP can cook, or what they usually / like to cook.
    You can get away with just some basics for cooking; a good knife or two, a spatula, a couple of pans and/or a wok. Almost certainly don't need any kitchen electronic gadgets.

  • Stuff that caught me out:
    - lighter if you've moved from electric to an gas cooktop without igniter
    - can opener, but I'm sure YouTube could show you millions of ways to do without

  • Microwave, Inverter type is best, and remember, induction hotplates need magnetic pans to work, low grade stainless or basic steel , Aluminium or high grade S/S no good. If you're into cooking, canisters for basics,sugar, flour cereal, etc. Decent dish rack, holder for paper towel roll, small rubbish bin for scraps, waste paper bin, good Swiss serrated knives, often advertised here,scales, useful for weighing post articles so you don't get ripped off at Post.

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    Go to your local Goodwill or Vinnies, stock up with cheap plates, cutlery glasses etc then later wait until sales and replace. Also check with relatives often they have a toaster, iron etc they aren’t using.

    This is Ozbargain….

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