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PowerColor RX 6900 XT Red Devil OC 16GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $2199 (Save $200) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Seems a good deal for a 6900XT. Couldn't find any other deals for this specific model.

Site discription suggests free inclusion of Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil Village.

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    Save $200? lol

    • +8

      They save, you pay 👍

      • Just misleading advertising

  • +7

    Great card!
    Sad price…

  • +9

    Don't think so. 6900XT was $ 1,999 before. Hold your wallet until Black Friday.


    • -4

      Agree, 1999

    • It's been $1899 for ASRock. I think under 2k is the benchmark 6900XT deal… gotta factor in a new 1000W power supply as well!

      • Do these really need that much wattage?!

        • Not quite tbh, but an 850W+ is the minimum recommended for 6900XT.

          I think some of the OC cards state 1000W min…. and great case cooling.

    • +1

      Black Friday won't change anything

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    The MSI Trio at $2k is probably as good as it gets for now

  • +2

    Does it include delivery fee? Cuz that is what kill most of pccg deal for me

    • -1

      Any savings made goes into the delivery fee lol

    • You mean the guys that tack on 3 times the standard shipping charge for delivering you the item ????

    • Kills basically every deal for me. And their website features (on iOS atleast) needs a big refresh, it shites me up the wall.

  • +3

    not to be a hodler but several 6900 xts have been <2k very recently

  • Thats a pretty card. Considering selling my reference card for this

  • -2

    Probs the most expensive 6900xt I've seen posted on this forum.

  • +1
  • Ranking is 3rd just behind RTX3090 & 3080Ti, so pick this instead if price is right?

    • Yeah pretty much. Don’t expect great ray tracing or dlss ofc. I’ve got one and it’s a big boi <3

      • haha when I m getting old, my eyes probably won't tell much difference on these features when on or off.

        • There are many scenes where I hate to see RT on. It will make the shadows more darker and its harder to see. The normal rendering technique has already seen so much improvement that switching RTX on does not make much difference. However, DLSS is one heck of an AMD killer. I am waiting to see how Intel's Xess would turn out as it will bring improvements on all GPUs at a very low cost.

    • Depends on the title and whether or not you care for RT. For pure rasterization performance the radeons make a compelling offering.

  • +5

    are gpu's ever gonna go down or are we stuck with this stuff forever? i know the performance isn't comparable but i remember buying my 1060 for less than $400 5 years ago

    • As long as people can make money with them

    • We might be waiting until late next year for price drops.

    • +1

      When ethereum goes full POS there will be a glut of cards secondhand. Yes, plenty will mine other coins but they are unlikely to be anywhere near as profitable, particularly in the short term, and as the difficulty skyrockets as a result of all the new hashrate on ETC, Ravencoin etc etc.

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    brb selling kidney

  • What sort of hashrate do these get to?

    • +1
      • Wow, my Vega 56 gets 47mh/s. No wonder they are selling well.

        • +1

          6800/6900 XT have pretty terrible hash rates for the price, they're mostly a gaming card. Price is high because AMD has a fraction of Nvidia's production.

      • Yep that's what they get

  • Is it worth upgrading from a rx 6800 xt?

    • +1

      Absolutely not 😄

    • Absolutely :D

    • +1

      Absolutely maybe.

  • -1

    AMD and suppliers should provide bundles for CPU, MOBO and graphics cards.

    These miners only use new cards and repurpose old CPUs and motherboards.

    One could argue an opportunity to cut out middle men buying up all the graphics cards by bundling these together and make profits on CPU and newer components. Less people are building PCs so they're missing out on margins for other parts!

  • +1

    problem is the crappy AMD encoder, especially at low bitrate… i wish they fixed it, nvenc is way too stronk

    • I'm not a fan of NVEnc. It's crap compared to a regular CPU based encoder. For the same bitrate h264, NVEnc's output looks like old school DIVX. The only time I use NVEnc is for live streaming. For any archiving, or even streaming to watch on the TV (max 60 fps), I use the CPU encoder.

    • Same for their deep learning support, nvidia just miles ahead of AMD

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