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40% off Sumatra Blend Coffee Beans: 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 & Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Deal Ends Midnight Sunday 31st or when stocks run out.


Use Code AIRJO40 at checkout.

Get 40% off 500g bags and 1kg bags PLUS Free Express Post.
Sumatra Blend Only.

500g Bags $18.93 - 1Kg Bags $30.57

All Orders get FREE Express Post - roasted and shipped within 48hrs.

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  • +1

    Is there a way to delay order delivery? Like order for say 2-3 weeks later?

    • +1

      Hey there headofaxes. We have a subscription deal where you can schedule future deliveries but these deals are a “get it now” kind of thing.

  • +3

    certainly the best coffee ive had.

    • Thanks so much for sharing dylanando!!
      Super pleased you are enjoy.


  • Haven’t finished last one. Won’t buy this time

    • No problem Izaonne. We will be ready when you are :)
      Thanks for your previous order.


      • Thanks. Definitely recommend. Especially fast and free shipping!

  • Can you delay ship?

    • Not on these deals sorry sqheaven.
      Thanks for asking 👍🏼

    • +43

      Yes. Australia post will take care of that for you

      • Some roasters are doing it, what about freshness?

  • lol, i just bought last sunday with 30% off.

    • +2

      You got great beans at a great price tommyng79 that’s the bright side 😁 and thank you 🙏

  • Thanks! Just ordered them again, on my last 200gm from the previous purchase. Great beans. They are better than Enterprise blend in terms of flavor

    • Great stuff jinxor!! Thanks for your order and for your feedback 👍🏼

    • How is the flavour different?

      • Sumatra tastes smoother than the Enterprise Blend

  • Looks like these are quite popular among the ozbargainers. I'm still quite new to the different coffees are there. Would this be the best option among their products? I've seem people also mention saratoga and enterprise

    • give this one a try, solid bean

    • Keep in mind many of their other choices cost less to begin with. I had to double-check just then cos I was thinking in my recent order I paid less than $30, with a smaller discount.

      I've only tried Enterprise and Twilight so plenty others to try before trying the pricier ones :P

    • I think Enterprise is a good starter.

    • colombia is my fave at the moment. Have also had the sumatra and enterprise. The enterprise and Colombia are pretty similar, but I've noticed the colombia has a bit more chocolate type flavour notes to it

    • I've tried Sumatra, Enterprise and Twilight and I like Sumatra the best. Enterprise has a strong flavour for me. Sumatra is smooth, I like the chocolate flavour to it.

  • I want to try it but don't want to use my grinder, not sure which grind type shall I go for, any help?

    • Grinding fresh will always result in better coffee unless your grinder is like a blade grinder worth $20.

      • I just dont want to mix different beans

        • 😳

          • @fookos: I use decaff beans in my grinder as I use it alot, don't want to put any other type, else I will be buying a new one for other types.
            So was wondering which grind type shall I go for before deciding if I would buy a new grinder!

  • +1

    I only have an Aeropress, no coffee machine. I usually just buy coffee that has already been grinded…I'm assuming I'll need a grinder for these? Any recommendations of a grinder to get?

    • +3

      We can grind it for you no problem at all mgexiled. You can choose “Aeropress Grind” from the drop down menu when you order 👍🏼

      • +1

        Amazing thank you, just put in an order! 👍🏼

    • +1

      There's a drop down menu to choose aeropress grind and other type of grinds to suit your needs also of course the beans if you want to grind it yourself.

    • +1

      Nah they have an option for aeropress grinded

  • +2

    wish you could get 40% off their SWP decaf

  • +1

    Wow, my Enterprise Blend just arrived today for 30% off. Smells good, highly recommend for this roaster.

    • +1

      Thanks so much for the recommendation ptl.
      Super keen to hear your feedback when you have made a few brews with the Enterprise.


  • How do this rate to Aldi Beans?

    • +2

      I was trying to think of a funny clever response but it just didn't come. Aldi 4 - this a 9 1/2
      This is fresh roasted, Aldi beand will be older.
      There is a lot more to say. Don't get me wrong with a good coffee machine and good milk you can make a nice coffee from an Aldi bean. But when I make a coffee on this bean with Malany jersey Milk, well it's kind of what they serve in the afterlife for kings and queens

      • it's kind of what they serve in the afterlife for kings and queens

        They prefer soy! ;)

    • +2

      Tried ALDI (Brazil) and this back to back. The ALDI is more bitter and slightly smoky.

      This also produces a more dense flavour. No matter how I played with the grind settings the ALDI coffee was a touch thin tasting.

      However, for the price and as an emergency backup while I wait for deals like this, the ALDI coffee is perfectly drinkable.

  • Beautiful coffee, great price and it was fast delivery to Brisbane. Buying again now

    • Outstanding on all counts!
      Thank you so so much 🙏

      • +1

        Just ordered 2 kgs to Brisbane. Keep up the great work. Awesome that you accept cypto for payment as well - but I'm holding onto my btc at the moment

  • Got one thanks Op!

  • Excellent timing, was wondering if a deal is coming. :D

  • Tried to subscribe using the SUB20 code as instructed on the website but the code gets rejected. Any chance I can get a hand with that?

    • I doubt you can get 20% on top of 40%. I believe the 20% is more for regular users.

    • Hey sonivEX.
      Sorry you are having trouble there.
      Just be sure you checked the “Recurring Order” button before you go to checkout. If you are still having trouble please email me [email protected].com and I will work through it with you.


  • Thanks

    Love the colombia blend but will give this one a shot finally.

  • Bought 1kg.

    How do you receive funds if it's the coinbase crypto method? Do they actually pay you bitcoin less fees or do they convert into a stable coin or aud for you?

  • When is the beans roasted roughly if i order today

    • Will be roasted today.
      Thanks for asking bola2000 👍🏼

  • Will they stay fresh (whole beans)if I don't open for a month?
    Usually I open first day of receiving and they smell like heaven ☕

    • +1

      One month will have a noticeable effect on freshness, especially aroma, but it won't be terrible.

      You can freeze the beans to keep them fresh almost indefinitely. Don't let moisture get into the bag/container; keep airtight, preferably vacuum sealed. While still frozen grind only what you intend to drink.

      Frozen coffee is just as good as it was before being frozen, although it degrades very quickly if you let it thaw.

      • While still frozen grind only what you intend to drink.

        Tastes better at room temp.

        • Arguable. Frozen beans grind a little finer, but also more consistently. You'll want to account for that. Also if you thaw beans, make sure you intend to drink them all asap.

      • Thanks 👍

  • i tried the enterprise blend. Pretty good and wanting to try this. however just bought a kilo vittoria beans 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. ordered a kilo to see how this is

    • +3

      Vittoria? :o

      Maybe grind them up and put on the garden?

      • ha ha seriously they are so bad. i recently joined the espresso club and trying multiple blends. this was on sale so got it to check, Aldi ones were better than vittoria

  • +1

    I loved their beans so much.
    Do give Aldi's Peru beans a try if you like Airjo's Sumatra :)

    • i’ll try once i taste Sumatra. will be handy during non sale period

  • Love your coffee but the delivery delays are killing it. My order is still stuck somewhere in Kurnell. :(

    • Yeah what's with that? My AusPost stuff comes in to Chullora then over to Kurnell, basically passing my place at Monterey in the process. And there it sits for a couple of days…

  • Thanks Op. Does anyone know best grind setting for the barista express? I'm terrible at working it out

    • +1

      Depends which one you get, but for the three I've tried (Enterprise, Twilight and Pegasus) I have used a grind setting between 10-12 on my Barista Express Pro (which I think it essentially the same as yours) with around 20grams for a double shot. FWIW the best my fav has been Twilight for milk coffee but they've all actually been quite nice.

  • Great coffee!

  • Ahhhh… I just ordered some Sumatra two days ago!!

  • Great coffee. Amazing blend!

  • I just bought a kilo but didn't realise I could select aeropress grind as an option. I have a terrible hand grinder, it's a pain to use and the mechanism tends to slip resulting in coarser coffee over time, until I adjust back to fine.

    I love the ceremony of grinding and the fresh smell though. Anyone got suggestions for a good grinder around $100? I just use aeropress atm.

    If I get it pre-ground will it lose freshness super fast even if I keep frozen. Or will it still smell amazing when I open the bag.

    Cheers for the coffee!

    • +2

      Have a look at Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder for $109 at https://alternativebrewing.com.au/products/timemore-chestnut....

      • Timemore makes good kit
        I've got their scales and a grinder

    • I have an old version of Porlex grinder for those Aeropress days. They have an updated version of it which is meant to have better ergonomics. Get a small one if you're just grinding it for yourself.

    • -1

      Filtering I general I would go with the cheapo sunbeam spice&coffee grinder. 30 bucks and you are sorted.

  • good coffee and fast shipping!

  • ordered - not tried before, thanks for the offer.

  • Hi Ozb peeps. Newbie home coffee maker here. Would the espresso grind be suitable for a bambino plus machine (Breville)?

    • +1

      Yes, that should be good.

      • Thanks :) I was worried it wouldn't be suitable as I have yet to purchase a decent grinder

    • +1

      yep, you want an espresso grind.

      A tip with the bambino+, go onto breville spare parts and get yourself a single wall double shot and single shot filter basket. Makes much better coffee than the double wall. Run the machine with just the basket without any coffee first to pre-heat the basket then fill, tamp and extract.

      I bought a bambino+ a couple of months ago and for the money I am impressed.

      • That's wonderful! Ill check them out :) Thanks heaps!

  • I have high hopes for this as I drink short blacks no sugar.
    Fingers crossed, ordered 500g for now.

  • Anyone tried this blend with v60/filter?

  • Can anyone recommend the best settings for these beans on the Breville Smart Pro Grinder?

    • The settings would vary depending on the internal grind dial. So just be aware. Your 9 maybe someone else's 13, also climate impacts the bean setting as well. Warmer days need a finer grind while cooler days will benefit from coarser grind

  • Light roast so you need to increase the dose quite considerably for filtered coffee. Last time this usmatran was over very quickly

    • Could you not lower the grind size to up the extraction to compensate?

  • I just ordered for my husband. Thank you.

  • Light roasted beans I received from last deal
    I need slightly stronger for my hand drip

  • Are there any bargainer would like to recommend your favorite light roasted beans? I'm a rookie in coffee business and willing to try some light roasted beans for fruity and bright flavors.

    • This is good, so is Twilight

      • Thanks! Can you recommend something from other roasters? I've already tried the Airjo.

        • I tried Sensory Lab Organic Santo and that was light roast and fruity

  • My last order took almost a month, coffee was meh but probably because it was old. Airjo was helpful and tried to send me another one but it never arrived.

  • I got this from last deal. Prefer a darker roast. Hoping for a deal with darker roast.

    • i just did the subscribe 20% off deal to get 1kg colombia each month… easy as

  • Thanks rep. Been padding my time out with leftover nespresso pods waiting for a deal on these! ^-^

  • Thanks, ordered 2kgs.
    Any chance you could explore shipping via dragonfly? not sure if that's a feasible option but my experience has been exceptional for Amazon deliveries, even interstate in COVID days. Quick next day deliveries also on weekends would be great for freshly roasted beans, rather than sitting in auspost sheds for days, and I'm not far from the gold coast…

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