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Gaming PC with 5600X, RTX 3080 LHR, ASRock B550M Mobo, 16GB RAM, 500GB Gen4 SSD, 750W 80+ Gold PSU $2999 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Happy Halloween!

Long time no see fellows, how's everything going? So hard to get a Halloween pumpkin this year, went to 4 coles and 2 Woolworth, nothing on the shelf.

BPC experienced a hard time since August; 2K+ PC Build orders flooded into our system. Many of you might notice our process time changed from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, and Auspost paused their e-commerce service in VIC multiple times during this period makes the situation even worse.

Therefore, please allow us to apologise again to the customers who suffered from the long waiting period. We appreciate your patience.

We doubled our Technician team recently; from now on, you can expect your order to arrive within 5-10 business days.

We received feedback from google review & OZ Bargain that their build arrived with quality issues and no response from customer service email / Tele.

In this case, don't hesitate to get in touch with our FB team with your order details. You might be noticed we attached Thank You Card inside the build, and the signature on the card belongs to your PC builder. You are welcomed to tell us the name as well.

No more to say. We launched a 3060 gaming build yesterday and a 3080 gaming build today. I will list the specs of this quality 3080 build below and hope you guys like it.

CPU AMD Ryzen5 5600X 6 Core/12 Threads Processor
Cooler Deepcool 400 XT RGB CPU Cooler
MOBO Asrock B550M Steel Legend AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard (no usb-c connection)
GPU RTX 3080 10GB LHR Video Card (Model subject to stock availability)
Ram Corsair Vengence PRO /Kingston Fury Beast 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz RGB Memory
Case MSI MPG GUNGNIR 111R ARGB Gaming Case (Front Type-C port working at USB3.0 speed)
Fan 4x 120mm ARGB Fan included
PSU 750W 80+ Gold Full Modular Power Supply

Btw, we are doing a Gaming Monitor giveaway with Asus on our social media, don't miss it.

BPC Team

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  • +29

    you can beat this deal by upgrading GPU to a GTX3080 TI ;)

    • :)

    • +2

      Where do you find the GTX3080Ti?

    • This is not the market where retailers need to "beat" deals.

      • +10

        This is not the place to post overvalued and inflated video cards either. Only the people who give in and buy at this price will encourages this type of market

        • -5

          Leaving more cards for the miners to make money off. Appreciate it.

        • +2

          Cool. Welcome to the last 12 months and foreshadowing the next 12 months as well. Pay up or get left behind.

          • @pharcyde: Looks like someone got the crystal ball 🔮 we all don’t have 🤭. Fomo much?

            • +1

              @madska: No crystal ball required. Just common sense and the ability to read.

              If you don't pay up, you won't get a card for ages. Simple.

              • -1

                @pharcyde: ROFL 🤣. You should read more then….coz your common sense is obvious wrong and only based last 12 month of data 🧐

                • @madska: My data is based on the most relevant, recent information available.

                  You just want the price to come down because of your hubris and lack of economic understanding.

                  I wonder who will be right ;)

                  • @pharcyde: haha geez which PC retail store do you work at I wonder…..all your posts are utterly wanting the price to go up. FYI I made lots of money mining and sold 2 FHR this cards to miner…made them paid lots for it too so price up or down doesn't matter to me at all. Only helping the community not to listen to this FOMO crap. As for this up ramping mate….gotta stop. This is OZBARGAINS not OZRIPPS off, a kid can smell your BS!

                    • @madska: I literally don't care about you or your imaginary wheelings and dealings.

                      I'm simply stating the facts. "Old RRP" GPU deals are a thing of the past, and won't be coming back within the next couple years. If ever. Keep dreaming champ.

                      • @pharcyde: LOL then why bother come on ozbargains if not here for the deals LAMO. any idiot with money can just go buy this rip-off price instead coming here telling people to FOMO and buy into the hype.

                        and look who's the dreaming here…
                        it's coming down slowly with more supply is incoming next year = lower price. your delusions crack me up thinking this 200% pump is stable…geez where did you learn your economics hahaha.

              • +1

                @pharcyde: Overpaid my RTX3080 in December 2020, paying $1600 instead of the RRP $1299.

                • @cameldownunder: Oh man, you overpaid! I bet you'll regret all the fun you've had in the last year, and the following year.

                  • @pharcyde: Just finished Far Cry 6 in it's full Ultra Glory on 3440x1440 at average of 70fps

        • The other deal sold out in less than 12 hours, it means they undervalued the build

          It doesn't mean that this build is overpriced

          • -1

            @ln28909: less demand now….so good to see marketing heading in the right direction with cooler minds and less fomo. supply will pick up in the end.

    • +9

      Good build from MSY! Let us try next time!

      • Hi, any additional info on what brand/model the PSUs used in the build will be?

        • +1

          Hi tvaughn,

          The PSU is EVGA SuperNOVA GA 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

  • +1

    Is there a link to the 3060 build?

  • +1

    Any clue what psu it will be?

    • Hi Bart2,

      The PSU is EVGA SuperNOVA GA 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

      • Mine has arrived today and the PSU is gigabyte 750 GM, this would have been a redflag dealbreaker for me, feels like I was lied to or just given misinformation, can you please help?

        • Hi Hemanpita,

          Please send us your order number through private chat, we will look into it.

          BPC Team.

  • -1

    not bad at all for current market.

    $500 CPU

    $2k gpu

    $120 SSD

    • other parts look like mid tier quality
    • +6

      Mate that CPU is not $500. It retails for $429 and been around $360 multiple times recently.


      • +4

        $331 if you use Afterpay referral with above deal

      • 5600x MSRP $469. best value always comes from waiting and attaining the parts yourself. 3080 MSRP is supposed to be $1139. take some you lose some.

  • +1

    Can you let us know what is the cas latency for the RAM?

    • +1

      Hi Juggenrauro,

      Here is the Ram specs: Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16

  • Any plans on offering a build without a GPU?

    • +1

      Hi Ebany,

      Are you suggesting office PCs like 5600G / i5-10600 Build with integrated graphics?

      BPC Team

      • Thanks for the response. More after a high end gaming PC with quality parts, and I guess integrated GPU so it could be shop tested - I'd even buy this 5600X system if it came without the GPU. I'm sure there's others out there like me who have a high end 20 series card but need to upgrade their system.

  • +1

    3080 ti plsplspls

  • +2

    Start seeing more under $3k 3080 prebuilt deals finally

  • +1

    When dealing with budgetpc always check their ebay store too.

    Ive gone to buy quite a few things only to have the postage cost work out more expensive than the 'higher price' on ebay, with free shipping.

    Reputable; but check both store fronts :)

  • +1

    I wish these prebuilts with 5600xs would sell 3600Mhz ram or give you the option to upgrade to it

    • +1

      As long as its cl16 3200 at 1.35v, you should have close to a guarantee it'll run cl18 3600 at 1.4v.

      Of the tens of ryzen systems ive built, only on set of 3200 ram couldnt manage the above.

  • i need a gaming pc for poor people. :(
    i play dota, what's the cheapest to play with max or close to max settings without selling a kidney?

    • -2

      You have issues running dota 2? wha
      even integrated graphics can run it at max

      • +2

        No, its been a LONG time since thats been true.

        It scales super well, so integrated graphics will run it, no problem, but truly max (or close to) can be oddly demanding.

        They keep adding skins on top of skins.

        New cosmetic items dont replace the previous asset, they layer it (in most cases, there are exceptions for full sets and a few others).

        Rickrone, id suggest literally any semi-modern quad core (3300x can be had cheap) a $60 b550 board (they come up often on specials, and leave you with an upgrade path), 8gb of ram (go single stick, so you can expand to 16 when budget allows; but 8gb will run DOTA fine), and a gtx1060.

        You should be able to almost max it out, assuming 1080p and 75hz.

        Disable 'animate portrait' and turn shadows down from max.

        She'll be sweet.

        For bonus performance, use Vulkan on Linux, the windows version of DOTA2 is usually 5 or so frames behind the proprietary driver for 10 series cards on linux.

        • My 580 can run it at low medium settings, but anything higher and I get constant crashes. It takes 5 minutes to open and it's buggy as hell

          • @belongsinforums: Sounds like you have a actual fault and not just bad specs

            • @Chiken: It could be the psu because it's a techfast pc, but I have no way of diagnosing it by swapping parts

              • @belongsinforums: Are your temps fine? Running any overclocks?

                • @Chiken: Haven't checked temps. I'll have to learn how to do that. The fans do get pretty loud on system startup

              • @belongsinforums: Thats OK, just run something like aida and watch how stable your 12v rail is (or isnt). That'll give you a good indication.

                But odds are, its ram.

                Make yourself a memtest usb stick, and let it run through its test overnight.

                Something else worth checking is that your bios is set correctly; lots of companies ship things on "auto" which is not an OK practice, as someone who builds pcs.

                Especially if its a gigabyte mobo; as a few of them have "auto" and "normal". Auto tries to 'tune'; if this is the case, try setting as many as you can find in the uefi/bios to 'normal'.

      • +1

        i can tell you that after recently trying dota using the integrated gfx on the i5-11500 that it gets about 20-30fps at best on max settings @ 1080p. On minimum settings it gets from 50-80fps depending what is happening.

        To rickrone: I played dota on my old pc for years which had a 750ti and i5-4460. You can find these parts from this era for cheap as they are useless for mining. If you want something new, a 3060 build like this https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/kp-ss-essentialgaming-kra... will be more than enough.

      • False

    • The acer Nitro 5 10300h 3060 for $1200 is actually decent for 1080p and performs the same or better thsn my 4790k gtx 1080 rig.

  • What's your opinion on this:
    AU $673.06 2%OFF | RTX 3070 Advanced OC 8G Desktop Graphics Card

    Probably some mining card, because normality isn't here yet when engaging in gpu's or is this price now reasonable.

    • +2

      It's probably a fake. Old nonsense GPU with the BIOS hacked to report a better chip name.

      • -1

        Could you imagine the quality of it if it was real as even the so called pretty product specs are in broken english. A company that can't even afford a translator for its material.

  • +2

    Everyone, you just need to write RTX3080Ti in your order notes and then you'll definitely get it in the colour you want.

    If you don't get it and you get an RTX3080Ti in a different colour instead, wait a year, then complain about it on the forums.

  • +1

    +1 for BPCTech after-sales support.

    They've been a bit slow at times, it's clear that they're under the pump. But every time I speak with them over the phone, I get the impression that they are equally disappointed with the ongoing delays and passionate about trying to make you happy.

    • Not true in my case… all fans set to external airflow… No RGB's working… EVGA Flow Control not working…
      When I rang back in July I was told to bring it in & they will look at it when they get time as they're busy building other machines…

      Sorry but I've paid in full & been sent things that are faulty… If I had the knowledge I'd fix them myself but I don't… & since I've paid & you've sent me a faulty product,
      "why do I need to wait a week or so before you will even look at it" ???

      Just my 2c worth as I was very disappointed in the response

      • Hi thepunchingbag,

        Sorry to hear about your experience.

        Has your problem been solved by us?

        If not, please send us your order number, we will look into it now.

        BPC Team

    • Thanks CrushJelly :)

      We have a lot more to improve with, but thanks again for your kind review.

  • +1

    So I ordered the Kraken V2 (3070) system from them. It was shipped 15 days after I ordered it and was received after a week.

    So all up, 3 weeks from order date. They did advertise that build times are about 2 weeks.

    Image of the build.

    Don't like the case though, it was a nightmare adding more HDDs.

    And the GPU is constantly getting throttled by Power, Reliable Voltage and Operating Voltage, so no chance of overclocking. My build came with the 650W PSU, so perhaps the 750W should be enough for this one.

    • +1

      Hi Wrathie,

      After looking into your picture, frankly, I am not happy with the quality of the build.

      I will talk to the Technician team regarding your order. Can you send the order number through PM?

      BPC Team

  • @budgetpc

    you have very good price


    free shipping also i jumped on it


    • Just match PLE previous deals, happy shopping :)

  • Hi Rep,

    Any gaming build for around $1200-1500?


  • Ah, crappy motherboard stops me from buying this PC.
    BPC, if you are reading this - please consider offering motherboard upgrades for future deals!

    • My experience has shown incredible vrm temps and the usual rock solid asrock bios on this board.

      While its no asus, its nothing like the horror show that gigabyte has become.

      This isnt a crappy board by a long shot.

      What issues have you found with them? And what did you try to resolve them?

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