Robot Window Cleaner

Has anyone got one of these? Which brand is recommended? Any good?

Needs to work on glass balustrade and sliding doors as well.


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    Just buy a robot without windows…

    Apple IRobot 13 mini…

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    Are you serious or just bored on a Wednesday night?

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      serious. i have a bunch of glass doors and glass balustrade. i have a robot vacuum which works pretty good. glass doors always get hand prints and dust on them

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    I'm with you on this one.

    I like clean windows and would be happy to pay a few hundred dollars for a robot that could clean them a couple of times of month. Otherwise it has to wait until I have time to do it myself, and it's a major job with some of our windows being very difficult to access.

    I've looked into it a few times. The one I keep coming back to is this one:

    I think it's a bit better compared to other available ones because it's cordless. A cordless robot is the only way I can see cleaning the outside of our windows properly.

    The things I don't like, and the reasons I haven't bought one, are:

    1) It's pretty expensive to buy in Australia (on ebay)
    2) the cleaning pad does not go all the way to the corner. I assume this means that it won't clean right into the corner of my windows. I'm not paying that money for something that doesn't clean all the way into the corners of my windows.

    So I am waiting until a better model comes out.

  • just get some mechanic to put a couple of wiper on your windows, get a electronic techie to put an ESP8266 on a step motor and you'll be done.

    On a serious note, what's the point of having waiting for a robot to finish the job and cart it off to the next window? I'm having enough trouble clearing out shoes and strings for the robot vacum, better do it yourself.

    • what's the point of having waiting for a robot to finish the job and cart it off to the next window?

      There's a danger in acting as a gatekeeper for other peoples' purchases.

      My use case: More than a dozen windows and glass panels with less than 10% of the window area accessible without a ladder and/or safety scaffolding. I could set robot off to do its thing…. come back when done….move to next window. Safer, faster, less stuffing-about.

  • [watches this thread]

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      You can click Subscribe, you don't have to make a comment.

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        You can click ignore comments, you don't have to make a comment in response to a comment* 😛

        I was letting OP know who else might be in the market for this in the event that that they come across a killer dear or group-buy opportunity.

        *Yes, the irony of this statement is profound.

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          *Yes, the irony of this statement is profound

          Indeed 😂 Hopefully you both find a good product

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