Champion Bucket Hat $20, Champion Script Cap $20 (Was $30) + $6 Delivery ($0 with $150 Order) @ JD Sports


Pick up an original Champion bucket hat - normally $30 - now $20 + Delivery ($6) @ JD Sports

takes me back to rave days…

Fakes on Ebay for $15 so get the real thing and head down to the Globe - you know the score

Caps also $20 -

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JD Sports Australia
JD Sports Australia


  • Inspector Clouseau!

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    Thanks, now I feel like KFC.

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  • Bought bucket and cap

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    This is probably the first JD Sports post on OzBargain that is not going to get cancelled, they'll be very pleased to get this out of their warehouse I bet

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    Needs some googely eyes on it.

  • I've still got a couple of superior reversible $5 Billabongs,
    I'm not even sure this has a string to keep it on your head.

  • Teenage dirt bag

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    This is the type of junk they sell for 5pounds at sports direct

    • This sort of junk you get normally free. I don’t bother if there’s an optus or Vodafone logo on it…

  • One size bucket hats never fit me :/

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    I remember 20 years ago when Champion and Reebok were crap brands you wouldn't be seen dead in.

    Yet now they're god tier, and brands like Ecko and Fubu are gone :(

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      In the early 90's if you had anything with Champion or Fila you were a god….and a good chance of getting rolled for it.

      • Exactly - then now its mainstream

  • free delivery on the JD app ends monday

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