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AMD 5600G RTX 3080ti Desktop Gaming PC $2999.00 Delivered @ MSY


G’day mate MSY here, to celebrate the Melbourne lockdown's end at long last we've come up with a super high value RTX 3080Ti system for $2999.00 delivered nationwide!
Limited units and delivery only so better be quick. Simply place order online and get yourself ready for Christmas ;)

System features:
AMD RYZEN 5 5600G up to 4.4GHz
B550 Chipset Motherboard
Gigabyte 3080 Ti Gaming OC 12GB
Thermaltake H-ONB DDR4 16GB 3600Mhz
Kingston 500GB M.2 NVME SSD
Armaggeddon TESSARAXX Core 3 (Black) RGB Strip Tempered Glass ATX Gaming Case
3 x 120mm RGB fan with remote
Thermaltake SMART BM2 750W Semi modular 80plus Bronze Power Supply
AC1200 Wifi

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    … it's all about the GPU here. Doesn't sync with the rest of the hardware IMO

    • when you get 3 upvotes and i get 6 downvotes for the same comment haha must be all the msy employees at it again

      • -1

        Downvoting is rife on this site. Check my previous posts and it'll be the complete opposite lol.

  • @msy What is the model of the motherboard? Need to know I/O's to consider usefulness… Thanks

    • It's a B550 so IMO it'll be an ASUS prime budget or equivalent. The only value proposition is the 3080ti

      • Hmm. Thanks, maybe if it had something with USBC, was worried it might be a board such as that, which again doesn't match up to the card…

  • +1

    Looks like a good deal for an idiot like me considering current gpu prices and stock shortages

  • +1

    If I buy this, anyone want to buy the 3080ti off me? Wife needs a new PC to play LoL on and 5600G is plenty for that hahaha..

    • Ill give u 2k

  • +2

    Looks to be Out of Stock now.

    For reference the card would set you back around $2499 minimum at the moment

    I put together a list of low end items, some are just to price match MSY's site (aka RAM is a different brand but same price as their RAM mentioned, Case is $69 online, threw in a $79 one, $119 Power Supply)

    Looking like $3400 or so
    with no added;
    - fans (maybe $50-65?)
    - potential cooler for GPU maybe
    - build fee.

  • +1

    haha OOO already… that was quick

  • Well there was one left… I didn't know at the time until I added it to my cart and the website said "Out of Stock"… so I took it as a sign and thought, why not? Haha :P

    • +1

      Any updates on your order? None for mine. Still "Processing in progress".

      • +1

        Jack sh*t.

  • +2

    I'm "assuming" that they had to buy a bucket load of 5600G's in order to get some GPU's … cause yeh it seems like a weird paring .. but hey one can't deny its value in this climate. Pitty its sold out. I would have seriously considered it.

    • +1

      This is exactly what happened.
      Distributor is forcing them to offload various CPU's/components before they will allocate more GPU (note the unspecified mobo's as well, so that they can switch which ever one makes the most sense to the distributor). None of this makes it a bad deal however, is very cheap for what you're getting.

      I know because that's what they're forcing me to do too if I want to get any more GPU's in stock.

  • Or buy AsRock Phatom 6900XT for 2300: https://www.jw.com.au/asrock-rx-6900-xt-phantom-gaming-d-16g...
    Or MSI Gaming Z (purposely binned GPU, higher core clock) with a good X570 Mobo for 2500: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/bundle-msi-radeon-rx-..., and get Far Cry 6 and RE8 for free
    To avoid get bundled with cheap or poorly chosen parts.

    6900XT should be fairly close to 3080Ti, around 5% slower on 4K, but has 16GB VRAM, and more efficient (less power usage)
    Gigabyte cards had issue on GDDR6X VRAM cooling, not sure if they fixed it, but I wouldn't take the chance

  • +1

    I think anyone who purchased this today might be eligible for a free Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy game…:


    At least that's how it reads to me. Good luck

    • No luck.:( Msy does not include the IDs required to claim. Thanks for the heads up though!

  • Has anyone else who ordered this got an update on the processing time yet? Should have listened to the comments here. Been calling but I'm not able to get through and so can't get an update at all.

  • Still awaiting delivery… Hopefully Thursday now (Brisbane)

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