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½ Price Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Tubs 420-457ml $5.75 | 2000 Everyday Points on $100 Apple Gift Card @ Woolworths


Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Tubs 420-457ml - $5.75

Haagen-dazs Vanilla Ice Cream 457ml
Haagen-dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream 457ml
Haagen-dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream 457ml
Haagen-dazs Cookie Dough Chip Ice Cream Tub 457ml
Haagen-dazs Strawberry Cheesecake Tub 457ml
Haagen-dazs Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream 457ml

Collect 2000 Everyday Points on $100 Apple Gift Card

‡Offer available from 3/11/21 to 9/11/21 on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards (excluding $20 Apple Gift Card), in Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last. Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro. Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. Limit of 10 cards per transaction and one transaction per day per Rewards Member. TM and © 2021 Apple Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. While stocks last.

As T&Cs mentions all denominations of Apple Gift Cards (excluding $20 Apple Gift Card), rewards points will most likely scale:

  • $30 = 600 points (Worth $3)
  • $50 = 1000 points (worth $5)
  • $100 = 2000 points (Worth $10)
  • $200 = 4000 points (Worth $20)
  • Variable Load = 20x points

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  • -2

    Both strange and confusing rules on Apple Gift Card for this time.

  • Should also mention the $20-$500 variable value gift card will most likely earn 20x points per dollar loaded on that gift card.

    • I wonder if you can use the Variable Load to bypass the $20 Apple Gift Card Exclusion

      • +3

        My guess is yes, as the $20 Apple gift card and the variable load gift card are two separate products with separate PLU (product look up) codes, and I think Woolworths would have only excluded the PLU code for the $20 Apple gift card from this promotion.

        I don’t think Woolworths would be smart enough or sophisticated enough to force people to load a minimum on a variable load gift card before they would award any Everyday Rewards points.

  • Does this mean the 30X points on apple cards offer is gone and probably wont come back?

    • +1

      Nah, I think you’ll see a mix of 20x and 30x points offers in the future, much like how the App Store & iTunes gift cards in Australia saw a mix of 15% or 20% discounts during the last couple of years of its existence.

  • So this is effectively 10% off your Apple purchase right??

    • -2


      • +1

        It's really a credit to be used on future Woolworths shops.

        There is no discount on the Apple gift card, you are paying full price for it.

        There is no discount on your Apple purchase because you have paid full price for the gift card.

        • -1

          So this is effectively 10% off your Apple purchase right?

          It is effectively 10% off.

          • +2

            @theguyrules: It is effectively 9.09% off.

            If buying $100 gift card, you need to spend $110 to receive $10 discount.

            • @lubos: How did you work this out? I must be missing something.

              They way I understand it is, if you buy the $100 Apple Gift card, you get 2000 Woolworths Rewards points. Those equal $10 Woolwoths Credit.

              • @Cousin IT: You need to spend $110 to get $10 discount. $100 on Apple Gift card and $10 to buy something else from Woolworths. Only then you get $10 back.

                10% discount on $110 spend should be $11. But you only get $10. So the effective discount is less than 10% and it is:

                100% / $110 * $10 ~= 9.09%

                If you would get $10 in cash instead of 2000 Woolworths Rewards points, then that would be 10% discount because there is no need to buy something else from Woolworths and thus your total spend is just $100 (only buying Apple gift card)

                100% / $100 * $10 = 10%

                Not sure if this is the easiest way to explain this concept. Maybe someone knows better way.

                • -1

                  @lubos: Stop thinking about it as a % in that way, it isn't.

                  It is not percentage discount which is why you need to come up with convoluted methods to calculate what the 'discount' is.

                  The promotion is basically 'when you buy an Apple gift card get 10% back in Woolworths credit to use on a future Woolworths shop'

                  If you buy a $100 gift card and the future shop is only $10 then you have received a 100% discount on that shop thanks to the credit you were given.

                  It is a credit to be used on a future shop.

                  • -1


                    If you buy a $100 gift card and the future shop is only $10 then you have received a 100% discount on that shop thanks to the credit you were given.

                    So you need to spend $110 to receive discount of $10.

                    $10 of $110 represents 9.09%.

                    • @lubos: No you don't
                      You need to spend $100 to receive credit of $10.

                      How you spend that credit and what sort of effective discount it gives you on a future shop is irrelevant to the credit you get when buying Apple gift cards

                      • -1

                        @spaceflight: You view store credit as good as cash. I do not view store credit as good as cash since you can't cash out store credit. You have to spend it to realize the discount.

                        From accounting point of view… After you spend your store credit. Woolworths will book revenue of $110 and discount given $10. That equates to 9.09% discount given to customer.

                          • +1


                            If you were getting a discount on the gift card it wouldn't be recorded as a liability, it would be a reduction in revenue.

                            It is both. You forgot the part where every credit must have corresponding debit.

                            Credit income $100 (price of Apple Gift card)
                            Debit assets $100 (your payment)
                            Credit liability $10 (2000 woolworths points Woolworths owes you)
                            Debit expense $10 (2000 woolworths points you were given)

                            Then when you convert Woolworths points into goods.

                            Credit income - $10
                            Debit liability - $10

                            Final balance on the books

                            Income - $110 Cr
                            Expense - $10 Dr
                            Assets - $100 Dr
                            Liability - $0 (you have no store credit)

                            There is no discount when you buy the card it is a credit.

                            True. You need to use the store credit which will allow you to calculate effective discount. Effective discount being 9.09%.

                            • @lubos:

                              It is both. You forgot the part where every credit must have corresponding debit.

                              Yeah I was trying to keep things simple and provide a generalisation.

                              You need to use the store credit which will allow you to calculate effective discount. Effective discount being 9.09%.

                              No it isn't because you need to spend the $100 to buy a gift card before you can spend the credit.

                              Your 9.09% assumes that next time you go shopping your grocery bill is exactly $100
                              Maybe it's $23.49 or $350.

                              Either way when you buy the gift card what you are getting is a credit to be used on a future shop.

                              You are not getting a discount because you are paying full price for the gift card.

  • +3

    Cant believe they got rid of the barista chocolate frappe

    • +2

      The peanut butter flavour was also amazing. I tried it once, loved it and went back to get more the next week only to find it had been discontinued. Sometimes the universe is so cruel.

  • Perfect timing as I am thinking of getting the Macbook Air. It said 'Limit of 10 cards per transaction and one transaction per day per Rewards Member' so is that mean I can get 10 $100 apple gift cards in day 1 and 5 $100 apple gift cards the next day?

    • +1

      You could buy 3 x $500 variable load cards in one shot (if the store lets you due to gift card fraud calls) as the variable load cards go up to $500 each.

    • In theory, yes.

      In practice, it depends on:

      • Whether the store manager or duty manager at a store has enacted their own limits that is lower than the ten gift cards per transaction. A few people complained in the last Apple gift card at Woolworths that that their local stores had different limits (e.g. $300 per person, $500 per person per day, $600 per transaction).

      • Whether there is sufficient stock at your local store(s). My local stores had no stock throughout the last gift card deal at Woolworths (except for the pesky $20 gift cards).

    • Why don't you try to get 3 x $500 cards, or 7 x $200 + 1 x $100 cards?

      • +1

        Just remember that Apple will only accept eight gift cards per transactions!

        • +3

          You can redeem more than eight gift cards into Apple Account balance. The cap for that is $4999 which is good enough to buy a Macbook Pro.

          • @OMG: I was referring to this limit:
            "You can use up to eight Apple Gift Cards for one transaction at apple.com and the Apple Retail Store."


          • @OMG: are you saying i could use any number (10+) to increase my apple account balance, then use the balance to make a purchase? Do you know if you can then use the balance on the edu store?
            i cant find any documentation on the apple store to say yes to this.

          • +1

            @OMG: If you want a pov pack one.

  • +22

    Hi guys, I think we should focus on the half price Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, rather than Apple GC, in this lovely summer.

    • Im a normie, plain vanilla for me.

    • Use OREO biscuit only, not the cream then crushed and mix into the Vanilla Ice Cream. It's the best cookie and cream ice cream!!

  • Just wondering why Apple boost these sale on 2 super market. Isn’t the sale good in Australia?

  • +1

    I wish Woolworths still stock the mango and raspberry flavour. Now I have to travel to coles to get it

    • +1

      is that the new apple phone, wow even now comes with different flavours.

      No wonder so popular, when hungry just have a little suckle

    • Yeah Mango & Raspberry is brilliant.

  • Change header to Apple GC if all to discuss that!

  • If my Everyday Rewards is linked to Qantas Frequent Flyer, my points will go straight to FF right?

    • +1

      Yes, it will automatically be converted to QFF points and should appear on your QFF account within a business day. This is generally not reversible.

      • Thanks! Do you think its a good idea that I call up my local Woolies and see if they have stock for the gift cards and more importantly if there's a transaction limit?

        • +1

          That would be a good idea, but be mindful of the following:

          • Apple gift cards may be sold in-between you calling the store and you actually visiting the store. I doubt many stores would be happy to reserve stock for someone who has called them over the phone, so don't bank on that. Also keep in mind that most of the gift cards you see at Woolworths (and at Coles and BIG W and Target, etc) are actually restocked by a representative from a gift card distributor bringing in stock to the store, so staff may not know when Apple gift cards will be restocked throughout the promotional period (if at all).

          • The manager on duty at the store may change in-between you calling the store and you actually visiting the store. Different managers may have different approaches for the sale of gift cards, so there is a chance that you will not be able to buy as many gift cards in one transaction as you would like.

  • +1

    Came for the ice cream comments. Disappointed.

    Is the strawberry cheesecake any good?

    • Yes, it is delicious.

    • it's worth trying once, but nothing beats the strawberry still. Mmm the chunky strawberry bits! I've been told the barista coffee flavour was good, but discontinued now??

  • So how do you get confirmation that the bonus points in fact scale?

    • The easiest way would be to:

      • Grab a $30, $50, $200 or $20-$500 Apple gift card.
      • Go to a self-service checkout.
      • Scan your Everyday Rewards card and the Apple gift card.
      • Go to the payment screen. You should be able to see the number of points you will earn in the transaction in an area towards the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you also earn enough points to have your balance converted to Everyday Rewards Dollars, you should also see a pop-up message saying "Congratulations, you have earned $xx off a future shop!" I assume a similar pop-up message will appear if your redemption option is Qantas points.

      Alternatively, wait for someone to confirm tomorrow morning that the points scale.

      • +1

        Good thinking. Will give this a go and if it scales, buy the lot at service desk.

  • hi, can i use the apple gc for an iphone?

    • +2

      Yes. Plenty of people have successfully done that since Apple launched the Apple gift card in Australia in July.

      I believe the only services or products from Apple that you cannot pay for using Apple gift cards or an Apple Account Balance are:

      • Upfront payment for a 24 month AppleCare+ plan, and
      • Purchases of new Apple gift cards.
      • +1

        thanks! just wanted to double checking before getting 1k$worth of gc lol

        • +1

          There's also conflicting reports as to whether you can use Apple gift cards or an Apple Account Balance to pay for a monthly subscription for AppleCare+, so I think I should also mention that.

          If you do not immediately need Apple gift cards, previous promotions at Woolworths (and Coles) awarded 30x points per dollar spent on Apple gift cards (whereas this deal only awards 20x points per dollar), so there is a chance that future promotions may be for a higher points rate. However, I have no idea when a 30x points deal may happen next (if ever), so that is something to consider…

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: I just bought the gift card and loaded $239 on it and walked into the Apple store and used it to pay for AppleCare+.

            • +1

              @linc4342: That’s good to know.

              It would make sense if you bought AppleCare+ from a physical Apple Store, as the gift card terms and conditions state you can use Apple gift cards to pay for products from a physical Apple Store, so Apple would have to accept your Apple gift card if you wanted to use it to purchase AppleCare+ in-store.

              I was under the impression that you could no longer purchase AppleCare+ from a physical Apple Store, but I guess that only applies at the time of purchasing a device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Mac).

  • -1

    Just letting everyone know that:
    1. For 5x $200 AGC you'll get 20,000 Reward points. This means that the original deal posted here applies to $200 cards as well.
    2. A cashier tested variable AGC with $500 on it and there were no points recorded.

    Fellow OzBargainers need your advice: To buy a $3674 Apple MBP, how many AGC's can I actually use? Apple states that I can only use 8. Does that mean I can only use 8x$200 cards? Should I be loading the 5xAGC's on my account and just leaving it there until I collect the 18 AGC's that I need to maximise the rewards points? Thank you.

    • +2

      Ran into an issue with instore gift $$$ limits but can also confirm that $200 cards scaled to 4k points. Did not get as far as testing the variable but looks like I dodged a bullet if they don't scale with the $500.

      • Thank you, I almost went in today and got the variable. Saved me a bullet as well.

      • +2

        I bought 2000 via 4 by 500
        Popped up on cashier 200 bucks of next shop

        • And confirmed on my receipt as well

          • @fd9: The 200 bucks of next shop does that need to be used up all in one go?

            • @lallen1093: It does not. The wording is confusing.
              You just have to use it in 10 dollar increments e.g. u can use 10 40 60 etc at a time but not 5 dollars

    • +1

      Buy as many as you like and redeem them into your Apple Balance. Then order the MBP online with your account balance.

      • buy in 2 transaction

    • +1

      In store it says "on all denominations of gift cards pictured (excluding $20 Apple Gift Card)". On this same piece of cardboard with that line, is a picture of the variable gift card.
      I'm trying my luck with the $500.

      • +4

        My receipt states I earned 10,000 bonus points for the purchase of a single $500.


    • +1

      Can confirm I just bought 4x $500 worth of gift cards. The points popped up immediately on my rewards app.

      • +1

        I've ended up going to a different store and got another 4x $500 AGC's. Reward points showed correctly on the receipt. I'm so happy that I now how $360 of free money to buy food.
        On top of it all, I also earned Credit Card reward points as I paid by CC :-)

  • Went to the store today and the limit per transaction is $2000. According to the T&C, only one transaction can be awarded. So, I have to be there tomorrow to get another batch of gift cards if they are still there.

    • Are you in Sydney? Which store was this? East Subs Woolies appear to have a more restrictive policy ie $200 or 2 x $500 in sep transactions.

      • Yes, in Sydney at Chatswood. I bought $1600 in one transaction last time with no problem.

        • This is the metro store in Chatswood station you're talking about right? I am planning to go there first thing tomorrow morning as I have a Apple Store shopping session reserved to purchase a MBP 13" 2020. I was thinking of calling them up to see if they sell Apple Store GCs.

          • @matttang101: went to Northbridge this morning, still plenty $200 available

  • not sure if i should do this or wait for the bigger reward deals to get a new MBP

    • keep in mind that the longer you wait, the longer it will take for MBP to deliver. I was given Dec delivery date if I was to order it today!

      • not to fussed about when i get it.
        tho i did just buy a macbook air through edu store. so not sure i can get another within 1 year from that.

        • +2

          The Apple Education Store policy states you will need to wait a year before you can purchase another notebook through the education store.

          • @WookieMonster: Nice to know. My last one was purchased in-store and the staff only saw my Uni ID but didn't ask for my Apple ID.

          • @WookieMonster: strange, i just spoke to their apple support chat and they said i can buy 2

  • Got 3 x $200 cards in Brisbane got bonus points straight away no issues. Thanks OP

    Trying to work out whether to wait until Black Friday to get iPad Mini 6. I think we get further 2% discount on iPads at work

  • Monthly Apple GC Discount Exam

    Instructions: Read the scenario below and answer the questions. Your peers will be be scoring you with internet points. You have until 9/11/21 to submit your answers in the comment field below.

    Answers will be revealed sometime tomorrow probably (or not whatever).

    Scenario 1

    You've always dreamed of browsing OzBargain in style, so you've decided to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro 16". Your great-grand-nephew told you about a sweet deal using gift cards. You've never shopped at Woolworths before (it's in the next suburb across and you're an Aldi kind of person), but you like a good deal anyway so you bought $2000 worth of variable cards at the Woolies smoko counter, along a tub of delicious Haagen Daaz ice cream as a surprise for Ms BedGrub.

    Q1) How much did you spend at Woolworths?
    Q2) How much did you pay for the Apple laptop (assume that you paid $9,968.98 for a fully specced 16" 10/32 Core, 64GB RAM, 8TB SSD MBP with FCP and Logic Pro)
    Q3) What kind of saving did you make?
    Q4) What other saving opportunities could have been made to lower the price?

    Edit: Seriously jfc can we just agree that your overall outgoings are lowered by x% when you exchange money or equivalent coupons at either store in return for goods? If we're going to go into this level of detail, then why not account for Time Value of Money and inflation? Is there an accountant here who's will to do a write up in the forum that people can link to, and hopefully shutdown all these unconstructive flame wars and comment graveyards?

    • Not sure if you were joking, but the saving on your dream machine using this deal is $1000! That's a lot of Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Tubs you could get at Woolworths 😉

    • jfc can we just agree that your overall outgoings are lowered by x% when you exchange money or equivalent coupons at either store in return for goods?

      How does that work when in your example I like shopping at ALDI so if I never go back to Woolworths because I like ALDI so much more I never get to spend the Woolworths credit.

  • +2

    For an even greater discount, follow this link for a Student Edge store:

    And as a sweetener, use your Credit card with rewards points to buy AGC's.

    My chosen MBP is available for pickup tomorrow at my local Apple store. 16" models are in short supply, so, I was over the moon when I learned about it.

    • Won’t they ask for your student ID when you collect it? Or are you actually a student?

      • Nope if you order online. And this one seems cheaper than the normal education store.

        • Nice thanks this worked

  • Thanks, bought a couple

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