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M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story Free to Stream @ SBS On Demand


Watch Indian Cricket team's ex-captain biopic free on SBS on demand till 4th December.

Not sure how much of the story is dramatised but watching this man's struggle to get into Indian Cricket team has increased my respect for him even more.

Description from SBS:

Coaches, mentors and friends inspire young MS Dhoni to become a master cricketer and captain of Team India.

Countries: India

Directors: Neeraj Pandey

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Kiara Advani, Anupam Kher

Advice: Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts

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  • +2

    Hard for me to watch any SSR movie anymore 💔

  • Has been free to watch in YouTube from past one year now.


    • Good to know 👍

    • not officially

  • +17

    How is this a deal?

    • -17

      Trust me on this mate. You'll find out after you watch the movie!!!

      • +6

        Spoiler alert: it's not

  • +9

    Do they address the corruption or do they just gloss over it?

    (To be fair, we gloss over Shane Warne all the time, despite him being a known drug cheat)

    • Shane and Mark Waugh also got away with selling match and pitch condition information to the bookies.

      • Not sure if what you said is true (it's the weekend and I'm to tired for research, just interested in a convo), but some people don't seem to like what you said and haven't even commented what's wrong with your comment.

        I'm regards to Choc83, I don't think I knew shame Warne was cheating with drugs.

        I used to watch the cricket a lot when I was young. Now I've lost interest and don't have the time.

        • Everyone knew about Warne and Waugh giving information to bookies. It's well known and they were punished and the Australian fan base ridiculed them.

          Whenever anybody raises Indian cricket corruption, the BCCI covers everything up and threatens to boycott. And then the fans get angry and start to deflect and subvert, as our friend here is doing. Instead of actually acknowledging anything or even talking about Dhoni, he goes on the front foot and attacks 2 guys that we all know did the dodgy and who both haven't played for yeaaaars.

          • -3

            @PCHammond: Mate I'm an Aussie. Born and raised here. You are assuming I'm doing this because I'm from India. I was just balancing the discussion to point that all players from all sides have unfortunately been involved in the 1990s and early 2000s. Cronje was the worst of them and unfortunately ended up taking his own life, Pakistani players who famously dropped the Adelaide test match while on march to victory, indian players as pointed out here and so on…

            • +3

              @DreaminBargains: Hansie Cronje died in a plane crash in June 2002.

              • -1

                @metalhead: He crashed his plane deliberately.

                This the timeline of events. It clearly shows he committed suicide.


                • +3

                  @DreaminBargains: You are quite literally the only person that thinks he committed suicide. That timeline shows nothing that would even suggest he committed suicide. Especially because it wasn't his plane and he was not a pilot. In fact he was flying home to his wife and missed his original commercial flight, so jumped on that one so he could get home as soon as possible.

                  You aren't balancing discussion. You are deflecting and not addressing choc's post at all…something that the BCCI and Indian fans love to do.

        • -2

          Yeah we are in the cancel culture and instant opinion age. It's actually true. The 1990s was a terrible time for cricket due to players taking money. Mark Waugh and Shane Warne were very lucky to get away with a fine. But some suggested it was much worse than what was reported.


        • +1

          Warne served a 12 month suspension for drugs

          He and M Waugh also copped a $5000 fine for providing 'info' to illegal subcontinent bookmakers. If a player did that today they'd get banned. I remember at the time the ACB tried to sweep it under the rug.

          But anyway, my question was about Dhoni and whether this was a balanced documentary or whether it was PR fluff

  • +9

    Not a deal, this should be a forum post

      • +10

        Lol you seem to be in auto-reply mode.

    • "this should be a forum post"… in India, on Jolly-Good-Desi-Bargains

  • +2

    Don't understand how is this even here?

  • -1

    Sir please redeem

    • +3

      Sir please do the needful

  • +6

    Not a deal mods should remove.

    • +1

      You need a comma in there. At the moment it reads like you think that this is not one of those deals that the mods should remove.

  • This was on sbs last night. Very long movie.

    • How many chorus lines & impromptu mass dancing scenes were there?

  • +17

    This is as much as a deal as Neighbours on Ten Play is.

  • +5

    Wtf… So every movie on SBS On Demand is a "bargain" now…

    • +1

      Sure as long as you do one movie per post!

  • +1

    Wait how is this a deal again?

  • We don't like cricket.

    PS: "we love it" is not a witty response

    • PS: "we love it" is not a witty response

      It's not witty. It's just plain shitty.

    • +1

      we play it

    • should be "we drink it" for OZ!

  • Not a deal

  • I'm watching it on SBS now - it's entertaining, but not remotely true to life. I've watched a few Indian shows recently, and my only comment is that Indian audiences seem to love a heavy injection of melodrama into every story!

  • Not spicy enough.. Think, I'll have to wait for Warner's !

  • -2

    I watched it - great film and highlighted what a level headed dude he's always been - I never knew his first girlfriend died in a car accident just when their relationship was about to blossom

  • +1

    Not a deal. Spam.

  • Paul Reiffel movie would be better

    • -1

      Funny isn't it

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