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8% off - Body Slimming Belt US$91 (~A$121.19) Delivered @ Mychway

  1. Perfect Performance For Body Treatments Like Weight Loss And Pain Relief.
  2. Portable Design So You Can Use It In Different Situations
  3. 105 Pcs Leds With Wavelength 660nm 850nm Infared

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  • Can i get my money back if i dont slim?

    • Yes, you coud try to place an order

      • Can you put in writing in your term and conditions

  • So the red light helps me lose weight?

    Does it just burn my fat off? 🤔

    • Turns it into lovely, crispy crackling.

    • The red light means lipo laser, it can greatly reduce your fat

      • Notice ‘can’ not ‘will’. So if you wear this 24/7 for 3 months and dont eat you will magically lose weight.

        What an absolute scam.

      • No it won't. Stop your BS.

      • The red light means warning, it will greatly reduce the contents of your wallet but it will have little effect on your girth.

  • +4

    <$85: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003288750237.html

    This is just yet another junk store.

    The penetration depth of wavelengths between 900 and 1320 nm are largely similar, around 1.5 mm.


    The "660nm 850nm" LEDs aren't going to do anything whatsoever. Fake product.

  • Do they sell it in XXXL?

  • well if there is as much science in this as was in the currency conversion in the unedited post….
    then I don't trust it at all.
    US$91 was A$30 according to that. I was going to offer to buy one of these for A$60 (twice the then listed price) and ask for both the belt and US$90 change.

  • Anyways, uhm… I bought a whole bunch of red light, belts, do you know what red light is? Anybody knows what red light is? No, not bud light. I think that's a beer brand. Talking red light. Anyways, red light belts are for body treatment, like pain relief and weight loss. So that's my story. I bought a whole bunch of stuff, put them around the la casa. Red light belts, lipo laser. Stuff like that.

  • This is awesome. I thought I was going to have to stop eating a kilo of chocolate a day and actually get up off the sofa in order to lose weight.
    I didn't realise I could simply wear this for a few minutes each day to achieve similar results.

  • +1

    Interesting, is that why people working in the red light district are mostly skinny?

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