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Breville Dual Boiler Coffee Machine BES920BSS $1089 + $10 Delivery (Free for Pick up) @ Bing Lee


Edit: Use BINGLEE10 at checkout for $10 off and checkout through cashrewards for 2.8% cashback, credit to @Devils Advocate

First post, please be gentle. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this available at Bing Lee and although the price is not the cheapest, I am heading to my local Bing Lee store to pick one up now as I did not want to risk missing out again especially if this model will be discontinued and only sold packaged with the Smart Grinder Pro at a steeper price point.

I hope this post helps those that are still looking to get this machine but had no luck finding stock. I phoned Breville last month and spoke to 2 separate representatives and whilst both said they've not heard of the Dual Boiler being discontinued and replaced by the Dual Boiler, one told me there will be more stock in mid November, while the other checked and said due to supply issues, the stainless steel model would not be in stock until next April!

I know this is not advertised as being on sale, and the Dual Boiler has been cheaper ($999) as recently as a month ago in this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656080), however quite a number of people that placed an order missed out or had their orders cancelled due to inadequate stock levels. Please note this machine is not posted on Bing Lee's eBay store, so I don't think there is a way to get it through eBay and apply any coupons, plus I think I'd rather pay a bit more and pick it up from the store, then risk stock allocation issues and have them cancel the order on me.

I missed out on that deal and phoned around all the major retailers - JB, Myer, David Jones, Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and all said they do not have stock both in store or online, and that the item number could not be ordered in, most likely due to it being discontinued and replaced by the Dynamic Duo (Dual Boiler with the Smart Grinder Pro). Harvey Norman was the only store that had stock, but in black truffle (I prefer stainless steel) and it was $1,249.

Part of me was thinking that retailers may get more stock later this month and be on sale for Black Friday at similar levels to last year's Black Friday (~$850), but I felt the chance of that happening would be quite low and I didn't want to risk losing out altogether - it seems each time there is a deal on this machine, it gets sold out very very quickly. Good luck to those getting one.

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    Thank you OP! I was in the exact situation that you were in.

    PS. The code 'BINGLEE10' will take $10 off the purchase price and it is listed on the Cashrewards website so cash rewards should still come through at the full 2.8%.

    • Thanks! I have updated now with the above.

      I couldn't wait to purchase online and click and collect, so went straight to my store to buy one! :)

  • So this one doesn't come with a grinder?

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      No, dual boiler is a cafe style unit. There is a seperate SKU with the smart grinder pro

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        It is actually a great grinder at its price point

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          A better grinder has lower retention and better consistency.

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    Considering how thin these are on the ground, I am wondering if Breville are close to releasing a next generation of this.
    Seems strange to discontinue such an iconic machine without a replacement.

    • Could just be another small update coming soon. Our bes900 lasted 8 years and we're now 2 years on with the 920. Not much difference except for the addition of the boiler descaling access.

      Definitely an excellent machine punching above is weight in this price point.

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        My thoughts exactly. In my limited research it became quickly apparent that the options are either:

        a) The Breville Dual Boiler

        b) something "better" but 2-3x the price

        Plus, it seems like Breville has a lot of "smarts" and features that other Italian-style machines do not - or you pay $$$ for.

        I will concede the more expensive machines look a lot nicer, and it seems the common consensus is that you will get higher quality components and serviceability.

        My logic is: even if I have to repair or replace the Breville out of warranty, I am still ahead or even on the cost of better machines 😂

      • How did the 900 go for 8 years, did you need it serviced and parts replaced etc.?

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          As a previous owner, yes, I spent $500 on a service because no one taught Breville about galvanic corrosion. A few years later there was clearly steam escaping from somewhere, so it went to the tip. Overall, I was pretty happy with the machine though. For the price, it's good value.

          I currently run a Silvia that I got for free. The new Silvia Pro X is the closest to the Breville in features, and you'll be pushing $3k for it.

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          There are a few common issues that pop up on these machines, which you'll see discussed a bit over at home-barista, but most of which are a relatively easy fix if you're willing to get your hands dirty. I've had my 920 for 4 years and only now just requiring repairs on it.

          I ran the maths when I first got it and it paid itself off in the first year in terms of coffee purchases forgone.

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          I never bothered with any repairs etc. Only did the cleaning cycles and filters as they reccomend per the manual. At about 7 years old when pulling a shot the pump somtimes cut in and out - but that was fairly rare (maybe happened once every 15-20 shots). At about 8 years old the screw that holds the shower screen in snapped and the whole shower screen and screw head fell down, with the other half of the screw stuck in the machine. Yeah I guess I could fluff around repairing it but with that and the pump intermittantly being faulty I decided that there isn't much life left in her anyway and went ahead and bought a new one.

          As others have said, even if these machines last on average 6-7 years and need replacing they still beat out comparable better brands rancillio/profitech/la marzocco. etc - assuming they'l last 12-15 years.

          • @Vent89: Got my Barista Express 6 years ago, been lazy with replacing filters (thought filtered water comes out of my tap) and I only found out I was meant to descale it a few weeks ago, so never been descaled. It's still running strong, but by the sounds of what you are saying, it may implode at any moment haha.

            • @bleeder: Same with my 920… Bought it in 2015… Descaled it twice I think…
              I keep looking say contents for this machine on Ozbargain for no reason.
              Is buy another one again once this one does and it's unfixable

        • Oh dear. My BES900 is - jees - it must be 10 years old at least. I have had it serviced once, and it needs it again.
          For those playing at home, if the pre-infusion pump "sticks", then you probably need a service.
          I'm either toying with servicing it again, or buying a BES920.
          Must. Try. To. Not. Buy.

          • @xylarr: My preinfusion started working properly again when I replaced the pump a while back.
            I think the pump was $40 or so on eBay.

            • @repeat: Maybe I'll give it a go - never been brave enough.

              • @xylarr: Its not about bravery - best to first work safe.

                Don't do it if you are not ok with working on these things - there is dangerous voltage in there and proper care needs to be taken.

                Maybe best to ask the service centre how much to put in a new pump?

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      Breville were supposedly "running out" the BES920 when we bought ours nearly 6 years ago…..Never really happened apart from a water tank filter changed? These are great machines even at a round $1k. I had to replace a leaking steam wand valve ($70) and a couple of O-rings (couple of $$) after about 4 years but if you have changed a tap washer in your life you will have no problem doing it yourself.

      • How did you do the steam wand valve?

      • They actually changed the boiler design, reinforced a few components and yeah re did the water tank since then.

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    This is a great unit, but bloody hell those prices these days.

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      And still cheaper the rest of the world ;)

    • Agree, paid $799 in 2019 but considering pandemic pricing this is a deal.

      • Yeah I paid this deals price in 2015 and it included the grinder. Anyone got a suggestion for a service place in Brisbane. Feel like it's got plenty of life left if I give it some care.

  • Thanks

  • Hopefully the Barista Pro will go on sale soon.

    • What's the diff between this as Barista Pro? I understand Barista Pro is a much newer model?

      • I believe the Barista Pro is single boiler design and the BES920 is a dual boiler (brew & steam) Also the Pro uses a 54mm group head and portafilter compared with the bigger 58mm (industry standard) found in BES920. Obviously a built in grinder in the Pro where you would have to buy a separate grinder for the BES920. Both great machines but I would say the Pro would make a better first or second machine. If your budget can't stretch to a Pro than a Bambino is an excellent alternative for less $$.

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    Had mine since Nov 17 ($639 on a bing lee deal - crazy now) and the SGP ($179).
    Has had zero issues. Makes a great coffee consistently.

    I'd recommend getting a naked portafilter as well, great way to step up your game. Aliexpress do them cheap.


    A standard PF wont fit either due to the gooseneck at the handle and head.

    • I thought Breville have their own naked portafilter for these.

      • They do; however regularly out of stock and 3 times the price. :)

    • Cheers for the heads up, I've been looking at getting the Breville one but didn't know Aliexpress had em. Purchased.

  • We were at exact same situation and just bought one yesterday at Binglee Belconnen (saw only 2 in store). They gave us a little discount and we paid $1070 :)

  • Is this much different from the BES920? At a glance it looks basically identical.

    • +7

      BES920 is the machine
      SS is Stainless Steel :)

  • With borders reopening and people travelling around and having more coffee outside, are there any chances coffee machine prices may drop a bit?

  • Couple of comments:

    Is there any source for the dual boiler being replaced with the dynamic duo? i.e. only packaged with the smart grinder pro?

    Has anyone had any success getting this to states without a Bing Lee? Edit*** It looks like it's only their ebay site which doesn't allow shipping to non-Bing Lee states. The actual website seems to work.

  • Now the hardest part… Trying to convince the missus….. Or should I just buy and corner the delivery driver??…. Ahh I will just take take it.

    • Do it! Ask for forgiveness later!

      /Let us know how it goes/

  • +1

    At least ask them if they will do $999 price

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    For those wondering, I spoke to Breville recently and they confirmed that they will continue to sell the Duel Boiler separately as an option.

    I think the stock issue is more down to supply chain issues than anything else.

    • "as an option"? Does that mean a new one is coming?

      • When a model is superseded I think they cease sale of the older unit when supply runs out.

    • You're right, seems like other companies are having supply chain issues too, I spoke to 2 different Breville reps, both said they should still continue to be sold as a standalone option, though one said mid November and the other next April as to when stock will arrive in Australia on the stainless steel models, huge disparity in ETA, when I called back to clarify, I gave up as I was #35 in the queue.

  • Thanks OP took the plunge

  • +2

    My 920 is currently in storage, had it a few years when one of the boiler pipes split and started leaking. I sourced spare parts, this unit is definitely ‘consumer’ grade. Steam wand also needed work but it wasn’t unusable (leaking, and issues with actuator switch IIRC).

    Moved to a rancilio Silvia v5. I guess you could consider it a downgrade due to no PID and only single boiler but with temp surfing I can do pretty consistent coffee without it.

    • +1 for Silvia.

      • +3

        I went from a v3/v4 Silvia with pid to this. Dual boiler ftw if you're serving more than 1milk based coffee, imo.

        • True… I guess it depends on how many milk based coffees need to be made. We use our Silvia for 2 milk based coffees most of the time and it’s fine. If we need to make more than 2, I usually do all the shots first.

          • @ShortyX: Not if you make double shot coffees. Which is what the usual strength from a cafe is.

    • Thanks, I've been considering the Oracle, which is pretty similar to this machine. I think I might give it a miss.

    • My 920 is still running strong after 7 years, you must have got unlucky.

  • Thanks for the comments everyone, glad it helped some of you make the plunge. I wasn't sure whether to post this deal since this isn't a special price or is at the pricing in previous months, but I was hoping there would be others similar to myself that just wanted to secure a Dual Boiler than have the uncertainty of when stock will be available again.

    The sales at Bing Lee said somehow they were able to get more stock but are not able to order any more stock in (as of now) once the current stock sells out, which he anticipates won't be long, given how popular the model is.

  • +8

    Came here just to read the comments from people saying they got it for $14 a few years ago

    • I got mine off eBay for $680 almost two years ago :D sold it last week for $650 huehue

      • +1

        Man I wish I got that deal haha. I thought I got a good deal on the Barista Express for $630 about 5 years ago.

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    Unless you need it immediately, no way is this a good price and no way is Breville going to stop selling it without the grinder. There is such a thing as demand and supply which is what is currently reflecting on the price of everything not made locally..which would be almost every thing available . And Silvia against a BDB is a non starter discussion. How do you compare a single boiler to a dual boiler ..not a heat exchanger.. a dual boiler.. thats just nuts. Only thing against it maybe that the PID is more software than hardware so the temp is not as stable. Any machine..Italian or Made in Mars will need parts and regular maintenance ..Try running a Silvia with tap water and see how long you go without big bills. This thing is more complex so it has more point of failures..convenience comes at a cost..but parts are equally available for both the Silvia and the BDB and both need similar maintenance to avoid costs. I really doubt anyone will use the same coffee machine for more than 10 years and neither Italian made Nor Breville will last without proper maintenance.

    I used to have a Defender then I sold it and got an 80 series landcruiser for very similiar reasons. Does not make the defender bad..just outdated. I must mention though..I have a Silvia v6 and a Eureka specialita .. now looking at buying the Bambino plus because it is cheap, I know what will destroy it so I know how to take care of it to get the most out, there will be people lining up for my Silvia so I might even make a profit on it, coffee will still taste as good because of the grinder :-D.. I drink mostly milk based drinks.

  • got one from GG in July for $850.
    pair it with the sette 270 $460
    best home setup 👌

  • can someone shed some light as to why this is better or more favourable then the other breville coffee machines? What does the dual boiler do compared to a 1? excuse my ignorance on coffee stuff :P

    • Dual boiler you can pull a shot and steam milk at the same time. Don't have to do one or the other.

      Most of the other machines are thermoblock which allegedly can lead to inconsistent temperatures.

    • +2

      TL;DR with this you have a better chance of making a coffee like you get at a cafe.

      This machine was designed and engineered with the focus of being able to make coffee at home as you would get in a cafe.
      (Not shrinking a commercial machine to fit on a bench - that is a different exercise)
      Everything about it works towards that through design choices in thermal stability (independent boilers, PID control, preheating input water, heater on the group), appropriate brewing pressure (pressure gauge, OPV), and quality steam for milk texturing, independent from the brew boiler enabling milk steaming while extracting the coffee.
      Boilers hold more water so there is more stability in the delivered water through thermal inertia.
      Over Pressure Valve limits the pressure to 10 bar for improved extraction when the grind is getting fine (higher pressures may taste worse, or choke the portafilter), watch the gauge to see if the grind/tamp/dose is correct.
      Simultaneous brew and milk texturing means the crema will not have dissipated when the milk is done.
      Most other machines make more compromises than the BES920 through single boiler, single therrmoblock/coil/jet and even dual thermoblock.

      • +1

        This is a nice explanation!
        I’ve always wondered why steaming the milk at the same time as brewing the coffee is important. I thought the only advantage was the second boiler could have a dedicated higher temperature setting for steaming more efficiently. I don’t actually brew and steam simultaneously but I will now give it a try in the morning .

    • A coffee machine needs a specific temperature and pressure to extract coffee and mix it with water for a shot. It also needs a different, higher temperature to create steam which will expand milk proteins for milk based drinks. A boiler based machine has a heated metal water reservoir. Alternative to a boiler is a thermoblock based machine which consists of curved metal pipes which heat water as it travels through the pipes.

      A single boiler or a single thermoblock once it has heated water for coffee or milk will need to reach optimal temperature again after being used for the first couple of times. These machinese also need to be cooled down from steam temperature to brewing temperature or vice versa since the heat source is single. . A dual boiler or dual thermoblock owing to separation of concerns will be less stressed when being used continuously for multiple beverages. If making one or two cups of coffee at a go, it doesnt make all that much a of difference but anything more than that regularly like socialising in large groups, small businesses or small cafes.. a dual boiler is the way to go. Having said that number of cups you are making day may justify the time savings too.

      So basically a dual boiler machine will need lesser wait times than a single boiler machine between cups and for the same reasons can be used simultaneously for brewing and steaming.

  • -1

    Did anyone buy this machine from Bing Lee when it last went on sale (09/10/21)?? Has it arrived? Is it operational?
    VERY mixed reviews online regarding customer service, missing deliveries and dodgy products..

    • Purchased from Bing Lee ebay last month. It hasn't arrived. Tons of enquiries lodged, nothing effort.

  • +2

    This thing must now be one of the best selling coffee machines of all time! Surly…?

  • -1

    Does anyone know if the heated water which goes to the portafiller comes from a single outlet hole as in cheaper Breville models? I have a BES810BSS. The water pumps out via one hole which limits consistent, even water pressure and distribution from the shower head over the entire puck.
    I changed to a higher quality shower screen but still not the best.
    I mean if this has a similar type build then no point for me to upgrade but would consider this machine if it distributed water better


  • -1

    It is $1044.50 from Bing Lee Ebay free delivery with coupon SHO50FF
    8 in stock

    Any better coupons?

    • -1

      Try "BOXINGDAY2021" for an additional 0%.

  • If I don't drink milk, is there any benefit going with the double boiler? Or any recommendations in this scenario?

    • +1

      What do you use now to make coffee?

      Have you considered an Aeropress?

      • Thanks, currently use after-market nespresso pods (sacrilidge I know) but looking to 'step up' the at-home coffee game.

        I actually used to have an aeropress but didn't have the technique down so was unhappy with it. Happy to spend on a decent machine.

    • +1

      I would look for a simpler unit. I have the BES810BSS which can be picked up for below $400. It still has a milk wand but I rarely use it. The unit is basic but does the job.
      If you like to keep things simple it is good. If you like to experiment with temps, pressures and grinds then look elsewhere. As mjwills said the aeropress is good and cheap

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip, what's the quality like or how far to 'barista coffee from a cafe' does this machine go?

        • +1

          In terms of output quality, the Dual Boiler machine cannot be beaten at this price point - if you have good technique and a reasonable grinder.

          The BES810 won't have quite as good output quality if your technique is great - but it is slightly more beginner friendly / tolerant of bad technique.

  • +1

    The Retravision deal is better now.


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