Products You Buy from Chemist Warehouse Semi/Regularly?

Do y'all buy any items from CW like monthly basis or what interval?

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Chemist Warehouse
Chemist Warehouse


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    Mouthwash ? whenever Shopback/Cashrewards has a minimum $5 spend limit

    • Same, but shaving cream.

  • None. Can't stand the claustrophobic tight aisles bumping into people constantly so don't shop there.

    • The one in Fitzroy isn’t bad; however the ones in the city can be like that.

  • This is what I learnt from them but maybe it my br changed in future. You can submit your digital prescription then you can have those prescription item for free even it below $50.

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      I never understood how the "digital script" works..?

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        There is paper one and the digital one - the former still works but you need to actual mail them the copy. the later is qr code given via text message to your phone as online link. You can then later copy and paste that online link to chemist warehouse. Note you need to create profile under your account then you can attach that digital prescription to that profile. You can have multiple profiles but only one of the same medicine can be ordered in 24 hours.

        • Just bought 2 prescription medicines for $17.98 with free delivery today. Love Chemist Warehouse for doing this.

    • I have paper advantan scripts for my baby which costs me $8/tube from CW. Did you mean that I could get those tubes for free if I request a digital script and make a profile on the CW website? How does the process work?

      Hoping to help my baby budget stretch a bit further these days…looks like baby will need these for quite a while into late toddlerhood. :(

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        YOu need to have account with Chemist warehouse, then under your account setting add profile - in this case your baby name.

        If you have paper prescription - you need to mail Chemist wareouse, it's easier to just contact your doctor to get digital prescription, then you can email [email protected] the digital prescription link for which profile under your account (based on your email address).

        Then once they confirm it's added to baby's profile, you can just simply add the prescription to cart the pay. Confirm which profile that product for and confirm it's uses the existing prescription.

        Sorry I just re-read your comment, let me clarify that the shipping is free - the prescription product you still need to pay.

        • Thanks for your reply! All still great info to stretch our dollars! :)

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    Circadin 2mg, Endone 5mg, Stilnox 6.25 CR, Stilnox 12.5 CR, Lyrica 300mg, Sudafed 12hr, Telfast and Advil.
    I think I see the problem here now! ha!

    Damn OzB keeps me up all night!!!

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    flu vaccine/yearly

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    Not any more! I used to purchase all my meds there. But I now hate their customer approach. Every time I place my order, they wait for two days and then I receive an email that some of the products I chose are out of stock. They need to update info on the site more often.

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    To me CW is the Coles Woolworths conversion of chemists into one major conglomerate.

    I try not to buy from them…. but the problem is they are generally cheaper.

    So its a tough one.

    We know they treat their workers like shit, just like Colesworth. We also know now the founder/CEO just bought a $43 mil house!

    Its the same shit we've seen since year dot.

  • Agree, they are cheaper. But I don't like their customer approach neither. That's why I switched to They frequently offer generic drugs that are also cheaper than the branded ones, and they also have a loyalty program that I participate.

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