AldiMobile Family Plan or Other Cheap Mobile + Data Plan on Telstra Network?

I currently have the Aldi $25 plan with 20GB / Month and unlimited rollover. I have 317GB of rollover data. I keep this plan because very occassionally I need to make a few International Calls and to use a bit more data than usual.

What I want now is to have 2 SIMs - one for Mobile and one for Data. I am thinking of an AldiMobile $45 Family Plan with 40GB Data:

Unfortunately I can't transfer my rollover data AldiMobile says: "Unfortunately you would forfeit your rollover data when moving from a Mobile Plan to a Family Plan. Also changing from one Family Plan to another Family Plan will forfeit rollover data and inclusions."

Unless there is some fancy ozbargain trick to transfer my number AND keep the SIM with its Data, I am probably going to have to start off with a whole new plan.

Is there a better deal out there than the AldiMobile $45 for 40GB with Data sharing? MUST be on Telstra Network though.

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    For Telstra network, look at either Boost or Woolies Wobile.

    Boost gets the full 4G spectrum but is a little more expensive.
    Woolies gets the wholesale 4G spectrum (but still Telstra) but is cheaper and you can get 10% off your grocery shop once a month.

    Aldi is pretty expensive in comparison.

    Also, read your comment about keeping your data rollover… how much data do you actually use? Are you just banking the data and paying a high monthly amount for the sake of it? Might be better to just forfeit the data and move to one of the prepaid plans I mentioned above and you save money in the long run.

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    Move your $25 plan to $15 and save $10 and use that for partial payment of some data plan.

    • Not a bad idea… I'm thinking about it.

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    Do you still make overseas calls? And what's the usage for the data sim?

    Just asking since it really doesn't seem like you use any data at all, Aldi has only had infinite rollover of data for 2-3 years now, so you might only be using 20-30gb of data year. Upping it to 480GB a year seems massive overkill based on your usage, unless you're going to start running your home internet off it or something.

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    I have 317GB of rollover data

    Yeah sounds like you only need may be 1/4 of your current mobile data plan capacity.

    Best to go with the Cheapest Boost 365 day mobile plan as it comes with Free international callings (if you need to stick to Telstra network)

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