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Financial Reporting Course in Mandarin $499 (Save $200) @ CPAOnlineCourse


Need to prepare for CPA Australia in Chinese? Get the best deal now and save up to $200.

Each course gives you access to:

  • 90+ videos,
  • past exam questions,
  • cpa index
  • learning assistance
  • pdf material

Mod Note: This website is not to be confused with CPA Australia and it is a private entity / business offering online courses, not an accounting body.

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  • +8

    Im here for the comments.

    • +3

      you can actually read the comments without having to tell everyone about it.

      • Why did you need to post a comment about that? AshSet already knows that..

    • I was expecting Mandarin comments. You disappoint me.

  • +2

    Mandarin $499

    per kg ?

  • +2

    Course is not offered by CPA Australia, but by a 3rd party course provider - might want to edit the title to reflect that.

  • I know the comments will be a hoot but as a CPA myself, that module is the hardest out of all of them so I wish any Chinese aspiring CPA's all the best and I hope these notes can help!

    • +1

      A fellow CPA here. The module was quite challenging for me.

  • +2

    Very misleading website name, it's no wonder the mod made their note.

    No real bio or anything on the CPA behind the site though like where they got their qualification. Would have exprected a LinkedIn profile, not Facebook.

    Sounds like it's $499 just to run through the Financial Reporting side of things - like a study group or tuition. nothing to do with certification and just leveraging on the CPA side of things for exposure.

    edit was going to suggest this site to a friend o'seas - hence looking into credentials.

  • +3

    Is this the same course taken by the CPAs that work for Evergrande?

    • +2

      It would be interesting to see if Evergrande's auditors identified a significant change in government policy as a risk. This is commonly referred to as sovereign risk.

      Evergrande is not the only business impacted.

  • China numbah wan.

  • +2

    If an accounting student (… Inspiring to be a chartered accountant) could not understand English at a professional level (hence utilising this mandarin service)
    Then how on earth could he or she produce readable and meaningful reports to clients and regulating authorities?
    Yet from the intro video, the instructor was mixing mandarin with English financial terms…

  • +1

    Does it come in Banana?

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