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LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender (42110) $178.99 Delivered @ Zavvi AU


Good price on this set. Not on my shopping list right now as just bought 1989 Batmobile from Amazon but have always looked out for strong offers sub $200 for this set

Use code 'LANDR' for free shipping and $21 off.

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  • with 10.5% shopback cb

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      Only 7% for toys, and no CB if you use a coupon code that's not listed (and LANDR isn't).

  • Good price. Grabbed one thanks

  • $199?

  • Thanks OP! Grabed one, I haven't played with Lego (other than with my little nephews) since I was about 12 lol
    Looks like fun and it'll look cool on the shelf :)

  • Amazing price.. this is a very fun and involved build and easy to make mistakes so be careful

    • That's how they are built in the factory too.. Ex freelander owner.

  • +2

    Thanks for nothing OP! Was planning to buy whisky this weekend and now I can only afford Johnny red. 😭

    • +4

      Ha ha! Sorry man, as a bona fide OzBargainer I can't just let that deal go unnoticed for the OzBargain Community & not be taken advantage of….

  • Thanks! Grabbed one

  • +1

    Friend of a friend modded his to be a left hand drive model. Then eventually sold to the first friend.

  • Does this ship from AU? or from overseas?

    • +1

      Overseas, UK I believe.

  • +1

    Thanks grabbed one. I just finished building the Porsche, my wife will be furious I'm taking over the dining table for another week

  • Anyone have any info on the reliability with dealing with Zavvi and current shipping times from Zavvi (if UK?) to Australia atm? Also keen to know if the Free Shipping included is Tracked shipping? Not keen on loosing track of an item of this price.

    • relax

    • Unfortunately, the cheap prices come with poor reliability. They said it will be dispatched on the 1st of November but has been a week and still not dispatched.

  • Picked one up last night when there was 15% cashback with Cashrewards so fortunately works out around the same, otherwise I'd be pissed haha.

  • +4

    All legos that I got from Zavvi were badly packaged. The lego boxes were crushed badly as well. FYI in case, you buy as a gift.

    • Thanks for that info. Definitely glad to know this. Alternately I have always found Big W and Amazon to be exceptionally good with their lego parcel packaging.

      • -1

        Really , I have about 100 crushed AMZ sets ( I'll never refund for fear of getting kicked out ) and BigW I am much better .

    • They are coming from UK. Agreed, got my Bus a week ago and box was a bit crushed…. Still all good at a good price.

      • Still waiting for my 2 x London Bus. In limbo delayed somewhere with Auspost for over a week

        • ouch

    • +1

      Did you complain to zavvi and get any compensation?

    • +3

      Rumour has it the postie that stepped on the box is still rolling around in agony.

  • Thanks pulled one. Can referral 10% off bonus be also added? maybe OP can add in a referral link

  • The creator Porsche set is a pretty good price too

  • Are there actual RHD build instructions?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Be aware that hut group is not shipping anything out lately. Ordered from zavvi about a week ago and just got email this morning saying item will be dispatched 18 Nov. On top of usual 3 weeks of shipment from UK. This may not get here by Xmas.

    • Check your orders on the website. Something is different now. No emails on orders updates.

      All my orders turned to shipped a few days ago.

  • My last order was the Aston Martin db5 exactly one month ago 29th sept and it arrived today in perfect condition in rural victoria. Havent had bad exp from zavvi. Previously bought the bonsai tree and the Porsche 911 prior and they arrived well too

  • Dang… Paid 240 for it a few days ago and is yet to be opened. For my 10 yr old.

    Great price op.

  • Go back to normal price now. too late

  • Thanks, ordered two. Not going to make the same mistake twice.

    One for the road, and one for repair centre awaiting parts.

    • Hah ironically, buying a Land Rover is a mistake on its own, especially if you get the non-UK built ones.

  • Anyone had theirs shipped yet?

    Mine still says processing.

    • got mine today, very well packed, in extra sturdy box and stuffing inside.

  • Anyone else still waiting for their order to arrive?

    • Mine still on way.. been handed to local courier in Sydney (I'm in Sydney too) on 25/11 then no news.
      Wish it said who the local courier was

      • +1

        Finally received mine today. Couriers Please handled the local delivery. Had just about given up; had no form of tracking until getting an email from Couriers Please earlier today.

        Set is in excellent condition. Really great price.

        • Good to hear, where are you located?

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