Aramex Delivery Delays and Bad Service

Hi everyone,

I had two items purchased online from different online shops (Catch and Banggood) at different dates over a period of month with first purchase made back on 26th of September.

Apparently, both the items were shipped via Aramex.

1st one shipped on 28th of September and this is the one that was finally updated as "unable to be delivered and returned back to sender" yesterday after almost a month.

2nd one was shipped on 17th of October but by 25th of October it too was updated as "unable to be delivered and returned back to sender".

Now I have made a purchase few days back from another online shop which too has dispatched the item via Aramex.

Up until 3 weeks ago, I wasn't concerned about the delays and willing to wait even a month or so but lately Aramex has been doing something like this where they keep updating something like "the parcel is being processed at the facility" for weeks and finally update as not able to be delivered and returned back to sender.

I had ordered few other items via AliExpress around 20th of September all of which were successfully delivered by this week and all of them were dispatched from China (as per the updates). I even had one other item bought via Amazon which got delivered (from VIC to NSW) within 3 days of purchase.

Has anyone had similar experience(s) lately with Aramex?

I'm not sure if we can even request the online shops to choose any other delivery partner than Aramex given so much of negative reviews are already found online for it.

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    What is Aramex?
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    Never had that experience with Aramex so far.
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    Yes, I've had couple of similar experiences with Aramex.
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    Yes, I've had worse experience with Aramex.
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    Every other delivery service is the same.

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    Not making excuses, but i've been waiting over 4wks for a dlivery from Brisbane (to Sydney) from a different courier… They are blaming various reasons for the delays… but the reality is, Courier companies don't seem care about the customers and are profiting over the excess demand without putting on additional staff to cater for the loads. Customers can wait and they'll reap the profits it seems.

    Speak with your fingers, leave bad reviews and hopefully people/companies won't use these dodgy couriers in the future

    • +6

      I'd like to say I agree with you but what is happening is industry wide.

      It only takes one case at a parcel sorting facility for that facility to be closed down for a period of time and all staff sent home to isolate.
      This causes delays and in some instances those parcels are redirected to another sorting facility… then that sorting facility is inundated with volume… another case of Covid and you go on the merry go round. Those staff are sent home with pay in most cases - so their goes any additional profit from volume, not to mention additional cost to re-route packages.

      Secondly their is only a limited pool of drivers, and demand is at an all time high.
      Recruitment at the moment for drivers is very difficult and depending on the companies have very different onboarding processes.
      Not only are you competing with the traditional pool of courier companies and austpost, you are now competing with the likes of UBER and Amazon Flex - who don't necessarily follow the rules of the bigger courier companies…SHAM contracting anyone?

      Also 2 tonne vehicles and 1 tonne vehicles are also in short supply so add that to the above.
      Our borders have also been closed for two years so not many new immigrant workers either to replenish drivers who leave the industry.

      BTW by no means am i justifying their lack of customer service just bringing in some reality to what is going on in the industry.
      Most courier companies are crap to be honest when something goes bad.

      • +2

        Absolutely concur with this. The restrictions on team sizes means only one person per door on vans so the loading and unloading is taking longer, AusPost stopped collections twice which pushed everyone to use alternatives meaning the alternatives were overwhelmed.

        People just need to respect that there is a lot of challenges and yelling or complaining doesn't help, some parcels can't go via automated systems so they require manual processing and these are just left to the side at the moment.

        Patience and understanding goes a long way and not creating 500 enquiries about the same parcel is recommended cause it just creates more back log. They will deliver when they can and hopefully from this week you will see recovery start to take place, but then Black Friday comes and destroys everything… So order now or buy in a shop if you want it for Christmas.

        Just make sure the place you bought it from is aware, in writing, that way you will have some recourse if the parcel isn't located and delivered.

        • +1

          THIS!! Creating multiple enquiries for a parcel that has been in transit for a bit longer than usual just creates unnecessary strain on a system that's already buckling under the pressure.
          And it's not just Aramex, it's all freight services at the moment.

  • +2

    I had an experience a few months back where they returned all my parcels to China, but marked them as delivered. I wrote to the CEO who said the label systems were not compatible, but then I dropped it, losing over $500, Yes they are in the habit of returning to sender.

  • +3

    Aramex's tracking is absolutely god-awful.
    I've had to re-order stuff because it's just sat at "received consignment" or similar, and then the next day it's at my doorstep.

  • +9

    Aramex is Fastway, they changed their name, they didn't change their performance…

  • +4

    I always add note stating "Aramex/Fastway will not deliver to our house" either before or during checkout.
    Last time I had the option to collect from a depot which was 18km away ffs, of course I declined. Their procedure is then to contact seller to get more cash from them to pass it onto another service for last leg
    whenever we have had issues, sellers always say just let us know next time and they will use alternative

    • I will definitely start doing this the next time I purchase anything.

  • +3

    Unfortunately banggood use Fastway/Aramex. I've usually had it delivered but it takes 3 weeks. Worst courier company I have ever experienced. Never had thus issue with any others. I've complained to them, aramex, but it just falls on deaf ears.

  • +2

    Item shipped end of August. Lodged query mid September. Have not had any updates on said item… They update with we have been experiencing a high volume of queries every few days.

  • +3

    Nike use them as well. After 45 days they said they lost my package and will provide a refund. was very frustrating as the things I bought were sold out by then.

  • +2

    Add me to the list.

    Purchased a PS5 from Big W in one of their stock drops on 23 September. Big W then advised it was picked up by Aramex on 29 September. According to their woeful tracking system, it hasn't even made it to an Aramex depot since then.

    I've made multiple follow ups with Aramex, who, just like you, blamed COVID, lockdowns, volumens of parcels. In the end it was a pointless result, as they couldn't provide an update or any sort of ETA of delivery.

    I spent considerable time on the phone with Big W yesterday, who laughed at me for chasing them up, and laughed harder when I suggested they refund me and cancel the order.

    At this point, I feel my only option is to initiate a chargeback through the bank, as I have no faith that Aramex is actually ever going to make the delivery.

  • +2

    These idiots don't even know what's going on in their warehouse. Never ever use Aramex/Fastway. I'm glad Amazon stopped using them.

    • Scratch that. Amazon still using them. I ordered 3 parcels from Amazon lately. 2 with Aramex - lost and can't recover. One took 3 weeks 🙄. The irony is that bunch of packages from AliExpress that I expected to come after three months all came before amazon in 2 weeks 🤣🤣

      • Damn…sorry to hear that :/

  • +3

    Isnt this all couriers? Now at least they can blame covid for everything

    "Brisbane to Brisbane? Oh the borders are shut"

    • +2

      Absolutely not. I work for a company that uses numerous different carriers, and yes, all have problems at times, but we refuse to use Aramex/Fastway because of how absolutely dreadful their service is. They are probably the least professional courier company I've ever dealt with.

  • +1

    Aramex are they the latest $2 courier company?
    Sometimes your at the mercy of who ever is sending… you dont always have a choice…
    but sender sees cheap courier, they dont care if its shit or not.

  • +2

    Aramex are absolutely terrible at the moment. They are making Auspost Parcel Post look like an express service.

  • +1

    Damn… I wish that I/d seen this thread since impulse buying a phone from Banggood AU.

    Their regular parcel post deliveries from sydney to sydney had been good all through COVID, this one is stuck in aramex limbo.

  • +2

    They are the worst. My parcel sat at the depot for 7 weeks before it was finally delivered (going from sydney to sydney).

  • +2

    I waited 6 weeks for them to deliver a parcel…the seller was 40 minutes from my house. There customer service is so poor - can’t call them, live chat takes over 6 hours for a response.

  • +2

    Told me they couldn’t find my address. Google maps can.
    Told them they can enter the driveway off a side road, and the side roads name
    Assumed the side road was a business name

  • +2

    I hate Aramex / Fastway with a passion. They even make AusPost / StarTrack look good.

  • +2

    I bought an 18 year old single malt Scotch Whiskey for my son for his birthday. Aus Post smashed it. 18 YEARS OLD!!!

    • +1

      Sadly that can happen. You have to pack things to be able to survive a drop from over 1 metre, even then losses occur.
      Hope the business you bought it from supported you?

      • +1

        Yes. Liquorland refunded me and Aus Post contacted Liquorland so it was settled pretty quickly.

  • +1

    Who said we wanted to use these people when our items arrive from OS? I at least prefer the item be cared for by Oz Post, not these cowboy couriers.

  • +2

    I avoid Aramex like the plague if I can. If the only choice is to ship through them and I can't get the item somewhere else is the only time I use them. Their tracking is horrible, every time I've got a delivery it's after 6PM on Wednesday evening. I know our local Aramex guy is a subcontractor and it's always the same guy. A few times he's delivered parcels he's been wearing a high vis shirt for a different company so I think he works a day job and does the deliveries after that.

  • +2

    Yeah, they're generally garbage. Extremely slow and (especially here in Perth) there seems to be a tendency for things to get to the Perth depot and then just sit there for weeks. I had a dig at the time, and it looked like they were working on a model where individual people would have territories to work, and my house was in a currently vacant one.

    I've had numerous extremely slow deliveries (up to ~6-8 weeks from Sydney to Perth). It's pretty variable though - sometimes things are actually prompt. My suspicion is they have a few levels of service and the bottom cheap one is just 'deliver this if you've got nothing else on'.

    I've had some luck asking businesses to use something else, but it's pretty common on ebay for sellers to say they're using AusPost but then send if with Fastway.

  • +2

    Whilst I appreciate the challenges being faced by ALL delivery drivers, it seems Aramex in particular have the highest ratio of DILLIGAF of all couriers companies/drivers/contractors.
    I can't speak of their current delays - as for some reason they have been quick with recent deliveries, whilst others like ShipIt nd AusPost have been especially woeful.

    What is worse is they seemed to have picked up lots of deliveries in this area and i shudder every time i see the tracking update from them that they have our parcels.
    Can always tell when its an Aramex delivery -

    • hear driver door slam
    • usually call on loudspeaker
    • hear sliding door in van open
    • within 10-20 seconds there is an audible thud near the front door - as without fail they will chuck the parcel ANY parcel up the rest of the walkway and scamper away

    The best^ one recently; had replacement set of car parking lights delivered - and the thud was enough for me to get up from desk [WFH] to go to the door and see what it was - 18cm x 13cm x 8cm parcel chucked onto brick! Just think about the distance and force needed to extract that sound from 2 parker lights in bubble wrap in a cardboard box?!
    I contacted seller on eBay to advise them of what happened and politely suggest they use someone else.

    ^So to the OP, yes i too have been burn by their BS return to sender circus. Was an international delivery from UK on an item [when they were branded as Fastway then - same sh*t diffent shovel imo] that was limited edition. They somehow 'could not find the house' [three houses in our street] and with no card/no follow up/no call/no update, took it on themselves to sent the item back to UK same day. Only updates when it hit Australia was 'in transit' + 'arriving today' then 2-3am that last day 'return to sender'.. Yep cheers!

    Don't even get me started on lack of customer service for an item they wrongly delivered to us. After another almighty chuck and run [this time with a clunk/crack sound], suggested that 'well you are only a few houses down so cant you take it'?! I was almost looking around for the Funniest Home Videos camera to appear!?

    I get that they are busy and have deadlines etc; yet having mates in this business that actually care and treat items respectfully - why is is so hard for these muppets to even try to pretend like they they give a [email protected]

  • Merged from Fastway / Aramex Are The Worse Courier Company. Who Agrees?

    Fastway / Aramex Are The Worse Courier Company in Australia and should unregister as a business. Who agrees?

    • Poor ass grammer

    • idk, it's no hunter express

    • star track also bad

    • +1

      I actually prefer any courier including Aramex than Auspost, as Auspost don't deliver parcels to my address. Have had a dozen or so items through Aramex in past 18 mths and I must be lucky because I haven't had the bad experience that people seem to have.

      Like Auspost or any other carrier the 'covid delays' mean parcels take longer to come. However, my local Aramex driver is very reliable with his timetable, coming down our street at the same time every day. If I am expecting a parcel that day, I hang around till he comes.

  • I used a mail forwarder from the uk and I put a P.O. Box.

    Will they offer me to collect it from depot closest to me or will they send it back?

  • +1

    Melbourne to brisbane delievey was dispatched on the 9th of November, got to Brisbane depo on the 12th it is now the 16th and still no delievery. I didn't choose fastways (aramex) the stupid store did I had packages from melbourne show up today from Australia post that were dispatched on the 12th of November. So fastways (aramex) are a joke.

    • That's just a start my friend! Trust me, you wouldn't be surprised if it will be 16th of December before you'll get any updates from them let alone the delivery. Shortly after I posted in this forum, I bought another item from a different seller who again chose to send it via Aramex and guess what! No updates ever since 30th of October. I doubt it's going to be "returned to sender" in a week or so. I seriously don't understand how are sellers going for this delivery service when everywhere I check, I can see at least 9 out 10 reviews stating they either lost the item, never delivered but returned back to sender or no updates for at least 3 weeks and yet the online sellers seem to be immune to this kind of shitty work practice of Aramex.

      • its cheap. it also doesn't make since it got from melbourne to Brisbane in 3 days, then got stuck at the Brisbane depo, can I not just go there and pick it up?

      • good news my package is onboard for delievery just got the notifications today its updated in tracking too! if it does come today it just means its a day late from the estimated date

        • Glad to hear your parcel is near! My recent experience with Aramex vs Auspost has been the opposite of yours. The half a dozen or so items shipped through Auspost have taken at least 3 wks from the date they were shipped. Aramex parcels took 5 business days from date they were shipped. All from SYD/MEL/BRIS.

          • @RoosterBooster: wow yeah I learnt my lesson a few year back never to order anything in November and december pretty much if you do good luck getting anything quickly or before christmas lol my last items are just arriving just before the big rush next friday for black friday so I will not be ordering anything else online till the new year now everything now will be instore or nothing.

  • Fastways (Aramex) changed there name because of all the bad reviews but it still continued on lol.

  • I’m relieved my item didn’t get returned to sender. I gave a P.O. Box to seller, got updates that aramax attempted the P.O. Box a few times, I called them and they updated residential address, I then get email from seller and tell them the address, item arrives a bit later. A few months, maybe If I had used a resi address it would have been 6 weeks. I’m ok postage was cheap and it wasn’t urgent.

    • yeah couriers don't really deliever to PO boxs you most likely should have got it delievered to you work or home.

      • Yeah mail forwarders use couriers. I don’t know why the mail forwarder accepted a P.O. Box.

        • yeah I wouldn't be brave enough to order anything overseas right now I have stoped doing that because of the pandemic and the state of shipping worldwide. the last time I did that was 2019 lol.

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