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10% off 2021 MacBook Pro | 14" 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD $2699, 16" 16GB / 512GB $3374 @ The Good Guys / Officeworks


The Good Guys are running 10% off MacBooks and this includes the new MacBook Pro's only just recently released.

Can then price match at Officeworks to get a further 5% off if you'd like. - OW has now updated their pricing to match.

Key Features

  • Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max chip for a massive leap in CPU, GPU and machine learning performance
  • Up to 10-core CPU delivers up to 3.7x faster performance to fly through pro workflows quicker than ever3
  • Up to 32-core GPU with up to 13x faster performance for graphics-intensive apps and games3
  • 16-core Neural Engine for up to 11x faster machine learning performance3
  • Longer battery life, up to 17 hours1
  • Up to 64GB of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid
  • Up to 8TB of superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
  • Stunning 14-inch Liquid Retina XDR display with extreme dynamic range and contrast ratio2
  • 1080p FaceTime HD camera with advanced image signal processor for sharper video calls
  • Six-speaker sound system with force-cancelling woofers
  • Studio-quality three-microphone array captures your voice more clearly
  • Three Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, headphone jack and MagSafe 3 port
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for secure unlocking and payments
  • macOS Monterey lets you connect, share and create like never before, with exciting new FaceTime updates and a redesigned Safari
  • Available in space grey and silver

As always, enjoy :)

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            • +1

              @Icecold5000: Yes. The portability advantages are just too great for people on the move. I write code most of my time on the laptop with the occasional photo and video editing. The speed and responsiveness between the M1 Air and M1Pro 16 feels the same to me. Yes bigger nicer screen on the 16 is better but it comes at a cost. The M1 Air feels more like an appliance with no fans. You’re right though it will never happen it will eat up the Pro sales.

              • +1

                @karankadam: It took Apple 6 years to get the ports back and a start making a decent keyboard. If it is going to happen we would be waiting too long. I think if you got enough of a discount the base 14.2” MBP could be a substitute. It’s not perfect but at the moment with the current line it’s as close as you can get.

                • @Icecold5000: The next MBA with M2 will have to be a redesign. The current design was originally designed for intel chips and the bulk required for that.

                  • @entropysbane: Should be interesting. Worth waiting for if you can I gather. However, the new MBPs are bulkier than the intel versions.

  • +5

    For those consider between 8core vs 10core models (14")
    From initial CPU benchmark
    10core M1Pro CPU is around 20% better than 8core M1Pro in multicore performance


    • +17

      Math checks out I guess

    • Is the battery affected by the 10 core?
      I want the longest battery life.

      • +1

        It might affect the battery life if you max out the CPU usage all the time
        However, in reality I reckon battery life difference on 8c vs 10c will be pretty small and/or even not noticeable

      • No battery performs the best

    • Probably a reason why Apple sent out 10c M1 Pro units to all reviewers I’ve seen.

    • I'm actually waiting to see more reviews/comparisons. Some seem to indicate negligible differences in real life workflows but I guess it really depends what you actually do with the machines. I assumed the mid-spec model with the full M1 Pro and 1TB of SSD was the logical choice (given in say the iMac the base model is missing out on quite a few features) but with the Macbook Pro 14 I'm actually a bit more unsure given the price delta is more significant.

  • +3

    I called TGG and queried the stock/price for the 16" M1 Max:

    • Was offered $4,676.
    • There is no physical stock in the country.
    • There is no indication as to when stock will be delivered. Likely in line with Apple's own timeframes, but no certainty.

    I actually purchased the 14" M1 Pro with 32GB and 24GPU from the Apple website this morning, but I guess for $27 more, I can get the 16" and 32 GPU (not that I'll ever use it). Seems like a no-brainer to cancel Apple and go with TGG, or am I getting suckered into an unknown delivery and more power that I'll never use?

    • +7

      If U don't do it, You will always think about it.

      If U have PC now then canx and get the upgrade for $27 more

  • +3

    I am not sure about the notch design, that's the only thing turns me off.

    • +2

      Yeah it's strange, but from the numerous reviews I've seen/read, they seem not to notice it after a week of use.

      • Doesn't it block some part of the application menus?

      • +4

        Been using mine for a day now and I’ve already forgotten about the notch. It blends into the top bar and when it full screen you don’t even see it as the top bar is fully blackened out.

    • yeah im not sure about the design either might get the m1 version for half the price.

      • The M1 Air is really good value if you don't need to cart around a heavy laptop for super demanding workloads, slightly regretting going to the 16" because of weight.

        • Is the weight noticeable?

    • The notch is above the 16:10 region so it shouldn't matter too much, but not bring oled will make it more visible.

    • I've had mine for less than a day and I already don't even notice it.

    • +1

      Those Pro models are tools. If those can't fit into your workflow, that would be a proper reason to reject. Notch shouldn't be the reason. If you want something pretty, MacBook Air and old Pro are better choices.

      • all computers are tools

    • +2

      One day technology would advance enough to make devices without notches.

      • +1

        Asks apple to samsung.

      • +1

        Just buy 2020 MBA and MBPs then. Problem solved. If your buying decisions revolves around a notch rather than specs and a use case I would say that decision making process makes no sense.

    • Jeez! Get over it already

  • +4

    It surprises me how quickly MacBook prices got back to normal. The m1 laptop was fantastic value compared to this, even if you were paying by being a beta tester.

    But I'm glad these laptops are looking like a premium device for once. Sd card slot is back baby.

  • Any 14" with 32gb RAM?
    Also how can I get applecare when buying from tgg/ow?

    • +1

      Unfortunately, you can’t get a 14” with 32Gb ram from a bricks and mortar store. You can only get that configuration via Apple website (Edu/AoC) and will be delivered probably end November or early December.

      • What is AoC? Do they ever do 10% off discounts?

    • You can buy within Mac OS after you turn it on. It’ll even give you a countdown until you are no longer eligible.

  • I am lost in between 8 core, 10 core, M1 Pro, M1X , 16Gb, 32Gb, benchmarks etc etc.

    • Ive been told the 8 cores are just faulty chipsets where 2 cores have been damaged or 1 is damaged and Apple has shut off a 2nd.

      • Not faulty, just lower grade of the same.

        • +2

          Defects = Faulty, not that there is anything wrong with binning. It's more economical.

      • +6

        This is common practice for all chip manufacturing.

        • I thought he did a joke 🤔

          • +1

            @ChipsChicky: A lot of chip manufacturer do the same.

            For example AMD will have 6 core CPU and if 1 or 2 of the core don't pass the stress test. They will disable them and sell it as 4 core.

            Same thing with Intel CPUs and others.

            Even some GPU don't pass test so they will sell as cheaper versions.

            I recall some AMD/NVIDIA GPU could have their bios hacked and activate the extra cores / memory that was disabled.

    • +1

      Here was my thinking - they're all seemingly monstrously powerful chips and can probably handle most, if not all, of your tasks. Figure out your most power hungry tasks, and what's the lightest cpu that can handle it well.

      The benchmarks of the m1 macbook air absolutely blew me away, and for me, made the pros redundant. For reference I use lightroom and do a bit of video editing.

  • +1

    I’ve got the 14” Max on order with 64G RAM. Biggest computing task will be digital photography. I wish I could say I welcome the return of the SD-card slot, but it doesn’t really help me much as I shoot on CF-cards exclusively.

    • +1

      genuine question: won't that be a little overkill for your workflow? (i'm ignorant BTW so please explain if I'm wrong) :)

    • +1

      Is 64GB for photography a bit overkill?
      32GB with the unified RAM should be plenty?

      • Probably overkill - agreed.

        I’ve got 32 GB in my 13” M1 and it’s working fine. But given that these machines can positively not be upgraded I certainly didn’t want to go low there.

        • +5

          I’ve got 32 GB in my 13” M1 and it's working fine.

          Pretty amazing consider they top out at 16 GB :)

          • @SteveBuscemi: You’re right and I confused it with my 2020 15” Intel which has 32 GB and is used as a desktop replacement. My M1 13” has 16 GB and is running my photo workflow smoothly.

            So even more overkill ;)

            I do deal with largish panos every few months (about 400 GB in size) but would be lying if I said they were any issue on my 32 GB machine. But as I said: can’t upgrade later on…

      • I was editing photos on my M1 Air with 8gb memory until last month just fine. Unified memory is super efficient and fast. 32gb / 64gb is overkill for most people.

        • This. My daughters M1 Air just seem to crush everything I throw at it.

      • Bit of future proofing. As software develops I'm sure 64GB will be more norm in the next 6-8 years.

    • How is that possible? I thought you can only get the Max, and therefore 64 GB (the Pro only supports up to 32 GB) in the 16"?

      • +3

        Nope - identical configs available regardless of screen size. A first for MacBooks.

        • Ah yes, you're right! There is no preconfigured model but you can configure it yourself. Nice.

        • +1

          except you don't get the 'high power' mode on 14''

  • +2

    the price drop was too quick lol, it was just released yday

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I price matched Officeworks in store (Perth CBD, WA) +5% price beat. Picking it up tomorrow (will be delivered from warehouse).

    FYI - to the extent they don't have any in the warehouse, they wouldn't honour a back order.

    • +3

      Thanks for this, just did the same thing (the sales guy even mentioned someone before just did this so I’m guessing it was you at the Perth store!).

      • Yep lol

  • 8 core vs 10 core models (14") ???

    don't need the 10 core want the faster charger and bigger HDD

    Is it worth an additional $640?


    • Upgrade hard drive plus 20$ adapter for fast charger?

    • +2

      For 14"
      You can use standard 100W PD charger to fast charge (20V 5A)
      which will still deliver the 30mins -> 50% speed

      However, for 16"
      Since PD charging is currently limited to 100W
      you will need to use MagSafe 3 to fast charge
      MagSafe 3 is using USB PD 3.1 Extended Power Range (EPR)
      which support up to 240W
      The 140W adaptor for fastcharge in MBP 16" (M1Max) is rated at 28V 5A = 140W

      ref: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/14-inch-macbook-pro-can...

  • +1

    Can you price match in Officework in Melbourne where only C&C? If so, do you call them up for price match or something?

  • +5

    Only downside of purchasing externally rather than through Apple is that if yours buying base model 14" you wont be able to select the 96W power adapter which will faster charge the laptop. Base comes with a 60W not capable of fast charging!

  • +1

    I want to buy the base 14" MBP but with the more powerful 96W power adapter instead of the default 67W one, is there any way I can change this option?

  • Will OW price beat this by 5%?

    • why wouldn't they?

      • With the further 5% off, do you reckon this is a buy or should I hold till boxing day or back to school?

  • Could these be price matched at Apple Store?

    • +7

      In-store or over-the-phone: yes.

      • Apple will price match, but only up to a maximum discount of 10%. For example, if The Good Guys were offering a 12% discount on 2021 MacBook Pros, Apple would only offer a 10% discount.
      • You could then use discounted gift cards from a number of gift card portals or Apple gift cards occasionally sold at Coles or Woolworths or BIG W with bonus Flybuys or Everyday Rewards points to stack the savings.

      Online: no.

      • +1

        By doing that the Smart Cookies have smashed the OW discount with those 15% off cards :)

      • how often does the bonus points offer for Apple gift cards usually happen? i hope they will be able to come back by next month.

      • Apple cannot price match because it is a new product, I just called them.

        • +2

          I’ve never heard that being given as a reason before.

          Did they say how long you would have to wait be before you could price match?

        • +5

          I've just price matched the 14" over the phone with 10% off, paying with a combination of Apple ID balance, gift card and credit card. Received order confirmation.

          • @hz19: That's great, I wish the person I had called at 9am knew what they were doing.

        • +2

          @auto You just ran into a Turkey who doesn't know their policies .

          • +2

            @popsiee: Or @hz19 ran into a turkey who doesn’t know their policies.

            To be fair, Apple doesn’t widely advertise the fact that they price match, so who knows what the actual terms and conditions are!

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: Your the expert around here on gift cards m8 :)
              Scotty should give you the key to OZB gift card page to keep it in shape .

              • +1

                @popsiee: Oh don’t worry, I was making changes to the gift card page last night…

        • That's not the Ozbargain spirit. Give me their name, I'll give them a call 😉

        • Saw this post literally the same day as the MBP arrived from online preorder purchase. I rang them this morning to check if they could price match and they did. Got back the difference in form of gift card balance as that was used majority from the purchase.

  • +1

    Got the base 14 with extra 5% just before my local OW close, thanks

  • +2

    All of these new M1 chips probably need a few years for software developers to catch up with.
    I don't see many people other than videographers working with +6K raw video files who can take full advantage of these amazing, new chips.
    Music producers won't be able to use many of their favorite VSTs and VSTi's.
    But obviously, it's nice to have 'the latest and the greatest', especially when there is a bargain on it ;)

    • +1

      That’s certainly true when you switch to native Apple Silicon mode, similar thing with Photoshop and non-ported plugins.

      But these machines can even outperform the older Intels when running Intel code on Rosetta 2. This gives you access to the ‘legacy’ plugins. No reason there not to buy one of these M1 Pro/Max if you’re in the market for a highly specced notebook now and enjoy MacOS.

      • Probably one of the reason why the new MBP is so fast is because of the massive improvements on memory and SSD speeds
        even running on Rosetta2 where it might deduct 20% performance on conversion
        the SSD is 2-3times faster than most NVMe SSDs in the market (7.5GB/s read)
        the unified memory in M1 SoC is also way faster and efficient on memory management compare to standard desktop/laptop

        • +1

          Apple certainly good at marketing.

          The M1 Pro / Max's SSD being faster is due to supporting PCIe gen 4 SSDs. So, if you compared to current PCIe gen 4 SSDs, they are the same.

          M1 SoC is also way faster and efficient on memory management compare to standard desktop/laptop

          This is from watching youTube videos (based on comments like the 8GB RAM is enough for M1 for most people) right? The funny thing is some of those youTubers now saying they are upgrading to M1 Pro because they want at least 16GB RAM.

          If you need a laptop now, then the new M1 Pro/Max is a great choice. However, if you don't, then it isn't really a great idea (unless you do a lot of video work). This is the first iteration of Apple silicon in MBPs and the Thunderbolt 4 / USB 4 implementation - we don't know whether 8K is implemented (and we know new alt-mode standard is coming). Furthermore, PCIe gen 5 SSDs are set to arrive 2022. Apple might go PCIe gen 5 SSD for M2 (if not, most certainly for M3).

          While M1 Pro / Max is awesome, most people don't have the equipments to really benefit / take full advantage of it. You basically need camera or video camera gears, lenses which cost just as much as the M1 Pro laptop, if not more. Also, as great as the mini-LED display is. If you really want to do heavy work, you will need a quality external display (preferably 6K).

          • @netsurfer: Agree that the M1 Pro / Max is not for everyone
            And even for video editing, it totally depends on which software you use

            Newest test results shows that running Adobe Premier Pro on M1 Max is not so impressive,
            just slightly faster than Surface Laptop Studio, but way slower than ThinkPad P15
            But once changing into FinalCut Pro, it max out the performance on M1 Max

            Since not all softwares in Mac are optimised on the new ARM silicon chip
            those that relying on Rosetta 2 might not outperform a good windows machine with high-end dedicated graphics

            For me, as I don't do video editing but mainly working on both Xcode and Visual Studio for Mac
            I believe Xcode performance on the new chip will improve quite significantly
            but Visual Studio will not see much gain, probably until Microsoft release the new ARM optimised version

            And lastly, in regards to SSD speed
            While PCIe gen 4 support up to 16Gb/s
            most mid-range SSDs in the market that uses PCIe gen 4 interface can only reach max read speed around 5Gb/s
            better ones like WD Black SN850 and Samsung 980 PRO reach max read speed around 7GB/s
            which are still slightly slower than the new MBP 2021

            • @littlesoldier: PCI-E 4.0 (4x) has a maximum bandwidth of 7.88GB/s. Double that of PCI-E 3.0 (4x).

              So the SSDs at 7.3GB/s right now like Kingston Fury Renegade have pretty much maxxed out the interface already.

              The absolute fastest MBP Max 2021 (4TB+) is the same speed as off-the-shelf solutions such as the above (7300MB/s).
              The 2TB and lower MBPs Max get slower speeds of around 6000MB/s and the MBP Pro gets closer to 5000MB/s depending on configuration.

              So in actual fact, most people buying MBP are going to end up with some of the slowest PCI-E 4.0 drives you can get.

      • Is rosetta better than parralels?

        • They are different. Rosetta is about running Apple apps (compiled for Intel CPUs) on M1/Pro/Max. Parallels is running Windows apps on Mac M1/Pro/Max.

          Parallels is one way to run PC games on Apple, but due to the virtualisation / emulation overhead, there is performance penalty.

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