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8BitDo Pro 2 Controller Grey Edition $68 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ EB Games


Not a bad price for local stock. Lots of stores seem to be in stock, too.

The G Classic Edition is available for the same price here.

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    For anyone on the fence about this controller, I bought mine on launch and its been brilliant. I've used it on PC, PS5 and Switch so far without any issues.

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      I couldn't get mine to connect to ps5 i got the black 8BitDo Pro 2 shows up as a dualshock 4 but doesnt connect. Best controller i've ever had tho and Build quality feels on par or if not better then first party controllers.

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      I used mine for switch and super smash bros, rubbers on the sticks were coming off in a few months.

      It also wasn't great ergonomically for my hands, but that's just me.

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      That's awesome it works across all systems. Why would you use it over the dual shock though? You lose the haptic feedback (plus it's awesome). Or is it a second controller for you?

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        Dual shock is awesome, but I only have 1 of them, so split screen PS4 games mean I end up using the 8BitDo. In practice I've done it once but its good to know its possible.

    • I got one of these a couple of days ago. Although I haven't had a chnace to use it much it feels really good. I prefer the layout to the Xbox controller as I find the dpad easier to reach.

      It's great to be able to use a single controller with RetroPie, Apple TV and Xbox Cloud (on a Mac).

      I'll be buying a second controller with this deal with for multiplayer, and also because I prefer the grey to the black which I originally bought because it was cheaper.

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      How do you get it to work on the PS5?

      I can get it to connect via Bluetooth but that's as far as I get.

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      Are you sure it works with PS5 as I don't see it listed as a supported platform on their official website?

      Just managed to order a PS5 and I'm trying to decide whether I need to get a second controller as I already have the 8bitdo.

      • Yeah looks like I (profanity) up somehow. Now I'm trying to think what second controller I ended up using with the PS5…..

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          ah I see, cheers for letting us know. Might have to return it as I don't have much use for it otherwise.

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    $67 from HeyBattery via Kogan with free delivery.

    Assume its local stock too, i ordered one a couple of weeks ago and arrived in less than 1 week.

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      Sold and delivered by IDS (Hong Kong) Company Limited
      All products we sell are international and genuine model and comes with original retail box an Australian adapter.
      All items are in stock and will be dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse in 24 -72 hours of your payment being received. ( Excluding holidays and weekends)

      Grey importer but shipped from a local warehouse

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      Thanks. Wanted the Grey but it was more expensive so ended up getting the black a couple days ago.
      So grabbed the Grey one just now.

      Heads up. For further discount, use your Revolut card to buy the Kogan gift card which you will get bonus $10 cashback + 4% cashback & Join the Kogan $50 giftcard free $5 GC challenge too. Seems like they both stack.
      Big savings with those two combined. That's what I did. Thanks!

      • What was the final cost that you worked out?

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          $51 delivered. So $16 savings.

          Edit: Looks like no 4% cashback from Revolut challenge. Only the $10 cashback but you get 2% from buying the Kogan GC so that's $1 cashback for the $50GC.

          • @iamtezr: Thanks for that. I'm a dummy though and thought the $5 GC was a cashback. Now I've got a tough to use $5 kogan giftcard and don't want to risk waiting for the refund..

    • Order mine from Kogan (HeyBattery) early October and it still has not been delivered… They won't even respond back to emails.

    • -1

      Jack is back
      It is $79 now

  • Any chance someone knows if it will work with Chromecast?

    • I was using it with android tv for roms if that helps.

      • Thanks. I might email them as I’ve already purchased one Bluetooth game pad that connects but doesn’t work with my Chromecast google tv.

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    Got the sn30+ but eyeing this. If they woke the Switch they'd be perfect

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      I've got a SN30 and bought this because it had the extended grips. I haven't regretted it but YMMV

      • extended grips?

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          SN30 has the form factor of the original SNES controllers. This controller has the grips that are common in modern controllers

          • @Caped Baldy: so if you have the SN30 pro+

            you will already have the ended grips?

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              @dbmitch: I don't think that's an actual model.

              There is the SN30 pro which is the SNES form factor with analog sticks.
              There is the SN30 pro plus is the SNES form factor with analog sticks with grips.
              There is the SN30 pro 2 is the updated version of the SN30 pro plus with same shape and analog sticks. Difference with SN30 pro plus is two additional programmable buttons on the back, device mode slider (before had to press button combo for x-input, switch, d input, macos) and change face buttons (a/b/x/y) to concave shape.

              Just get the one in the deal… I've got the SN30 pro plus and really like it. Only downside is that it doesn't turn on the switch from sleep and connecting can be annoying.

              There's also a whole bunch of other 8bitdo controllers…

  • Analog triggers or just digital like the Switch?

    • Analog.

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        But read as digital on Switch as the controller registers as a Pro

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    I got the usb adapter to use my second ps5 controller… and since I have a dock for the ps5 controllers too I now don't need to think about chasing controllers again lol..

    Was looking for this Pro2 for the longest time though before I decided to go with the usb adapter… these controllers are the best available and the software adds customisation and button mapping too. Price is the best in a while too.. winning all round..

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    I want one, but like, I've already owned a dozen different controllers lol.

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    Will this work with macOS?

    • +1

      I think it should, but cannot confirm.
      Also why did they neg you?

    • I didn’t neg, but from the EB link (typos and all):

      Windows, macOS, Android, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Resberry Pi

    • It should. I've got the sn30 pro plus and under the battery hatch are the different connection options which includes macOS. I've not personally done it but would trust 8bitdo.

  • this or the adapter to use a ps5 dualsense with the switch?

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      This would be better for switch as they had the switch in mind when making it

    • +1

      I personally have the adapter and use it with my ps5 controller. Works perfectly. If you get it make sure you do the update through the pc app first.

  • anyone try on mobile phone game? it is perfect if I can play mario kart tour with this.

  • I'm tempted..but the abxy button colours bug me, they dont even match any standard?

    • +1

      they match super nintendo and switch pro controller

      • +3

        I would love if they did, but they dont match at all…
        A: red
        B: yellow
        X: blue
        Y: green

        8BitDo Pro 2
        A: green
        B: red
        X: pink
        Y: blue

          SNES classic is purple shade 1 or purple shade 2

          switch pro is all black

          The ABXY position is exactly the same as nintendo:
          X: North
          Y: West
          B: South
          A: East

          So position, not colour, matches nintendo.

          • +1

            @g1: SNES/SFC in Australia, Europe, and Japan has always been the 4 colours - the SNES classic controller for those regions is also the same design
            North America is the one with the 2 tone purple

            yes positions are fine, just cant understand the reasoning behind the colours they've used as per my initial comment

    • You can reprogram everything on the controller in their software at least. So if you don't like the layout, you can change the actual button function, so if you don't like where X is for example, you can change it.

  • +1

    Will this work on a Nvidia Shield?

    • I'd like to know this too. I know it says Android compatible but the NVIDIA Shield is kind of a hybrid Android device.

  • this or the xbox controller? So hard to pick

    • This has the back buttons, but the xbox controller is more comfortable for me.

  • I have a switch and pc. I was thinking of this, but saw it's BT4. When using wmr the controllers seem to lag a bit when I used the switch pro controller or wireless earbuds.
    I upgraded the BT and earbuds to bt5, and now I can use it with the wmr. But the switch pro controller no go.
    I think it's the wmr using up all the bt4 bandwidth. I assume this would have the same problem?

  • Not a bad price for local stock

    The OP couldn't be stuffed to add in the regular price, but it's $89.95.

    • Amazon has had it at $75 for a while.

      • Not the Grey. Black and Classic was $75 but Grey was at $85.
        Kogan had Black and Classic for $67 and Grey for $79.
        Missed out on the last deal when they were around the $55 mark so been watching all the sites for a while now.

        • That's fair. I price matched the gray to the blacks price at JB a couple weeks back haha

        • I managed to get one for 55 last time around. Probably one of the best bargains I've gotten here.

  • For PC and Android user, i.e. I don't use the any of the console games, which better suits my needs? This model or the Classic G model. What's the actual difference between the two?

    • +1

      Appearance only.

  • I like this controller more than my Switch Pro, Dualsense, Dualshock, Series X or Elite controllers.

    I just wish it worked on Xbox.

    • I like it, but still think the Elite is my favourite (although I haven't tried the v2 or the Series X yet). I'm waiting for the inevitable v3 Elite which I'll probably jump on if its not north of $300

      • I just find the rear bumpers finicky on the elite (v1)… and then when I remove them I find the holes scratchy / annoying.

        Also the dpad is super dodgy on mine. They foxed it on the standard series X controller, but also made it unbearably loud in the process, lol

  • nice, ordered one. Now what do i do with this?

    • +1

      Potentially a Christmas gift?

    • I am still waiting for my delivery a month later… You have at least a month to think about what you want to do.

      • +1

        just got a message from eb games that it is ready to be collected :)

        • Good work! I should have went to EB instead of Kogan… I noticed somebody mentioned Kogan and thought this was a Kogan sale… I never learn.

  • Thanks for this.
    I've been wanting to get a more universal controller for the switch, iPad and Android (esp now for Diablo immortal as it has controller support).
    I called up JB to price match as I had some giftcards to use and am going to collect it today.
    They offered to give me any colour, so I chose the black (I'm bland like that).

  • What's the difference between the two versions? G Glassic vs Grey?

    • +1

      just the colour.
      G classic is more like the gameboy colour with the purple buttons.
      Grey is like the SNES colour

      • -1

        Ordered the grey.

  • Is this suitable for Xbox cloud gaming, using an android or ios device?

  • Great controller, great price.

    It's a bigger controller which I like, and really when you think about it, it's inspired by the SNES original controller, but the grips make the face much larger than most modern controllers (as it was designed without grips) so adding grips it becomes quite large which I like, it's not massive but it's certainly bigger than the Switch Pro controller.

    I'm just a fan of having the d-pad higher and joystick lower, I think it impacts 3D joystick games by 5% (moving your thumb 10 degrees down to the right), and impacts 2D games by 25-30% as you'd otherwise have to move your thumb both 10 degrees down and right, but also lower the Z height which I think is a harder more than just the X/Y axis move.

    Perfect controller for basically everything

  • Does it have any latency when playing?

    I got Gamesir t4 (bluetooth only) and it experience slight latency when playing emulator games.

  • Does this definitely connect via usb-c wire on Android instead of having to use Bluetooth?

  • I see a lot of hype saying this is better than the official switch pro controller. Is that really the case?

    • Wouldn't say it's better as the Switch pro is design for the switch with the nfc scanner and it can power on the switch.
      This one doesn't have neither of those functions but it's versatile and allows you to connect to multiple different machines.

      Overall, personal preference is that I like this better since I can connect to whichever device i want without any issues.
      Consoles you will need the wireless adapter but at least it gives you the option.

  • My local store was OOS, but we're happy to order for me and get it delivered straight to my home since it was more than $50.

    Worth asking if you really wanted one.

  • I bought one and have it connected to a PlayStation classic through the 8bitdo usb dongle. It took a bit of reading to work out. Update both the usb dongle and the controller to the latest firmware. I set mine to x - windows/Xbox. I needed to use a powered usb hub plugged into the controller port - the dongle draws too much juice on the latest firmware

  • Also available on their eBay store, if you have eBay Plus you get free post and 5% off (or $5 off if you still have your monthly coupon).

    • link pls? Is this for classic only?

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