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Pioneer SE MS7BT Wireless over Ear Headphones $99 (Free Delivery) @ Powermove Distribution Pty Ltd via Amazon AU


An amazing pair of headphones for any headsize and earsize. They fit comfortably
Supports Hi Res audio in wired mode.
Sound great and there is no change in sound signature wired or wireless
Super comfy to wear for long hours
Pioneer balanced sound quality

Sound: Plays Hi-Res audio such as DSD, MQA & FLAC; Extremely wide frequency range reproduces the finest sound details; Particularly stable low-frequency reproduction for rich bass
Battery: Powerful battery delivers up to 12 hours of music playback with one charge, charging time: 4 hours, can be used with headphone cable included when battery is empty
Comfort: Cordless, wide padded ear cups that enclose the whole ear, ergonomically shaped, 290g weight
Included in delivery: Pioneer Headphones SE-MS7BT, Micro USB Cable, Headphone Cable, User Manual

Cons: Micro USB, BT3.0

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    Cons: Micro USB, BT3.0, not shipped via amazon au.

    • lol i mean this is a product rooted in 2016 or something since it only supports old formats

  • Is this BT v3? How old is this Model?

    • Brand ‎Pioneer
      Manufacturer ‎Pioneer
      Model Number ‎SE-MS7BT-K
      Model Name ‎Pioneer
      Model year ‎2016

  • Would that give you delayed lip synch issues when watching a movie on the PC?

    • -1

      i think realistically there's no need to entertain 5 yr old tech products at this price point

      • I bought my QC35s in 2017 and would still recommend people buy them for the right price. For $99 if the sound quality is good these are a bargain.

        • Exactly. These sound so good and comfy. They are a no brainer at $99. I loved using them wired on my desk. Just consider bluetooth as additional advantage. I did not find any issues pairing or signal strength despite these being BT3.0

      • +2

        These are headphones, not the latest iPhone. Good sound in 2016 is still good sound in 2021.

    • +1

      No. These do not have sound delay. I love to use these for watching movies

  • Or buy the Taotronics when they're not Taotronics from the Helios store on Amazon. Delivered by Amazon.
    All of the features, USB-C, BT5, ANC, Aptx, Aux cable, long battery etc for $79.99 - 10% code.
    Or you can pay a lot more for 10% better headphones.

    I have a pair when they were called Taotronics BH085, now they're just called BH085. Great for the money.

    • +1

      Decent option for those worried about connectivity and old tech but the look and I imagine the feel of the Pioneers are tempting enough to forego a bit of the cutting-edge tech at this price-point, IMO. Still, you gotta love underrated underdog products.

  • +1

    "Sound great and there is no change in sound quality wired or wireless"

    this is untrue. Bluetooth audio is recompressed from whatever the source (spotify, WAV, etc) is.

    i mean you said it in the OP "supports hi-res audio via cable only"

    • +1

      Thank you. Updated. I did not observe any change actually listening to spotify.

      • all good, but its worth pointing out.

        the difference i noticed between spotify via bluetooth (capped at 192kbps) in my car vs spotify via carplay (aka airplay, which is CD quality) was night and day.

        • +1

          everything supports high res audio via 3.5mm cable

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